Thursday, July 30, 2009

around the joint

Levi asked me to take this pic of him on his "castle". I have no idea what he's talking about but he sure is a cute one. this picture really depicts Deliverance, does it not? wood stack, pile o' bricks with weird things stacked on it and a huge pile of river rock in the middle of my so-called yard. can hear faint banjos playing. yehawww

makeshift pool deck protection, to the right....hard to see it here...but the green garden fencing has helped to calm this weary momma's heart....from a very precocious Molly venturing out into the depths of the pool....the white gate will stay and eventually the pool will be encased in white rail goodness. next year. Vince and Kevin did an EXCELLENT job around the pool area...thanks guys!

My zinnias are hiding my lavender and marigolds....but they are gorgeous! check out my newly but not finished white painted rail...consider that my white picket fence.

we can't wait to make fresh salsa with these bad boys...and there are a bunch! Thanks to my dad, for his ingenious tie up method....who else has 8 ft. tomato plants?

work in progress....our big "baby"

thought I'd take a few pix of the place Tory my tomater plants, show you the progress from the summer work....far from done but to a nice place where kids are safe from drowning and it's a bit more presentable....mostly. And let you see how cute Levi is (that's for you, Grandpa).

I've really enjoyed the hummingbirds this year....Lawn Boy Vinny put our feeder above the tomatoes and the view is great from the porch or the big winder....those little birds amaze me every time...

so, while the Tyvek is still showing and we have garden mesh around the deck till we can afford the railing of our dreams, the place is home sweet home cozy and I find myself really enjoying it here in the lazy days of summer. All my zinnias, coneflowers, coreposis, impatiens, dead hanging baskets, etc. make my heart swell. I dread winter in moments like this. and all those fall leaves....ahhhh. I will bask.

Hope you have a fantastic Thursday. I'm heading to the YMCA!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welcome the newest member of our family with me...

Meet Bilbo...Will's new leopard gecko. He's simply adorable. for a lizard.

and ya know what? Will has actually held this little guy today. His five year old lizard, Liz, has barely been in his Will determined that he would start this lizard off on the right foot...he'd get the little guy used to being held. Liz doesn't cope well with human interaction.

Welcome to the family, Bilbo.

These pix were taken by Will. that explains why they are kinda on that focus, boy!

Welcome to our crazy, wacky family!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fly away li'l birdie

Here's a little story with pictures:

David and the kids found a little bird struggling in this can this morning. (critter catcher)

He was so cute (for a bird) and he jumped up on David's finger....but shook and kept his little winkers closed the whole time, opening them only we were all a part of a bad birdie dream. Little feathers were soaked.

We aren't sure how long he had been in the can of we offered him one of Liz's mealworms, just in case he was hungry. Gather some strength so he could fly back to the nest. He still wouldn't open his peepers. He was in complete denial that we, the savage humans, had rescued him...

By this time, our little kitty (formerly known as Molly, the little girl with drawn on kitty nose/whiskers) wanted to get near the little Peeper..."awwww, hi yiddle birdie...awww hi awww". she kept saying that over and over again. it was quite precious. The little Peeper would peep peep every now and then...he seemed most grateful to me...hope you're ok, little fella!

Birdie, meet Kitty....she won't eat you....

Gather 'round the kitty and the birdie...Will, don't smoosh the tomato plants.

So, that was a highlight of today....again, a rather chilly July day here in the great midwest. I mean, I'm not complaining...I despise humidity,high oppressive heat and drips down my it's nice....

Painting the porch rails, trying to keep the house clean and my sanity in check...what's new with you?

Busy busy weekend...reconnecting with some friends from the
past. Hope to have a good post on that soon!

Have a magnificent weekend!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ToTalLy meSsy TuesdAys

ummm, for real?

Ok, yeah, I could get used to this!

at this point, he had already hosed off his arms, where I smeared some of the shaving's still on his face here though.

Levi and Molly have really enjoyed their Tuesdays and Thursdays with Courtney. She is so patient and kind to them, which is a far cry from how I am lately!

yesterday, she brought shaving cream. Molly took a minute, but once she discovered the sheer joy that is shaving cream, she went full steam ahead into the mess!

Levi, on the other hand, wanted NOTHING to do with it. at all.

Ever. which took me back to his First Steps days...when his OT brought some over and he cried...ahhhh.

He nearly did yesterday...

But then Courtney broke out the paints and he was all about that.

And they made oceans in a bottle...I'll get pix of the revised ones on Thursday.

Thanks for your time, care, love, patience with these two hooligans, Courtney...we will miss you when you head off to college. sniff sniff.


Still waiting on some pix of my adorable nephew Charlie. Hi Mom, can you send me some of the ones that Andy has sent you? or better yet? Hey Andy, could you send me some of those Kindergarten Graduation pix of your little man?

I can assure you that if he lived closer to me, I'd have more pix than this.

So, Hey little guy....I know your birthday was on July 5th, and that you are spending the summer with your mom...but just wanted you to know that my family and I love you, hope your 6th year is remarkable and filled with lots of joy, and we hope to get to see you at summer's end!!

How I wish Levi got to hang out with you...he could use someone his own age to show him the ropes! You are an awesome little dude.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Fifth of July

little side shows on the interstate behind our fireworx seating...this pic of Levi is just so typical of him.

pretty girl.

the next 6 pix actually have me in them. I went around to each member of my family and we did some Fourth of July self-portraits (missed you though, Beck, you are my self-portrait buddy! starting new traditions here.)

Hangin' with my buddy.

Love you, Mel

Little Mr. Aloof

ooooh. ahhhhh.

My hubby and I...he's lookin' a bit unsure, which is typical.

Tambo and family, these previous three shots are for you and there are more where they came from...I actually got some good fireworks shots, which is kind of a dorky thing to do actually (taking pix of worx)...and it was a pretty good show. We are sorry we didn't get to take in the show with you guys...Next year?? with some Oliver?

Adieu Randeth....we enjoyed an interesting 3.5 days with one of our favorite people, Randy. It was such a let down when you left! You are a blessing to all of us!

Ok, sheer busyness around our house...but wanted to post some pix so my dad can't keep saying that I blog once a year....Dad, I will get more pix up on here tonight too.

My favorite subject to photograph, my kids, is just not as cooperative these days as in the past!

Molly stuck her tongue out at my mom a few weeks ago and then today, when Mom told her to lay down, she told Gma "shup". it's really being brought to my attention that we've got to rein this girl in...and also watch what we say..she's a sponge. She is the smartest kid I've had, I do believe.

or maybe I'm just really tired.

I dunno.

Be back later....hope you are well!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

weird clouds and broken teeth


I was out and about early yesterday morning...on my way to coffee, I was greeted by this ominous cloud on SR 135, just south of Southport. Can anyone explain this to me? It didn't last too long but it was rather freak-a-licious to me.


How are you?

If you really want to know what I'm up to, you'll have to request me as one of your friends on Facebook. Can you do that for me?


Well. otherwise, not to sound like a broken record, but things are very busy around here. Things that, you guessed it, I'm not allowed to blog about. No fun. I know. maybe another day.

but until that day....I hope this finds you well...enjoying this mild July weather! I know I am. when I get a minute to breathe.

Lots of love to ya.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mel's new hair do...

She has apparently inherited mine and Beck's addiction to self-portraiture....ahh, that's my girl!

Mel got some bangs this's amazing how much it has transformed her look. She has soooo much flippin' hair, it's not even right! When Michelle cut it, we could've made a toupee for her bald hubby Phil.

Melanie, you are a lovely girl. even with a chipped tooth.

she won't let me take a picture of that yet. but just you wait....

Happy Belated Birthday, Molly Mooski

sweet Molly Moo!

She came out so active, chubby and wide eyed. oh, to just go back for a moment....such a sweet, sweet baby girl!

I Love this big bro pic. Nowadays, Molly copies everything Levi does. Except that she tells me when she poops. he still doesn't. I usually just get a whiff. then I know.

beautiful little being...

#3-#5, hanging in the Photo Booth with their mother!

Making a huge mess with her Boyden's delight!!

crazy kids!

How do you like my bright red cookie, Momma? (what was I thinking to give this cookie to this kid?)


I'm 2 days late and a dollar short on this birthday wish..but she knows I was wishing her happiness...since I was WITH HER...and heck, I brought her and her sibs a sugar cookie from Boyden's Bakery (mmm mmm good)...if you don't know someone wants the best for you with their gift of THAT, then you are a hopeless case. :)

Lots going on around the place...

1.) Levi shaved off the other half of his intact eye brow today. Yes, I know...hide the razor. No, I'm not smarter than the 6 year old.

2.) Melanie chipped her front tooth tonight...closing the refrigerator door. Wha??? really? yeah. and our dentist is out of town. but his back up guy is pretty cool. We've visited him before so that is cool. Melanie apparently inherited my gracefulness.

3.) David is getting ready to do a big job in a southern Indiana town...he's been there all day today. He is so good at what he does, it's sickening. he's good at the work and the organizing of it...where did I find this guy?

4.) I am doing this post on Molly, even though I have already blogged her party pix, because I like to do a post for my peeps on their days. Her birthday was rather hectic....rainy too....and I'm kind of at a loss without all my pix on this new computer...So Happy 2nd Birthday, Molly. Even though you are the most challenging kid I've birthed to date, I wouldn't trade you for a nickel. or even a quarter. I love your giggly little laff when I whisper in your baby ears...and how you told me before I put you to bed a while ago "Umm, Mom? I pooped" and boy did ya. sheewwwie.

Hope this finds you doing well....I have so much I want to blog about...but still not at liberty on some, and outta time on the rest!

Chat at ya later, taters.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ahoy Mates...

this was the guy, telling us what to do and what not to do on the boat.

Randy and Mel look very confused

all my guys

P singing while she drove the boat

'twas a wee bit chilly when we first set out on our 6 hour tour of Lake Monroe

We kept driving the boat toward the little rays of light....never really broke that day...but it was nice all the same. too bad there was still cell phone service.

Daveyboy and Randypants

things got a little crazy...that whole jumping off the top of the pontoon was as adventurous as these cats got (Beck and I included)....I often have dreams of falling off of high places. That has picked up in intensity.

Becky and her employer.

The view from up top.

Scotty and Pipes

Will and I tried to rest on the upper was a little wobbly


Will scraped his ankle on the scary stairs.

The slide was AWWWWE-SOMENESS....

Mel's turn at the wheel

Levi took a spin...

Our day on Lake Monroe, July 2, 2009 (Tambo's 40th) was such a rip-roaring good time...we wanna go back. Heck, we may even want our own boat.

Well, that may be a stretch....but the boating life is kinda the life for me. I do have a problem with all that swimming stuff IN the water....and fears of sinking, drowning, Titanic, Posiedon....ahhhh. too much for this cat. (I will work on this fear, though, Jen, so we can go on a cruise someday! promise!)

I like that we could swim, get out, dry off, eat, visit, listen to music, er oops, we didn't get to do that because, well never mind....and then jump in again, getting crazy with diving contests, jumping off from the upper level (don't try this at home folks, really!), playing catch and throwing some kids shampoo on the slide for maximum slide-age! It was an incredible time and it was even better because we didn't have to deal with the tiny ones. That would have been a nightmare, quite honestly. I kept having nightmares that Molly would fall in and I couldn't get to it was best she stayed with Courtney (thanks are so cool) and Nora was with her Nana! whew....scary stuff.

On that note, outta here...hope you are enjoying your July.