Friday, January 28, 2011


the tech wasn't able to get a good profile shot of the little guy...but this is a cool pic, for it's the top of his head, eye sockets and nose and on the top part of the pic, his whole arm is there, like he's trying to cover his ear and below, you see the side of his hand. It's a good thing he's learning to cover his ears now, right?

you don't have to be an ultrasound technician to decipher what is happening in this pic. This pic is a view of his bum, thigh bones, and privates, which, I might add, he was not being very protective of at this time. (good thing, cuz I needed to know what he was) I was floored but so happy to know and that all of his parts were accounted for and midwife said from the report, that I'm maybe a bit ahead of schedule and he's thriving very nicely. Whew! good to hear. Forget all those crazy dreams I'd been having, leading me to believe I was carrying a girl...David's the guesser guy...if you wanna know what you're having, just ask him! (he was a little creeped out that he'd guessed right for the 6th time)...We can't wait to meet the little wiggler. Molly calls him "Little" Jack the Bear (see the Danny DeVito movie from around 1993)


We saw HIM. In all his boyhood glory...the Mountain Dew that I drank beforehand really paid off (thanks for the tip, Tiara)...he kept rubbing his eyes and jerking about.

I will go to Target and hope to print some of the pix of baby boy Young...and while you're at it, start suggesting some names that go well with Will, Ethan, and Levi...needs to be strong, manly and short syllabled.

Happy Friday...I'm in shock. Four sons. wow. (I haven't forgotten my 2 daughters)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

room swap update...

Ahhhhh......deep breath.....

this is our bed. it's in the middle of everything. it's very.....Little House on the Prairie-ish.

this is the new color of our "new" room. It's been our room before, back in 2002...I'm wondering how I will fit David's ginormously BROWN Hyatt dresser into the new lovely turquoise/red/spa/bright/cheery room. Should I paint it? that's a blog post for another day.

So, tonight we are all a-jitter, as tomorrow is Ultrasound/Find out Day. It's been fun getting people's bets on what #6 is...and most people say BOY. which would be cool...It'd be fun and cute and wild to have yet another son. Who would he be more like? but mostly, and honestly, I pray for health and wholeness. for real. My girl quota has been more than met with Molly (and Melanie, but Mel was soooooo easy and laid back). Either way, it's an exciting night here.

I've got my bottle of Mountain Dew in the car, ready for our trip hopes that bebe cooperates and shows us who they are. Pray for us, for we are anxious/eager and know that God is in total control of all of the situations surrounding this kid.

I'll be back on here tomorrow night to let you know...

Shellee, I know this is how we stay in touch and I'm so glad to hear that your baby girl is developing nicely. I know you are so eager to meet her. I am too! Thanks for your encouraging words on here in the comments and for your prayers. I hope you know we pray for you and your family too.

Hugs to you all...over and out....

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To my most faithful, obvious blog follower....

Happy Birthday, Tory dear...Meet Tory...she's my cousin (third, right??) on my mom's side. Her awesome Grandma, Betty, was my mom's dad's half sister...still with me?

She is, by far, my most faithful, encouraging blog follower...her encouragement is what gets me on here to keep my friends and family updated, outside of Facebook, which if you are on Facebook, you know that can get pretty annoying as it takes over your life. darn you, FB.

Thanks for keeping me coming back to this blog, cousin really is a more fun way to keep updates fresh.

I hope your birthday celebration this past Sunday was Marvelous, enlightening, rich and sentimental...I certainly do miss receiving Gramma Brown's checks in the mail, written out to Lory...and I often wonder, as I'm sure I've shared with you, if she EVER wrote yours out to say Taurie? humor me.

Haa haaa. love ya cousin...and Happy Belated Birthday to you...(I did think of you on Sunday, as you saw on FB)

Keep breathing...

this will be an invigorating post, I can assure you...

Tory, I'm only doing this for you, because I love you so and I know you are patiently waiting for me to update this poor, neglected blog.... (big smile) but come back because I'm going to post for your belated birthday...

The above pictures were from my Momma's 64th birthday party, which we had at Beck's well over a week ago. Yes, I'm a total slacker.

I hope to be able to post some "renovation" pix on here later...The move from our upstairs room to the downstairs room is picking back up....the male children are almost completely moved up to our room, and they've done an excellent job. We've spackled our future room and it needs one more coat before PAINT!! It will be nice to take the lower level over again, cozy it up and what not.

Hope your Wednesday is super fantastic, as I know mine HAS to be. it just has to be...2 more days till your bets. ha ha. just kidding.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Calendar #1

January 2011


March, obviously...


May 2011



August 2011...ok, so in August, Nora didn't get a month to herself, because her Dad also has a birthday the same mo. Sorry, Bean...I think next year's calendar for Beck will contain all of the hilarious self-styled pix of Nora's outfits. Keep 'em coming, Beck.

umm, September



December 2011...

Ok, Tory...this post is mostly JUST FOR YOU! I will have to get some pix of Mom's calendar still...but this is the one I made for Beckyboo.

I bought a great little 8 x 8 kit, which I would definitely recommend. You can totally improvise and use your own supplies but when you get into a time pinch, like I did, that kit was uber handy. (I'm a horrible procrastinator)

Wanna know what's going on here? I bet you do....

We are moving the 3 boys up to our room and taking their room. This will be interesting. I'm thinking now that I'm "moving" back down to the lower level it will either 1.) stay a little neater/cleaner, which would make David a happy, happy boy or 2.) get a little messier, which would make David an unhappy boy...

Our room is a bit bigger than the boys, and quite honestly, with 2 of the 3 being teenaged men, they need to spread out a bit. And heck, if everyone's predictions are correct, we need a bigger room for we will have four teenaged or little men in our home. which is a scary thought.

On that note, I'm outta here...taking my female children and heading to Dick's Sporting Goods to look at new tennis shoes...should be a good time.

now if I could keep my tongue outta the hole where my molar used to be...ick.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I've gotta brand new pair of roller skates...

these pix are from December 28th, 2010. I am sure I blogged them but hearing the song on my blog about new roller skates caused me to want to blog them again.

David took the kids (#1-4) roller skating yesterday...Molly and I stayed home, much to her chagrin. She ended up sleeping most of the afternoon away and I soaked up some much needed peace and quiet. For his 40th birthday, which is March 6 of this year, he wants to host a skating party and you're invited. You won't even have to pay....if we rent the rink, anyone we invite can come skate for free...and we eat lentils for the entire month. ha ha. I kid.

I got my molar pulled today. That was one of the more traumatic things I've endured in my life. Right up there with kidney stones and childbirth. Tonight, I have a large, gaping hole in my mouth that my tongue keeps migrating to. yikes. Jamie, Dr. Quill's adorable assistant, showed me the offending tooth and thankfully, we made the right move in pulling it, for it was cracked and would've had to come out one way or another. Whew! I don't think I ever want to have another tooth pulled, ever. it's a weird feeling.

Ok, I'm going to go watch a documentary on Mt. St. Helen's with my kids and wait for David to get home from work, praising the Lord all the while that tomorrow is Tuesday and we can pretty much stay home and REST/school/accomplish great things.

Good night...Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snowed in

what a good big brother...Ethan took a few minutes out of his day to read some "Hop on Pop" with Molly. and why not? we're snowed in, it's not like we don't have all the time in the world.

This is what we woke up to on Tuesday morning...blech.

pretty, peaceful, please go away.

for some reason, I'm not liking the snow this year. I remember not liking it the year I was pregs with Molly also. I already feel tied down, so this just suffocates me. It's mental. definitely.

Thank the Lord for Pantothenic little natural mood enhancer.

Anyyyyyways, I had my 2nd prenatal appt yesterday. I love that my little midwife comes to me. She's quite adorable. Very loving and affectionate. Heard little 6's heart beat, even recorded it on my phone so David and Mel could hear it (since they were NOT home. whaaa?) I really love to listen to it over and over. it's so real. such a good, strong beat.

Molly just came up to me, in her mismatched pj's, asking for ice cream. for breakfast. it's a good thing I love her little freckle-face. I don't love how she bugs for more ice cream or vitamins. (she got her new vites yesterday, they're gummies from Nature's Sunshine, and she told me "I feel so much better now, Mom!!" Like I was holding out on her or something. sheesh)

it's going to be a long day.

at least the sun is shining. I will praise the Lord for that. and we are all reasonably healthy. and David will be home all day.

nose to the grindstone. hope your Thursday is magical.

(I started this post on Wed so that is why the date will be 1/12/11)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

just amazed...

you are simply marvelous, darling. even though I wanted to "choke" you at Target today for being such a loud-mouthed rascal. (I would never choke my child)

I have three of the best teens/pre-teens around.

and one of the most energetic three year olds.

the family comedian

anyone seen Punky Brewster lately?

I'm out the door to a night away at a hotel with my peeps but wanted to post some of Tom's Christmas pictures. Because they are so excellent. There are so many more but since it's my blog, I'll just post a few of my kids (but believe me, my sister's kids are just as adorable).

I'm just amazed because even though I feel like doo doo a lot these days (for obvious reasons and WINTER/S.A.D), I can't help but praise the Lord for the blessings of my children. I'm not worthy. they are so cool and so good. My husband is pretty darn incredible too.

I don't know what the future holds but I know Who holds it and I will rest in that.

No. Matter. What.

Have a lovely, arctic weekend.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

sweet babies...

I loved when she'd gnaw on my face. such a sweet baby girl.

awww, he was such a little doll!

Molly has always been "muscular". don't ya just wanna nibble on those fatty rolls?

Once she turned one, she became a little more temperamental. We see a lot of this these days but somehow, it's just NOT as cute.

I miss these little people. I know we will get to have ONE more in our house, and that's cool....but I can't help but wonder who it is, what s/he will be like. As far as I know, if my midwife will fill out an order for ultrasound, I will know one month from now. U/sound is scheduled for February 3rd. Most people say BOY...David says boy and he's always been spot on with his "guesses". Whoever this person is, I look forward to meeting them.

I am currently on an antibiotic for an infection under my crown. I could either have oral surgery and risk having to have it pulled anyways or just have it pulled and consider an implant or bridge. This kinda has me freaked out because I've never had to take an antibiotic while pregs. It's a little weird to me. Midwife says it's ok as long as I replenish good bacteria with Acidophilus.

On that note, I've exercised today, hung out with my sis and her girls, my kids, did some school, have more school to do, and I'm tired. blah.

Spring, you can come any time. (yes, I know, Winter just got here but He has worn out his welcome!)

Hope this finds you well and healthy on this 4th day of 2011. God bless you!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

thought she was sleeping...

This was sooo cute.
Or so I thought.

Jen and Twila were here, we were chatting....I went over to check her and whoaaa nelly! the smell!

Someone did a dukey in her drawers. Whaaaa? regressing already?

sheesh. never fear...I swooped in and no one was even aware of what had happened.

except for the green cloud that followed closely behind us.

up next: Mom's calendar pages. almost done.

Addendum: I totally forgot to take pix of Mom's calendar but it turned out cute. I think. soooo. never mind that.