Saturday, November 22, 2008

crafty cats...

beware: genius and sheer inspiration abound...

ok, maybe not quite...but almost.

Jen got quite a few cards made...u go girl! get your Christmas music on, coffee brewing, dinner of delicious (yet not nearly salty enough) creamy crockpot chicken (have I not told you about this, Tory, dear??)...pumpkin muffins with a dollop of whip and crafting supplies out and watch out!

Jennifer was an awesome help and encouragement to me while I was pregnant with Levi...she went to an appointment or two with me, came to Levi's birth, and stayed up with him his whole first night so I could get some sleep...whatta friend! We miss you, lady!

A pleasant evening was had by...most. I'm sure Jennifer was not amused by all of our noise, which seemed to be in high supply tonight. Beck came down with Nora and Piper...Levi and Molly were here with me...and the rest, you can figure out on your own. Molly was cranky, wouldn't go to sleep, Nora was, can those girls wail! Jen, you are a good sport. and it must be nice to know that a quieter, cleaner home awaits you! I will go with you next time! we can leave the noisemakers HERE. David took the two big boys to Target, so they could get some Legos and coffee...awww. all that and he was quite tired to boot...Mel, well, you know where she is...having a blast with Annie and Sarah...thank you, K's, for having her over. just in case you read this anytime soon.
Yawn..time to hit the hay...hope this post finds you and yours enjoying a most relaxing and glorious weekend...Hugs not drugs!


Tory said...

Like the cards! So, glad that you shared them. It sounds like fun. I certainly love having card making parties. It just doesn't seem to happen very often around these parts. Thankfully, I talked mom into working on some cards when she was here, and then, we will work on some over Christmas.

No, you hadn't shared the crockpot creamy chicken recipe. Sounds yummy, and I think that I would have remembered.

I am sure that the girls just wanted to "help" make cards, too! ;) Wouldn't that have been fun.

BTW, your card making area sure looks a whole lot more organized then mine. Too cool.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Love ya, t

Laurie and company said...

your crafting area will get neater once you actually get settled in your place, right? Mine is the catchall...and it drives me nutso.

I will send you the triple c recipe...ooey gooey delight...pleasure for the lips, sin for the hips.

Hope you are able to get a Sunday afternoon you, cuz. L

Tory said...

Got a brief little siesta...hope you did, too. Although, with all of those little people in your house, I am not sure how you ever sleep. ;) Guess all of your other commenters were so amazed at your craftiness that they are still "speechless".