Sunday, February 28, 2010

Willi Vanilli or in other words, this one's for you, Natalie...for soon you will be a mother...

found this cute little pic of my 15 year old boy.

Every time I look at it, I nearly choke. Where have the last 15 years gone?

Really, I'm going to turn around and Will is going to be scooting around on the floor, or flailing his arms and legs because he's so SO ACTIVE and such a spaz....right?

Well, this is for all of you with itty bitty ones...soak it up for me today. I miss my yiddle guy. He's still here...just a little bit taller, and that sweet baby smell IS GONE. (lemme tell YOU)...but thankfully, he's still just as smiley, trusting, kind, open and awesome...for that, I'm praising God tonight...I have 5 of the best kids around.

I love you, Will, Ethan, Melanie, Levi and Molly. I am not really worthy of being your mother...but for some reason, He sees me as worthy. I will never understand that....

This title is weird. I know. but my sister in law, Natalie, and her hubby, Nick (see Sept 2009) are expecting their first little bundle...and that always makes me nostalgic. new life. nothing like it. a gift to be cherished most certainly...

Good night everybody...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Beckyboo!

I can see your girls in this little pic of you....awww.

A good auntie you are...

Birthday girl! 11:39 am, February 27, I've mentioned, it took me some getting used to...Mom didn't like it when I tried to poke your eyes out. I'm used to you now. mostly. :)
Happy Birthday, Beck. I'm blessed to have you in my, let's go to the Y!

Today is YOUR day...and it looks the weather cooperated...I mean, who wouldn't WANT a light dusting of snow and below freezing temps?

Whaa? that does not match up with our tropical isle, drinks with little umbrellas in them, swaying palm trees dreams now does it?


Maybe next year.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Laughter thru tears is my favorite emotion...

found this little classic Melanie pic while digging thru some boxes (and boy do we have the boxes) of pix.

does it really get much better than this?

nope. hope your week is bouncing right along...

we are out the door from Wed. to Fri. David has a job in Fort Wayne, Indiana...and we are going to go stay at the hotel with him...doesn't sound too restful but it will be a nice change of scenery. And the added bonus, Abigail and Alexandra, our nieces and the kids' we will get to meet up with them, their new little brother, and family...


Sunday, February 21, 2010

E's 14th Birthday Party

Peek a boo...getting ready for presents...

Ethan's birthday meal of choice was Grandma's Beef Stroganoff! MMM MMM good. we all sat around in a coma for a bit, before presents. Here we have Becky reading the info on the Liver/Kidney cleanse she is in the midst of completing. fun fun times.

Nora is just cute!

Levi and Grandpa

Ethan got a DS game and a Lego Indiana Jones game for the Wii, along with some clothing, Laser tag thing, money and a cool pocket knife. I just really like Piper's face in this pic, along with Molly's wild and crazy hair.

Molly was really excited about E's presents.

wow. someone needs some sun. Maybe our March trip should include sun and sand.
the party just wouldn't have been complete without our self portrait. I love my sister.

Handsome Birthday Boy...

Mom and Beck, pose with Mel's Panda. ok. I love these two ladies more than my luggage.

The BB chose cherry pie instead of cake. ok. cool.

How are you this fine, snow melty weekend? We are all finally on the mend, though David is currently doing the same cleanse that Beck is he's LOTS of fun. epsom salts, olive oil, lemons, weird bm's. good, good times at our house. all for a good cause.

I am not doing the cleanse but I am really psyched because I have lost 11.4 pounds to date, as well as 9.75 inches on the Jenny Craig program. I'm on a good program for diet and love my Y time, lifting weights every other day and running/walking/climbing. Battling the bulge is a thankful for good health to be able to meet the challenge.

Other than that, just really ready for some different weather. Not to complain, just ready for some sunshine. It's been in the high 30's here, so the snow is melting away. buh bye.

David is in talks with a local company regarding the sale of his construction will really help lighten his load and will allow him to focus on the patent promotion. The experience has been good, and he's ready for some support.

God is good all the time. Even in these dreary, blah days...we will focus on that. Hope you have had a wonderful weekend and that things are moving smoothly for you...whoever you are.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend...

The February birthday brigade...Ethan won't get his birthday party till this coming weekend, due to illness (my poor momma has been super duper sick) we had a little impromptu party, since our good friend, Bobby, turned the big FOUR-OH the weekend before. Sandwich ring, Hawaiian bread with spinach dip, champagne, strawberries (mmm mmm good Tam), hummus and pita chips, and Valentine cupcakes rounded out the evening. You really get to know your friends with a round of Apples to Apples too...We love our fun friends! Thanks for the 2 volume set on the American Revolution you got for E!

Birthday Boy Bobby...

This was the group of kids that David and I served at the Kaleo (Invite) Broken Hearts Banquet. We thought we'd have 8 kids, but apparently E can rustle up a crowd and we had 10 kids. 16 pieces of fried chicken didn't go very far with 6 teenaged boys...

Gotcha mid-bite, Mel. sorry 'bout that...just noticed it.

It's safe to say we had the coolest table...

Phos Ontos Broken Hearts Banquet. I forgot my cam so this mobile shot will just have to be enough...We served Chinese food since the Persecuted country we chose was China. Panda Express worked for us!

Whew! glad that weekend is over. Maybe now David and I can celebrate our own Valentine's Day.

But I wouldn't have it any other way, from celebrating with the kids' fellow youth groups to celebrating Ethan, Valentine's Day is never dull. We are so thankful for Mike and Pam...they do such an excellent job ministering to middle schoolers, jr highers, high schoolers. One cannot help but want to get involved in the amazing work they do for Jesus Christ.

Up next, the kids finally were all well enough to take advantage of the powder outdoors. I sent all five kids out to play and boy, is it nice and quiet in here. nice deep breaths.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ethan! You're FOURTEEN....woot woot

One hour ago, our second born son, Ethan James, greeted his fourteenth year with open arms.

Can't believe this little dapper dan above is 14.

Happy Birthday, E! We are so thankful for your wisdom, thoughtfulness, love of history, love of God, dedication to this family. You are very cool...I will recall your birth memories in my mind for now...I love you, E.

I'll update this more later...we went to Will's high school Broken Heart's Banquet tonight and I'm pooped...pix on this weekend's banquets tomorrow. Happy Valentine's Day to you.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Daughter(s)

My daughters are so cool!

Melanie, you are such an unbelievably beautiful, sweet-spirited 11-year old. We shared an awesome moment this morning, on our way to the K's for library drop-off....the song I have on my playlist by Martina McBride (In My Daughter's Eyes) came on. I've heard this song a number of times.

Today I really listened to the words. "....she was sent to rescue me......I see who I wanna my daughter's eyes..." just slammed into me. I cried. Unashamedly. If you know us, and you know our personalities, you know this is truth. Melanie is such a tender, forgiving, selfless, non-manipulative, eager to learn, dear. If David, the midwife, my mom, my sister, two birthing assistants and I hadn't been in the room, I'd have thought she was switched at birth.

I am amazed EVERY day at how unique she is. I praise God for her incredible character qualities and yet I'm daunted that she will continue to live in my house....I don't want to taint her with my sour attitudes and lack of joy.

So, instead, I will try to learn from HER. She's my hero.

Sorry for the mush but wanted to blog this for her. So she'd know just how much I love her, how committed I am to her well-being and growth. This goes for Molly too. She's a sick little girl today....Get well, little sweetie pea. Moo, you are so blessed to have such a cool big sister....I'm sure she will take the time to teach you to feather your hair and apply make-up like I did for Aunt Beck. I know it.

I'm all choked up. So blessed. so very blessed.

Have an inspiring Thursday!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Month, Beck and E...

Two of my favorite Ethan pix of allllll time. beautiful boy...

My beautiful little sister....

And so we begin...

February hits and Beck reminds us that it is the month of her birth. How could we forget, dear sister?

We can't. We won't. We don't wanna...I'm so thankful for February...for in it, God gave me YOU and my second son, Ethan...what a fine month you are, February.

So we celebrate you and we celebrate Ethan. Love you two.