Thursday, November 27, 2008

Beware of sap...

I'm feeling rather melancholy right now...bear with me, k?

the original four...November 27, 1993 and November 27, 2008...Jeff was David's Best Man and Becky was my Maid of Honor...funny how that stuff still rings true. well, at least for us. can't speak for jeff or beck...leave me a comment if you agree, kids.

so we didn't get the line up exactly...the fact that we all still see each other is pretty quaint, I think.

but on to other things...I will delve into the Drumstick Dash a bit's my turn to get all nostalgic about today...which is many things, but first and foremost, it's the day that I married Davey boy 15 years ago. wild to me. I still feel like that 20-year old girl in my head (but then of course I see pix of myself and realize that I am still the same in spirit but not physically) that stepped out on a limb to marry this "renegade" dude...out of the system, student of the Bible, not afraid to say what he was thinking or stand up for what was being the dippy, goofy, giggly sheltered girl I was...when I first laid eyes on David, (he had a beard and those BIG glasses)...I asked my friend who the lumberjack was...almost one year from that date, I was his wife...and a little over two years from lumberjack impression, I gave birth to his first son (Lumberjack Jr.)...wild.

It's been good. It's been hard. It's been rich. It's been most definitely a wonderful, wild ride...

And in spite of the hard times, I'm so thankful for God's gift of David to me.

I'm sitting here listening to my cheesy song list...making myself cry.

David and the 3 big kids left after dinner at my sister's this evening. They are going over to his family's home for a couple of nights...I'm home alone with Levi and Molly. I'm dingdongdead tired...sore from the Dash, weepy, verklempt, here ya depressing. sorry for that.

I was driving home from Beck's house just a bit ago, Levi and Molly were both sawing logs in the back seats. I saw different houses with loads of cars in the driveways...knowing that people were celebrating Thanksgiving, playing games, overeating, spending time together...and I felt like Kevin in "Home Alone" when he saw all the happy families celebrating in his neighborhood, or Buddy when he realized he wasn't actually an elf...and that sad, sappy Christmas was playing in my head...I miss those 4 loud people.

I guess it's maybe time for me to go to bed.

Happy 15th Anniversary, David. You were one of the best decisions I've made in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving to YOU....thanks for stopping by and for putting up with my sap. I 'preciate it.

Mom, thanks for watching Levi and Molly so we could do the Dash...for the scrumptious feast...for the time and effort that you and Beck put into that. Sorry, B, for the mess the kids made and for emitting a Grinch-like attitude to spite of that, We are thankful and full. I love you all...


Tory said...

Hey there, kiddo! You are quite emotional with this 15 year mile marker, aren't you? Am so glad that you had a nice time with family, but I am sure you will have a nice time with Levi and Moll. They are only this age once! Enjoy them, too; as, I know you will. Didn't realize that Jeffy had been in your life that long. Wow, that's a friend. So, glad that you have such cool people to count on. Hope you got some sleep. Hugs and love to you guys, T

Laurie and company said...

I am not sure why I'm so emotional right now...I don't have PMS or, yeah, i will chalk this up to this marker. it's a big deal to me.
Jeff was with Lumberjack the night I met yes, he's been a part of our lives for a long time...a story for another day.
i am trying to enjoy my morning with the two young ones...Molly is screaming and levi is undoubtedly egging her on. My body hurts so very badly right now...ahhhh. choose joy, choose joy.
off to breakfast with my parentals. much love and thankfulness to you! LY

Tory said...

That sounds like fun! I thought you were shopping today? Guess it's either later or not. ;) Love that you called him a lumberjack! That is priceless right there. BTW, I am not a morning person either, so I always like to find others that aren't. But, I usually end up with the cheery upbeat in-your-face morning people. AAAHHHH!!!! Sorry you're a hurtin', but it's a good hurt. You know, no pain, no gain. Besides, you're my hero! I cannot believe that you guys keep doing it, and you have goals for next year. You go, girl. Love ya, kiddo!


Heather said...

Aw, bless your poor thing. It's probably the endorphin let down from the dash...? (I dunno, I'm grasping at straws a bit...) I can relate, tho, I'm a nostalgic, emotional sap, myself.
**HUGS** to you, my friend! And Happy (belated) Anniversary!!

Brittany said...

15 Years?!? *gasp!* Ours is next. I enjoyed your post a lot. Luv you, kids!