Monday, August 31, 2009

necklaces and too much time on my hands apparently.

my new dog, I mean, lovely necklace commemorating nearly 16 years of wedded bliss...that is no small feat. I took these pix while waiting for David to finish up some work calls and business last night.

Here we are, sitting in the Lowe's parking lot after dropping Will off at Phos/Ontos (youth group) and before COFFEE...I love that we've been able to really have some nice grown up time, thanks to the olders helping out with the youngers. Will, Ethan, Melanie, your Dad and I appreciate your willingness to watch and help so we can have some datey time. I don't think I ever thought we'd get to this point but here we are!


Can I just say that I love how David smooshes up his face like that? That's how you know he's really working. Ain't no slacking going on there! He leaves that to ME!


Ok, time to get this show on the's to a productive, organized, healthy week!

Praying for David's big Lilly meeting this morning.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Holland Part II

Tammy and fammy, this is for you...we missed you this year!

it'd be fun to rent one of these private lakehouses for a span of's so beautiful on Lake Michigan! almost as cool as being on the ocean.

yes, these are sadly out of order. this is the walk back.

don't go down there.


Levi and I liked the spooky little windows. Love the jazz hands.

checking out Big Red. It was really a cool structure...and very red.

ahh haa, you don't say.

a little history for ye

a great little 10 minute walk to the local lighthouse...

It's always time for a sword fight...

We stole away to take some pix of the little ones while the big ones were honing their sword fighting skills.

sword fighting AND big doesn't get much better.

I love my yiddle tids.

Mel & Mol enjoying the gorgeous zinnias in and around downtown Holland...beautiful flowers and plants!!

this and the next few are from our 2nd annual visit to a cool, quaint little local coffee shop...JP's...tried to buy a mug yet again, but alas, they had none. But I did get this groovy souvy. (Molly hopped up on caffeine)

My little coffee man.

waiting patiently for whatever goodies their Dad decided to get for them.


Here are the rest of my pix...My camera batteries died after the beach (when I fell chasing a raft...and the ol' Canon flipped outta my pocket) once again, I didn't get any pix at the pool, which is a really cool pool...but maybe I can lift some of Tom's pix...he takes lots and they are always so good.

So glad that our trip is over (it was so good to see what we will need to do for the trek in October)...this week, we begin new English, David has big meetings (@ Lilly's) and we begin planning our great adventure out west....we are looking into renting/purchasing a small travel we can camp/tent/hotel and spread out a if you have one that you'd be willing to rent out or know of someone trying to sell/rent one, let me know....

That's it...hope you had a restful weekend. Be back later, taters.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Holland Part Uno

Heading down to Tunnel Park on Lake Michigan...

The waves were big and crashy...lots and lots of fun!!

I love little footy prints in the sand. and little baby buns sticking out of swim suits.

Tom got gobs more pix than I hopefully I will get some on here soon...once he facebooks them.

amazing waves.

The sailboats out past the swim area were so neat...

E and Will...surfer wannabes.

crash boom

This is for you, Nora... we couldn't get Happy Birthday with your name...but just so ya know, we were thinking of you on your actual birthday! hugs!

Little did we know, this would be the only good beach weather. Some years you win, other years you don't. We won in other ways this year....sand is over-rated though. we will be cleaning it out of things for the next month.


I will be back tomorrow with more pix....until then, peace out.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I love snooping thru your pix, Beck

Beck, these are some interesting pictures I found on your laptop...and as always, I'm a dork and you are a super model. not fair.

Gonna try to blog but...

but can't quite figure out how to get my pix on to Beck's laptop....soooo. has been a good day here in Holland. Rainy, overcast, chilly but good times. It helps that this hotel is very nice, makes it easy to come and go.

Molly is napping right now and when she wakes up, we will head to Red Robin for dinner.

I'll have some pix on here tomorrow. unless I can figure it out tonight!

Until then, adios amigos. Hope this finds you doing magnificently.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nora!!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Nora Jean!
I can't believe that you are two...hope you enjoyed your Boyden's cake...I'm jealous. :)
I am actually blogging in Holland Michigan right now. And I'd upload my pix from the beach today but I am ZONKED!! so I will tomorrow evening, for sure. Hope this finds you well...
Love you, little Nora. hugs and kisses.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

King's Island FUUUUN!

Happy Campers...what a great group of youngsters!

Fun Guys...

Started out on that big ol' ship that goes baaaack and fooooorth...pretty tame...still kinda scary. Natalie, your shirt is glowing....

Mel's first roller coaster, The Adventure was a blast.

Will and E. on the Adventure Express...

forgot what ride this is...but that ride in the background? it's the Son of Beast...and it wasn't running...which was kinda spooky to me.

going up the scary climb in the Adven. Exp.

Flight Deck...who takes pictures while on a fast moving roller coaster?

Mel and Will didn't go on Invertigo...and she's pretty sure this is a picture of us on it. maybe not. who knows? I'm gonna say yeah. I screamed the whole ride.

this is that swing ride...see the two people in the bottom right? That's Mel and Natalie. I'm such a tool to be taking pics while on a thrill ride...

I think this is the Adventure Express...

David, throwing his hands up...and I think this is the Racer. but I'm not certain.

This is for you, Levi...the Spongebob action ride...a 3-D

Backlot Stunt Coaster, a spin off of the Italian Job...our car was a Mini Cooper...this is no one we know but it's a great shot nonetheless...Mel's favorite ride...we did this one twice it was so much fun!

these next few shots are from 275 ft. the Eiffel Tower replica

This is the newest coaster, Diamondback....awwwwwe-some ride! amazing.

I think this is the Vortex...

275 feet up in the air. we weren't excited. we were clinging to life here...

Mystery machiners...

David and his little map

this is the climb up on the cool. so scary.

horribly unattractive...but at least E's cute.

that there is the biggest Rubik's cube I ever did see, I reckon

Mel and Nat gearing up on the Stunt coaster.

Getting ready to ride our second water ride...the wild thornberry's something or other!

Natalie and Mel making puddles....I think they got the most soaked on each water ride...Natalie Definitely...and she was wearing jeans. poor girl!

Look-alike soakers

a good ending to a wonderful day! we are all soaked here....

Levi and Aunt Nat...doing tattoos...


Ahhh. I'm definitely NOT as young as I used to be. It's been almost exactly 16 years since I was last there. 2 months before I married Daveyboy.

I knew that. I did. And I have to admit, I jumped onto those rides a lot easier than I thought I would. I looooove a good roller coaster. something about it. But put me at the top of a tall structure/building? yeah, not so good. We went to the top of that fake Eiffel Tower that is at King's Island....and it kinda sways in the breeze (275 feet up there)...Mel and I were hilarious...clinging to the inside area....ahhhh. skeery.

  

All in all, we had a great was nearly perfect...a tad hot for me...but quite thankful that Natalie came over from Ill. to be not only that sixth person but also a great auntie to Mel. They sat some of the scarier, tummy turning rides out and it was neat to know Mel could be with Natalie. Thanks...we really appreciate it! and we love you.

And thanks Mom, Dad, Becky, for all of your help with #4 and was so nice to know that they were in good hands! Gracias! We love you guys too!

  

Ok, so now, on to the next big event of the week....our trip to Holland is tomorrow thru Friday....hopefully, thanks to Beck, I can blog while we are gone....she's letting me use her laptop. u rock, B. Hope this finds you well....God Bless You!