Saturday, November 1, 2008

Levi's Sixth Birthday party...and Gramps' 61st...

totally digging the dump truck that his grandpa picked out specifically for him! kid, you have that dude "wrapped" around that little pinky! thanks for the awesome truck, Dad (and Mom)...I think it was a hit with all the kids!

he was actually quite cool with the clothing gifts...which reminded me of Will's 5th Christmas...when he'd get clothes and show his obvious disappointment..."Ohhhh, another shirt?????" Levi's a go with the flow kinda guy.

some new kicks

the kid has a bazillion matchbox cars...and all of the big boys' Hot Wheels sets are long gone...he was pretty darn excited about this! apparently, Melanie was as well.

A cool gift from Aunt Beck and Uncle Scott... Woody is soooo cool!

don't blink, my face is changing quickly!

how old are ya?

here is the Red Wings mosaic is really has opalescent pieces in it!

look at the little guy...tuckered right out!
I won't say much here...whew, you say?
right back at ya...I'll edit this least you have something to "look" at...till I come back. I'm sure you are quaking with excitement...


Brittany said...

He really is changing fast, Laurie. Woody IS cool! Where'd they find that one?

Heather said...

Super cool presents! Happy belated Levi and Pa!

Smooches, Kara said...

Cameron is on his way to help Levi play with all of those toys!!!

Happy Birthday Levi-me alone!!