Monday, April 25, 2011

li'l cutie pies

I'm really, really in a nesting mood.

The way I "see it", I have about 6.5 weeks till little dude arrives. Man, that's totally graspable. I just cannot wait to see him...

Anyways, all was well, or so I thought, with him being in head down position. Tonight, while laying and reading Ree Drummond's hilariously romantic bio, I noticed some hiccups up under my ribs. what the heck? When did he do the ol' switcheroo? could that have happened while I was mowing the lawn? I dunno...but 32 weeks (this Friday) is generally when baby is nestled all snug in a head down position.

In other news, we've discovered the show "Pushing Daisies" I'm gonna go now and watch with the fam.

Happy rainy Monday.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Levi's such a lucky boy/Time in a bottle cont.

2005? this is the only kid that tilts his head to the side like his father.

2004? that's a big baby ya got there, sir.

2004, at one of many soccer games...this is a sight I will never tire of, one of our kids on this man's shoulders.

he used to LOOOOVE haircuts from Dad....2005. He'd be eating hair by the end because you can see that hand in that mouth. not a good combination. lotsa gagging. snot and tears.

this was at a friend's wedding...and this is during a Village People song...that little sailor hat on that sweet baby face was pure adorableness. 2005

Levi as a carry on. he used to be so tiny. 2006

taking in some fireworks with his Dad. 2009

David's just a big kid...2006

HEY! the sun is shining today. It's really quite incredible how that can really lift one's spirits. is it just me? I know the weekend holds lotsa thunderstorms and stuff but just knowing that the weather will be a bit warmer helps a lot.

I'm not sure why I wanted to post these pix of Levi and David other than the sheer fact that I know how much I love to see pix of my sibs and I with one of my parents or David with one of to see a slew of pix of one of my kids with a parent is heart warming. (wow, that was a blabbery mouthful. sorry)

David is a really good dad. broken record. He does creative things with his kids, gets them moving, motivated and spends as much of his "free" time and even work time with his them as he can. I'm just thanking God for putting such a cool guy in my life. yeah, he can drive me crazy and I KNOW I do the same to him, but that's really what makes this whole wild n crazy life worth living. We are in this together and he's really picked up a lot of slack with my weird pregnancy. He holds us accountable in our spiritual lives and is a reasonable sounding board for us when we face situations of confusion.

Levi, you are one blessed little guy to have a dad that cares about your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health so much. I can't even imagine being a dad and knowing just how responsible you are for each of your kids and spouse. That's a heavy load and he carries it well! I love you, David. You are an encouragement to all of us.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

nesting and new life...

This is Ol' Blue Eyes, deep as the ocean, Mr. Ryan...wasn't this kid just born? yeah, well, he's pulling up on things now and just growing up too darn fast. Just ask his Grandma Karel (who's holding him) and she will agree! He is really one of the cutest little dudes you'll ever meet.

Ry and his lovely Momma, Natalie. Strangely, I didn't get as many pix as I had planned to. So there are no pix of Ry's dad, Nick. Or my mother and father in law. I'm a picture taking loser.

David and his newest nephew, James, aka Jay. He had just gotten out of the hospital this very day (4/17), after he started eating like a champ. Also, the hole in his lung is healing! Yah!! I love that David is trying to look comfortable holding such a small human.

Mel and her new cousin

Hello Young man. yup, you do look a bit like your mom here...

3/4 of my guys taking in the newest guy in the Young fam...Levi was enthralled.

Emilie and her little guy!

On a totally unrelated note:
as I blogged the other day, here is the grouping of my fave kid pix. Once I got searching, I knew exactly what pics I wanted on this wall, but man, there were so many good pix of each of 'em. Notice the empty spot below Molly's pic? that's where #6 will go...can't WAIT to see who he looks like! I LOVE these faces...

All we need is a baby now...and for that red basket of pictures to be emptied.

I have begun gathering the supplies for the homebirth...what an exciting, yet scary time...all the little onesies, jammies, hats, blankies are ready, though I'm sure I will wash them again, refold them and try to imagine how it will be once Bebe gets here. Such a wonderful time. Such a final time. I am nesting already...8+ weeks to go. I'm now seeing Mary Helen every two weeks, today being my appointment. Baby is head down, like a good little guy, heart beat sounds so stinkin' strong, measuring 34 cm. BP is all good...

Now, to get past the lump in my throat that seems to constantly be here. I've done this 5 times before (childbirth) and I know what to expect. But it's different each time. and I'm 4 years older than last time. Slightly apprehensive to endure the unmedicated pain but I know that I've surrounded myself with good people that will get me thru it. I need to find a good Bible verse or two that I can dwell on, like I did for Molly's birth.

Ok, all that babble aside...I could blog more but I'm going to go now. I'm in a scrapbooking mood...why not? it's so darn cold outside....


Saturday, April 16, 2011

My almost full quiver...aka time in a bottle

Will Franklin born 10/16/94: though this was taken in North Dakota, summer of 1996. He's nearly two here so he doesn't fit the baby baby mode of the following pix, but it is one of my absolute all time fave Will pix. Taken by my cousin Dawn. I miss this boy but this is who I see when I look UP at him every day.

Ethan James born on 2/14/96. This pic was taken in my parents' basement, where we were living between N. Dakota and our Beech Grove apt. This, also, is who I see when he is talking to me, telling me some tidbit of history, daily. lookit those killer peepers. my goodness...

Melanie Kate born 5/31/98. This was taken on the very bed she was born on (well, sorta) in the house (of sorts) that we discovered on Sunday, the last day of May, a daughter for the family. Not only do I see this face when she's telling me some story and infusing it with 100 "likes" but I hear my sister crying as she videotaped the birth and I said "It's a GIRL....."

Levi Taylor born on 10/31/02...and yes, this is the little ragamuffin fella I see when he's asking me a question over and over (even though I've answered him). This little guy with the rough start and continued struggles with sensitivity to loud sounds (oh, how did he end up with me as a parent??? why Lord??) but gentle giant he is. I love this little struggler...we struggle together. and that little tongue. ahhhh. that boy. can't believe he's 8 now.

Molly Christine born 7/9/07 and what a sweet little last baby we thought we had....she was SUCH a good baby, good sleeper, good natured...and now. well, we won't dwell on that. for she is still pretty good natured. just misunderstood. This pesky little face is most definitely the one I see when she's got her hands on her hips and she's setting me straight about this sibling or that, mistreating her. oh boy. wonder how she will handle a little brother.

Man, can I brag and say "MY KIDS WERE ALL SO DANG CUTE, PRETTY, BEAUTIFUL!!!"...those faces. whew!

here, I'd like to insert a generic photo of a baby...I have my ideas of what this 4th boy will be like...I'd like for him to be a nice little mixture of Will, Ethan and's like Christmas, waiting to see what this little gift will be like. I know he's twitchy and wiggling. he kicks me in a certain spot and my belly goes numb. future soccer player like his siblings before him? I bet.

speaking of soccer...Levi, Will and E had their first games. I stayed home from the big boys' game with sick Molly and Levi. It's cold outside. It's slightly rainy.

Ok, the troops are home with the ingredients for the strawberry/mandarin salad we are making for dinner so I'm outta here...adios!

ADDENDUM: Strawberry/mandarin salad with honey mustard dressing was a hit. at least for me. Also found my camera tonight. it was in the boys' bathroom?? go figure. Off to enjoy some Nutter Butter's and check on my sick little girl. Our trip to Illinois depends on her!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the past week or so...

Ok, so this is totally outta order, but it took forever to show up in my inbox....this bad boy, is the Boon high chair. It's pneumatic. It's quite a spectacle. He won't even be in it for a minute but I wanted to put it together...a definite conversation piece.
Saturday night, we had the pleasure of dining, Cuban-style, with John and Wendy B...this was the end of our evening, after some outside time at Mo'Joes coffee shop...

View from floor 32 of the OneAmerica bldg, where John works at Ice view!

This was another really amazing thing that happened to us last week. I don't even know where to begin to blog about I will do so down below.

Friday evening, 4/8/11, after a day spent in Bloomington (will blog about that later) we lit some candles, got some flashlights and commenced porch season! I think D. was trying to tell scary stories here. those spooky little floating lights to the left are just candles but whatta cool pic, eh?

This tree has really been a source of nice shade. which was ok before we put our pool close by. Eventually, someday, when we grow up, we will put a garage on our property, so this tree would most likely have had to go anyways. Now, on to lotsa sun and a warmer pool this summer. buh bye tree! Thanks Joe Marlin, for dropping it for us!

Levi wanted to pose by downed tree...he's a goof ball.

Ok, so the above pic of that pile of supposed rubble?

I got an email last week from Pam half of Kaleo and Phos/Ontos main leadership...stating that they had picked up a big pile of donations from a local baby superstore. In her garage, she had her own baby superstore to give away...Yup, give. away. and we were the lucky recipients. wow. Just amazing to see how God can surprise and bless.

In our possession, we have a Boon highchair (very retro and very cool), a diaper wipes warmer (I have NEVER had one of these before. and it's only right that our LAST baby would be blessed enough for a warm tush), little seat for the tub, bassinet, that doubles as movable cradle and changing table (very nice with a two level house), body pillow (I LOVE this!!!), changing table with 6 canvas drawers, JJ Cole diaper bag, clothes and onesies, socks, snow suit, BOB jogging stroller (whoa!!), prenatal monitor, and honestly, there is more but I will cut it short. I had left David and the boys at soccer practice so I could go pick this stuff up and when I picked him up, showed him the goods in the back of the van (weighing it down, naturally), the man shed some tears. I know the pressure on him is immense, paying for homebirth (insurance doesn't cover this), this, that, and the other baby item that we will need, and just everyday life with five out of womb kids, so it was very cool to witness a bit of relief for my man! He works hard for his family!!

I think I just need a few odds and ends as well as a stroller/car seat combo for the first 6 months. Not to forget the amazing gift of baby boy clothes, blankets, nursing cover, bouncy seat and other goodies from my friend, Nicky back in Feb. I'd gotten rid of EVERYTHING after these gifts from extraordinary people are not taken lightly. Thank YOU!!

Thanks for letting me post all of this...I really want to make sure to remember this God-given event in our lives. It's truly a gift from Him.

In other news, my sister in law, Emilie, welcomed her little fella, James Avery, yesterday. He weighed in at 8 lbs 3 oz and apparently, due to his quick delivery (15 min of pushing), he has a hole in his little baby lung. He is in ICU but is stable, praying that the hole heals on it's own. I will post pix when I figure out how to steal them from her FB. We all would appreciate prayers for this tiny guy.

There is so much I could blog about but I will close for tonight....

future highlights:
~Will is studying to get his driver's permit. yes, he's 16.5. better late than never...we will need him to drive himself and E to their homeschool academy next fall...more on that later.
~D's big job coming up in Centerville, IN. I have a feeling I won't see him much between now and nameless baby's birth. never can tell with these things.
~Tromping thru the woods of East Bloomington with my midwife. Bluebell hunt...didn't take enough pix of this but what an adventure.
~Endless pursuit of a name for this li'l fighter inside...still taking suggestions tho we've stopped telling people what our "ideas" are...I may just name him Braxton Hicks Young. yeah, I like that.

Ok, outta here...hope this was good enough till I can find my camera. oy vey. God bless and Happy Wednesday.


I know, I know...I've been missing in action...

I have no real excuse, other than that with the nicer weather, I'm either out and about, outside or lazing around. beached whale style (don't let David hear me say that...)

I have been taking pix with my phone but now that FB won't let you save them to your computer, I have to actually send them to Mac and download, blah blah I am going to try to do that tonight...

In other news, and now that she is a toddler, frequent blog visitor, Shellee and her husband, Duane, welcomed their sweet baby girl, Grace Pamela. I am so overdue in congratulations, Shellee...forgive! I can't wait to hear how she's doing....let us know. We are continuing to pray for you, her and your guys and Japan.

Until a bit from now...adios...

Friday, April 1, 2011

no title...

Molly thought these roses were for her....

Levi got a job at Steak N Shake...isn't he cute?

Melanie did too...maybe now we will get some service there!

Don't have much to say tonight...just wanted to post some pix of the 3 remaining kids. Will and Ethan will be home tomorrow afternoon and we are VERY excited! David did get to see them last night and he said Will isn't coping well with lack of sleep...awww. my poor sweet boy. He wasn't in Will's cabin, but he was in E's so I got to talk to him for a few minutes. It was great to hear his voice and that he was doing well...sniff.

On that note, good Friday night...hope this finds you well. adios.