Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Memorable times...

a very nice streamer job by Mrs. K...what a festive, fun time!

Presidential Celebration with the K's. Gearing up for some confetti, silly string, party blowers, and good ol' fashioned whooping it up!

rolling around in the debris

I love the pic of Tunky, observing the mess and madness, with her little belly sticking out...the boys shot her with some silly string...and she tried to eat it. blech.

I think we have a matchbox fetish here.

Molly couldn't resist some toy clean up, right after her bath even.

Pre bath...this cat loves getting into my drawers...she found the nail polish drawer this morning...


pesky kid
Good evening. How are ya today?
Doing well, I pray.
this post speaks for itself...I'm tired. I had to go to the dentist today...get my mush teeth worked on a bit...Dr. Quill is a good dentist!
We had a great time with the K family tonight...celebrating this historic time in our country. Thanks, guys, once again, for the good clean fun, food, and rip-roaring good fellowship.
I could say a lot here but won't. Enjoy the pix, enjoy your evening, pray for our country...pray for our newly elected leader! what a daunting task ahead of him!
Nighty night...peace.


Anonymous said...

looks like you guys had fun! Makes up for the NO FUN in going to the dentist, right? Love the pics of the kids. Moo is just too cute. I love the picture of her looking at the mess...reminds me of a little CSI girl...where's your sunglasses, M? Good to see celebration and prayer for our newly elected prez...."God help us all"...right. xoxo

VELVET said...

we have those blue toy buckets, too :) looks like a fun election party! molly dolly is sooo cute!!

Brittany said...

LOVE the last pic. So cute.

Heather said...

Good reminders!
Molly is a little monkey-girl!...mischievious little thing! I love that picture of her belly! I just wanna' tickle it!
We have a BIG thing for the matchbox cars at our house, too. In fact, they have to accompany a certain boy to bed (not Jeff).

Laurie and company said...

B - 'twas a fun partay...I'd like to party with you also. Moo does resemble a CSI, huh? with her svelte figure. she doesn't have enough cleavage yet.

Velvet, we'd be lost with out those blue toy buckets...they are a mom's bff.

Brittany, she did that all on her own. she's a punk. and dontcha love her Christmas jammies? I'm getting a head start.

Heather, you can't find a better toy for a boy than a matchbox...and they bring so much joy. except when you step on them in the middle of the night. ouch. Molly's just asking for a belly ticklin' standing like that, huh? she looks like a Tunky here, don't you think?


Tory said...

I love the way that Molly looks so authoritative in all of her pictures. Like she knows who's really in charge, and it isn't the crazy adults! ;) She is quite fun. And, I just love those Christmas PJs. They are perfect. I bet she is going to want to wear them everyday. ;)

Laurie and company said...

Tory, yeah, molly is quite the dictator...really. She knows what she wants. brat. :) and those jammies? I got them for her last year? why, you ask? they are 12-18 mos...and for some odd reason, I thought they would fit her at 5 mos? durh. someone ain't very bright. (me) it's quite amazing that she can wear them, because I could never stand footy jammies...too hot...too constricting. gotta have my feet bare.

thanks for commenting. I have missed you! you are a peach!