Friday, November 28, 2008

A bit more Dash and We Gather Together...

Lest we forget to show a pic of the Dash Elvis...rememba him? Beck and I got our pic taken with him last year...always nice to see old friends. ha ha.

can I just say YIKES...(me)....?

hardly a flattering pic (of me, as if)...but this is proof that we finished and that my hair was drenched with sweat...Beck, you look picture perf, as always...see below

while I was taking pix of the Turkey Day eaters, I was closing in on Mom and Scott...and this is what I got. crazy girl!

yes, there is predominantly more stuffing on my plate than any other's only like this because I forgot my stuffing so I just threw it on top of everything. good thing we don't eat like this very often. but oooh, it was sooo good.

Tom, could u at least try to smile for the picture? fake it. this was the "kids" table.


his offspring follow in his tongueprints.

Levi looooooves sitting at the princess table...he does. he told me so.

Nora was cheesin' it for me...good job, Uncle Tom could learn a thing or two from you!

Happy Anniversary, schweetheart!

Again, this won't be a long post, as I'm walking out the door to shop till I drop...just kiddin...I'm meeting my parents for breakfast since I only have two kids...and because they are just nice...

I didn't do very good on the picture front at dinner yesterday. Good thing Tom did...Mom, I got a pic of you but you told me not to post it. Dad, I got one of you too but you turned your head...and I was too tired, sore, to fight for good my bad. Mom and Dad were there. how unfair that I didn't get any decent pix of them...they financed the whole gathering (mostly) and that just seems wrong. Forgive me. I will make up for it at Christmas. Or at my big 36th Birthday bash that I'm sure they will throw. ha ha. just kiddin.

Man, I'm hilarious today.

Ok, so Dad, I posted for you...hope you enjoyed the pics of most of the people that call you Dad, Jim, Pa, Warren or whatever...

Love to you, wherever you may be.


Steph said...

Hey girl
Good pix! Kuddos to you for running in a parents did that yesterday. That gene failed me though because I can't imagine trying to run ANYWHERE (unless the children are in trouble...that's the only motivation here.)
How come David and the big ones are over here but not you and the little ones? I don't blame you for feeling bummed about that. Gary leaves tonight and it's me and the little people and I'm dreading that terribly.
Happy Happy Anniversary! 15 years! Man, time goes by so fast!

Tory said...

I KNEW that there were more pictures! I choose the princess table, too. Loved the way that Molly was looking at she either wanted to eat her meal or take her out for the cheesy smile! Hope you had a nice breakfast with the folks and are enjoying your time with the two little gnomes. ;)

Hugs, t

Laurie and company said...

Hey Steph ~ I really don't venture too far away from my house with Miss Molly at this stage...she is a bit challenging but she's learning FAST!! I'd love to swing by and say HEY to you and your guys when we come over to G-town on Christmas eve...nothing special...just a meet and greet and out the door...lemme know. thank you for your encouraging words...I hope you guys are doing ok in the midst of all that is going on over your way. You are in my thoughts and prayers! Hugs.

Tory ~ time with the little gnomes...that is ABOUT it...I clean, turn around and they've trashed the place...ugh. I'm ready for big sibs to come back and help out a bit. choose joy...deep breaths. I guess it doesn't help that I'm trying to decorate in the midst...not a smart idea! Thanks to you for your encouraging words too...I love my bloggin' buds!

Happy rest of the weekend to ye all!

Tory said...

Wow, you are a brave one aren't you? We find it challenging just to decorate the house with Dad around...hahahaha! Hope that you have had plenty of great moments, and that the rest of the Youngs will soon be home to complete you. ;) Love ya, T

wv: mytha (someone with a lisp saying they miss ya! or me...miss not ever getting to really know you or your wonderful kids.)

Simplicity said...

I love the plate picture! It looks so like mine looked on Thursday. The sad thing is that I haven't stopped eating like that all weekend. Maybe tomorrow I'll stop inhaling.

Can you believe how close Christmas is? What happened to November?

Love ya!