Wednesday, November 12, 2008

12 on the twelfth...

can you believe it's the 12th of November already?

Time for my 12 on the 12th...I know you are dying to see what weird, random things I've been snapping away at today.

hang on tight.

a little bench that D. found on a job (it was trash)...he figured he could make our mosaic coffee table with this frame...we shall see. that boy has some vision, I tell ya. after a good sanding, a nice stain and some cool mosaicy things, it should be a cool conversation piece.

this was cut out from a pizza box...I grabbed this from the K' our pizza/celebration last honor of my dashing hubby, who, of course, dressed up as Indiana Jones for our Harvest Party..doesn't this resemble Davey boy?

get off the island, kid.

my new marble Elvis bust...from big bro Tom...thank you, thankyouverymuch. (it kinda looks like Patrick Swayze, doesn't it? "Nobody puts Baby in the corner")

stained glass shade

whoa nelly....our new EUREKA vacuum. We buckled and got a bagless far so good.

check out the new Pumas...Beck, thanks for showing me how truly stylish these kix can be...brown and pink...delish.

limestone and cedar...glorious...

school stickers...

little boy, hard at work learning his letters and using touch to do so...

nothing beats a spiced cider candle on a dreary fall day...except maybe said candle being sniffed while enjoying a cup of coffee and pumpkin muffin...what bliss is this?

Hope your Wednesday is marvelous...God bless you today!


Heather said...

Ooh, snazzy shoes! Me likey!! I think I may need some, myself!

Anonymous said...

love the new scoots! If they're anything like p's pumas, they'll make you run "like super fast". Love all of your random pics, and love to see L enjoying his school work. Can't wait to see you tonight! xoxo

wv:kwienum-yiddow tid wif a speech pwobwem twying to say "clean 'em".

Anonymous said...

hey, now that we're all in the same place...dinner??? Laurie-we're waiting on you...xoxob

Laurie and company said...

go for it, Heather! I got 'em at DSW...they are muy comfy!

O I'm lookin' forward to running like super fast...heck, I already do. ok, maybe not. can't to YMCA it with ya tonight...woo hoo. loved your word Garrett of you.

hey, girls, I'm game for some sup and fellowship any ol' time...we've got to do it before Heather births though...which is coming up kinda quickly here, right?

Love LY

dmoms said...

oh, I have that same vacuum - it does a pretty good job.

Tory said...

Love your randomness! It's so refreshing! And, I do agree that D looks like Indy...which is so much better than Liv Schreiber since seeing Manchurian candidate.

Love Levi's letter learning...quite cute!

Hope you are doing well. Love ya, kid, T

WV: ruglyx (scooby doo saying something's ugly!)

Steph said...

It DOES look like Patrick S. and we got one of those vac. sweepers sans bag a few years back...VERY good purchase. I love it so much better.
Mmmm, pumpkin muffins - send me some.
I just bought the scent spice (a cinnamon smell) at Bath and Body. Love all the harvest/christmas smells.

Laurie and company said...

ok, up above I have a major typo that I need to should say can't WAIT to YMCA it with forgive on that. it was a good time too.

I think I'm going to take back the brown shoes...can't find any good brown work out pants...Dick's let me down, Kohl's and Target let me down...I just want some good brown yoga that so hard?

Thanks for all the encouraging words on the bagless, girls. We have avoided them for a long time...but it helps to know that they are a-ok, after all! I rather like it.

Steph, I could totally smoosh a few down into an envelope for ya...but they are best when freshly taken out of the oven and a dollop of whip is place on them...oooo's so easy too, that is why it works for us.

Tory, I think you'd like Liev S. if you saw him in something else...he's a somber fella but he looks and breathes David to me...I saw him on CSI last year and when he got shot and died, the kids and I were almost tearing up.

o well...i gotta get moving..hope you all are having a spectacular Thursday.


Tory said...

But, what about pink yoga pants? That would look really cool! Just a thought...