Saturday, November 1, 2008

Gaggles of costumed children...

we told people that it was a fake blackened eye but it wasn't, really. (just kiddin') notice Princess Leia?

who is this young man?

We trick or treated (for the first time ever) with the K's (remember Holland trip??)...and some of their neighbors...

Susan Pevensie (Mel), GI Joe with beach boy hair (Will), baby dino (Molly), banged up soccer dude (E), Monkey boy (Levi)....

you look mahvelous schweetheart.

Levi hated every moment of having this costume on! he took it off AS SOON as he got in the car.

The weather was glorious, the company was cool, and the loot that was hauled was substantial.

Tammy asked us if we'd want to run a few blocks in their neighborhood with them...we are glad we did...the kids had a blast! Thanks for thinking of us, folks!

hope your All Hallow's Eve was full of fun and pranks! all of the healthy, fun kind!

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