Thursday, April 27, 2017

Update Y'all

The only Easter cuties I could gather for traditional pics. 

Look what the Easter Bunny brought...haha. 

A few days after Easter, we got a fun and unexpected visit from our long lost friend (who we used to refer to as our "oldest kid") Randy. SO good to visit with this cool fella! Come back any time, Randy.

This is sadly out of order but I'd posted it on Instagram before taking a much needed break from  social media.  Our beloved Aunt Sherry met her Savior on Tuesday morning, April 11th. Though we miss her very much, we are so happy that she is no longer in pain or missing Uncle John. Not a sweeter lady anywhere. 

I "lifted" this pic from Joy's FB (before much needed break) and I love it! We cannot wait to meet tiny Oliver! It's been so fun feeling him move and kick....She's such a good sport in letting us manhandle her to catch a feel of our elusive family member. After holding baby Liam (Natalie's new fella) last weekend, it got us all even more excited for Ollie.

So it's been nearly a month since I last blogged. You'd think with a social media break, I'd blog more, like in the "olden" days...

Who has time to blog though? haha. me. 

Isn't spring amazing? It was very welcome here..sunshine, warmer temps, and love it.
Unfortunately, in doing yard work that is out of my scope, I've managed to pick up a rather nasty case of poison oak. It gives one a new perspective ... suffering, of any kind, is challenging...just seems like there's so much of it. Struggling may be a more appropriate word...
Anyways, it made me think of people that actually really have it bad, or have conditions that cause them continual least my pain will go away (I hope?)'s funny how when you suffer, you naturally dwell on it and "feel" like everyone wants to hear about it, or suffer along with you. When in actuality, that's not true.

Suffer in silence. 

ok, enough of that...Molly's soccer season is off to a grand start. Her team, Germany, has lost both of their first games. Hey, it's all good. 

May 13, we are hosting an at-home concert. You should come....Brettan Cox and friends, the Palanca Tour, will be at Young Manor and from what I hear, The Young Band will be opening up for them. We are kinda excited!

We've been attending Bethel Community Church of Southport. I can't say enough about's like a breath of fresh air honestly. Good preaching, loving people, worship that is similar to what I'd imagine Heaven to be Matt Williams, lead pastor, Jay Kirkpatrick, associate pastor and worship leader, and Abby S (not sure how to spell her last name) do such a wonderful job! Plus, the stained glass windows are so impressive...I'll post a picture!

This church building was built in 1896.

Umm, ouch. I ended up having it on all limbs and trunk. Never again.
There is so much more I could blog about but must close for now. Up next: Easter at the Original Young Manor, Soccer goodness (you know you'll be back for that!), and spring time at Young Manor. woooot.

Thanks for visiting.