Saturday, November 1, 2008

coffee talk

Beck and I outside Barnes & Noble...Beck, i be lovin' yo' new green coat! rock on!
yes, that is a double chin on moi...not the most flattering pic (what's new) but we got it, that's what is important...a mom's nite Steph said, we have to have some little glimmers of hope to cling to. not that mothering is horrible. it's not! but it's challenging, and these little outings make us better moms. or so they say. :)

this is a fun little book we happened upon...a Hiptionary...i so need this...I am so unhip, though hippy and does THAT work? but 'twas kinda funny because it opened right up to this page...right hand ha. whaddya think of that?

caught ya...though this time, it is hot chocolate. I thought you were my new drinking buddy. (coffee)

ok, a nice straight on one. this was fun because she's in a green chair. with a green shirt. a green coat. green eyes....she loves her some green.

and last but most definitely NOT LEAST...three of the the most comforting luxuries for this girl (ME)...chocolate, coffee, and my sissy. love you girl! you spin me right round!

Before I head off to the Yyyyyyyy, MMMMMMMM, CCCC, AAA (I'm singing here)...thought I'd better post these coffee excursion photos...we enjoyed sitting and chatting about life, kids, what made us laff or cry this week...and then mosied around to some books and ended up at cards...always a good time was our last Thursday of the month coffee talk, Beck.

If you don't have one, get one! Our next one is on Turkey day!! yah!!

off I go!


Tory said...

Nice green! And, here, I just want to say, I feel your pain. I have really been having a difficult time overall...bad emotional week, hard to lose weight, etc. But, I really think that I have made a break through. I am trying not to eat after 3 in the afternoon, and it seems to be working. This way, my body isn't trying to store food when I am inactive. I know that's not possible with a family, but right now, I am clinging to the only thing that has seemed to work in the last couple of years.

Hugs, t

Simplicity said...


I love that word! I use it every now and then. It was a word handed down to me from my mom. She had lots of fun and interesting words and sayings. My kids laugh at them quite often. Those are the moments that I realize...I have become my mom! :)

On the day of our Honey outing, she would have turned 66 years old. It's been a bit of an emotional week over here too. What's the deal?

Oh well, here's a great saying to leave you with...

When one of us kids would break something of hers, she would say, "If I want to keep anything nice, I have to stick it in my pants!" Then she would growl and say, "My mom used to say that and I swore I never would!"

Guess what. I've been known to utter the same exact words!

What goes around...

Love ya!

Heather said...

I love that green coat, too! Becky...where did you get it? When you get too small for it, you'll have to hand it down (to me, of course). K?
You guys are so right - those moms night outs make us better wives, moms and PEOPLE!

Laurie and company said...

Tory, thanks for the eating after 3 idea...i may try it! things like this really start to "weigh" on a person...hope this week is way better for you. hugs!

Jodi, awww, man, I'm sorry to hear about your mom...I'm sure the honey farm was a nice distraction that day but it sounds like the memories of your mom are quite good. I love the hiding things in the pants...isn't that just the way we feel most of the time? nothing of ours is sacred..which is funny. and I'm also turning into my mother too...I talk to the grocery store cashier's now, and that used to drive me nutty when she did that...among many other things I have picked up from her! Thanks for sharing your memories and hey, I hope this week looks up for you! hugs to awesome to finally meet you! You have the happiest face I've seen!

Heather, um, B. is handing that bad boy down to me now, don't you know that? :) besides, once you have your baby, you will lose the basketball in your shirt and go right back to being tall and skinny! hugs to you too!