Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Caged beasts etc.

she looks innocent, folks. don't let her cute, girly onesie or bright blue eyes fool you!

If I can't bite you, then I will just bite this barrette.

off like a shot...bouncing hair and all...

look at those legs...the baby is leaving and the little girl is emerging. all ready. hmph.

but I wanna be out. side. now.

We've got a wild animal on our hands.

Our sweet, eternally cheerful little girl has left the building. And left us with an independent, stubborn, strong-willed biter. Yeah, a biter.

She likes to bite those that she feels are threatening her freedom. e.g. Levi, who likes to put a bear hug on her neck, like 20 minutes ago, and Melanie, who was saving her from certain injury after climbing UP on the piano.

Last night, I was bushed, beaten up (we all were) after not only exercising for well over 2 hours but from the 2.5 hours of leaf raking/burning/yardwork etc. Moo decided it was a wonderful night to be a pill. She had ONE nap yesterday...who'd wanna miss out on our yard fun (besides me of course)...so I thought she'd surely be down earlier than 9...she screamed and thrashed about in her bed....up we go...but when she was UP, she was cranky and difficult. I won't keep going...she didn't want to fall asleep, even when D. and I were in there...eventually falling when we had just given up.

I'm aggravating myself typing all that out...any suggestions folks? Is it wrong to give her Nyquil before bed? whiskey? I've never done that before but I am not opposed to trying it...I've never had a biter either...any help there?

Davey boy finished the porch rail...and don't it look grand? may I say it? the new porch is rockworthy...it doesn't seem like the same house to me. it was so nice to sit out there for a bit last night and appreciate all of the hard work and what's left of the autumn beauty, all while getting some serious smoke inhalation from our burning leaves and all of the neighbors' as well!


VELVET said...

i didn't have a biter, but until a few months ago, sharkey was a pincher and a HARD hair-puller like you wouldn't believe. (like, he would pull sky's hair so hard he would pull him down to the ground. yikes!) so i sympathize :)
biting is SO frustrating to deal with! i was reading online and it said it could be teething, communication frustration, overtired-ness (i notice the shark will pinch/pull hair still when he gets overtired), overstimulation, or possibly a food sensitivity.
or maybe she's just a biter and will have to grow out of it :)
so i'm not really any help at all. sorry!

Laurie and company said...

I bet it's teething and just plain aggravation/venting frustration at being #5, misunderstood and too rambunctious for her own good. She holds her own. I'll give her that.

thanks Velvet...guess we'll grow out of it. you are lots of help, sister.

Tory said...

I advocate for Levi and whoever else to bite her back! But, then again, who am I to talk...having no kids?! ;) Still makes me laugh to see their faces when you do it. Hahahaha...One time when Lisa and her girls were living with us, I caught her little girl Leah (who was 3 at the time) getting into the garbage which was off limits. I grabbed her hand so sternly and told her no...well, she was finished...you would have thought that I beat her the way that she cried. Who knows though what will work with each child. Sounds like you need the "Moo Whisperer"...ha, I crack myself up.

Hope you are well and had a good day. Love ya, t

Tory said...

Oh, and I hit enter, and forgot to comment on the deck or other pix. Love the railing...very classy deck! And, I love the pix of Molly...I can just see you following her around with the camera. Too cute for her own self!


Laurie and company said...

I tend to agree with you on that one, Tory...it's a surefire way for the offender to learn rather quickly that it's not cool to lash out like that. there are better ways to cope with violation!

I still have yet to find them for myself so how am I to help these little peeps? yikes.

I was totally following that flibberdijibbit around...and she wouldn't stay still for anything.

thanks for the kind words...I'm still waiting to see a pic of your drink holder magnety thing...

hugs. L

Heather said...

Oh, you poor thing! I feel for you! Wonder if there's something in the air lately that's making our kiddos not want to sleep? Ooh...there IS a full moon tomorrow night.
It's a good thing they're so dern cute!!
Jack's bitten before, but sporadically and usually when he's really frustrated and wants to let you know JUST how frustrated he is. I think it's just their immature way to dealing and communicating. I'm no expert, though, just guessing.
You've got my sympathy, my dear friend! We're going through this together. XOXO!