Thursday, March 31, 2011

phone pictures...

we enjoyed a free night at a local Holiday Inn Express last night...I think I might have the best husband ever. He is one of the best dads I've ever been around. he has learned so much from his past and strives, daily, to take good care of us. You rock, David. Don't forget it...not perfect, just totally redirectable. Love you very much.

We enjoyed some swimming, Steak N Shake, and Long's Donuts. small, simple pleasures.

Sunday was the day that the big boys left...I was struck by Will's hands (probably because he was closer to me but...) I am a hand person. I appreciate them, that's one of the first things I notice on a person....Will's hands have always been very similar to his dad's. I love Daveyboy's hands...very manly. I loved seeing Will hang onto Levi, just hours before leaving us for 6 days. Ethan has great hands too....I think he could palm a basketball....this gives me a good idea for a future blog post...wheels are turning. hands.

just looking at this picture makes my eyes tear up. I can brag because this is my blog...but golly, God has given me, us 5 of the most incredible kids. Molly's a little out there right now...but, like her dad, she's totally redirectable (whew!) She was kinda worried about Levi.

I'm speechless. I wanna hug all of these smarties.

love my quiver full of kids.

Levi was beside himself, just imagining Will being gone for more than 2 hours. ahhhh. he has survived, though I'm very aware of just HOW much Will and E deflect for me in the question/care dept. awesome. awesome sons. love 'em. miss 'em. David is actually down with them it's just me, Levi and Molly. Molly's sleeping, Levi's playing cars and I'm blogging. Mel's at her friend's house....

Look at that big brother love. look at that hand. I miss my big boys. (for your information, Ethan is a bit more socially oriented so it was a bit more difficult to get him to stand still for pix. Plus, he'd found a group of friends to yak with so ya's not all that cool for your mom to snap pix of you and your friends. as if)

This was Sunday night...David had taken Mel and Levi to work with him...sweet sleeping pixie. She was just laying there, a-wetting her pantses.

there was an eclipse. glad I caught a pic of it...actually, this is my wiggly belly...I think, from detecting the motions of our 6th child, that he is going to give Moo a run for her money. hee hee...take that, tiny girl.

I was cleaning the garden tub yesterday and fell on him. kapow! never fear...he's fine. I'm slightly sore but all is well. I am very thankful, if not a bit out of breath and heart burny, to have less than 3 months to go...but I am making a concerted effort to cherish my private moments with my little buddy. there will never be another time like this. I realize this.

On that note, I am going to go spend some time with Levi...the nice guy. and choke down some Tums. ..... hope this kid has some hair. this heartburn is killer.

Shellee, I hope that, by the time you check in here, that you are holding onto your sweet baby girl! We've been praying for you! such excited for you and all of your guys!

Until next time...adios.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Molly says HEY...

Melanie did my make-up...sparkles don't show up. but I'm sassy.

love these little buck teeth...I had a similar set when I was this age...or so my mom and dad say.

who IS this kid? I'll tell ya who...she's well-practiced in the modern day art of all those silly girls that take pix of themselves in their bathrooms, with the weird grimaces that they THINK look good? yeah...uh uh. but Moo, you are CUTE! stay that way.

Just wanted to put a different, non-depressing spin on this day. Chow....

this is where you'll find me today...beware: this is a whiny post...

ohhh, I wish.

I grew up in Michigan. Didn't move to Indy till the summer before my 19th birthday...I KNOW SNOW, COLD, and SUNLESS DAYS.

So, before you judge me, know that fact.

I am leaving...I'm going to this beach above...I can NO longer handle this GRAY, this sunless place...I am seriously considering MAKING David MOVE me before next winter...(next winter, when we have SIX kids, o boy!) Maybe next winter won't be so bad because I won't be pregnant (EVER AGAIN!!!)....I will cling to that. God is definitely trying to teach me SOMETHING, and as much as I've prayed and asked Him to reveal what it is exactly, I still wait...

Each morning, I just want to lay in bed. I get up, make my oatmeal, coffee...and want to lay back down. Can anyone explain this to me? I'm usually go, go, go...but no, not lately.

I don't want to go anywhere, I really don't want to see or talk to people either. Are these the earlies of agoraphobia? Depression? I dunno...I covet your prayers. These days are hard.

As much as I ache, sleep poorly, restless leg syndrome, blah blah blah...I will praise the Lord for my little wiggle worm boy...he is a joy, in spite of the weird cramps, lack of breath, blah blah blah.

Enuff about me, how are YOU? I hope things are going GREAT where you are! Shellee, I hope that by the time you read this, your baby GIRL has arrived safely! (can't wait to see and hear about her!). Tory, I hope you've enjoyed a restful weekend off of school...Becky, I hope you are mending. Dad, I hope you aren't mad that I didn't post pix of Sybil...I'll get right on that...Nicky, I hope that you are making it thru each day like a champ!

My two big boys are leaving for the Spring Break Work Week be gone till next they will be blessed as they prepare the InPursuit/Springhill camp for the happy summer campers...I'm ready for a week with no piano or biology, rarely any karate, and lotsa time focused on Mel, Levi and Mooski. Pictures maybe? yeah, I'll get to it...go check out Nicole's amazing foodie/photography blog, the link is on my sidebar (Noshings) will not disappoint. Or visit "The Simple Wife", where Joanne, who is my age, suffered a stroke on Jan. amazing story...amazed at their faith and strength in Christ. That's just ONE of the places I go when I get to feeling a pity party...choose JOY.

God bless you...have a lovely Saturday evening. thanks for letting me vent. again. :)

Friday, March 25, 2011


trying to stay positive here...I had embraced cold again...with the fact that at least it wasn't snowing....

it flurried today. I laughed. we are supposed to get 1-2" this weekend. hee hee.

spring? have you forsaken us?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pray for this guy...

awww! this was David shortly before we were wed (1993) much promise ahead of him...

He is recovering well from his surgery that he endured this past Tuesday...After much prayer and some research, our childbearing years will end in June, when the nameless one emerges. (A collective whoop whoop from all of my family and friends...I can hear you!!) he texted his friend, Jeff, the other day, to tell him that he was officially "sterile", and Jeff's reply was PRICELESS..."You had a good run!!"......David got a kick outta that, even in his Valium-induced stupor. Six kids later...yup, you did, my man...a good run indeed.

I know he would appreciate your prayers, as he has had a difficult time sitting still enough to heal...

On a brighter note...well, there really isn't one. it's 35 degrees here today...cloudy. bring back the 70 degrees, Lord. ok, I will be thankful that it's not snowing....

Let me just say this...I will choose to embrace and enjoy this last pregnancy. Even though it has been my most uncomfortable, panicky one to date, I know it is a gift. I know I'm very blessed to be able to carry this little fella. I'm almost positive that I will have a textbook delivery. And even though I can't breathe very well, and can't eat big meals (which, hey, is a good thing...right?) because the heartburn and general discomfort induce some amazing panic...I will praise the Lord for this gift. In light of the decision we've made, I will cherish these last three months of pregnancy (my due date is 3 months from today, though I feel I will go before June 24).

Hope to get out of the bloggin' slump soon...our two big boys leave for Spring Break Work Week on I will only have 3 kids around here next week...ohhh, the parties we will have! :) ha ha. yeah right. good night, folks. hugs to you, wherever you are....know that I'm praying for u.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Skating Party to remember!

Let the fun begin...

Revelers trickle in...Hello Teige, ya little cutie...

gearing up for some skate-a-licious fun!

Charlie Sheen made a guest angry! :)

awww, we love this family (though 1/4 of them is in college far away)...Vince, Janice, and Megan...our lives would be dull without you! (and if I remember correctly, Dad had a very appropriate name for V..."One Lap Vinny"..which is much more favorable than his other nickname of "Two Plates McCartney")

Tambo and Caroline...makin' the skatin' look EZ. love you, girls!

Becky, Henry and Nicky...lovely ladies, hangin' with the little flirty boy!

The O family had volleyball that night but stopped by for a half hour of skating JOY...Mona, your enthusiasm was infectious! heck, all y'all had me stoked. Thanks for coming, fine folks.

Cali and her Skate Mate...this girl LOVED skating!

the S women did amazingly well skating around. pretty girls!

Charlie Sheen again.... Man, this guy is EVERYWHERE! but boy, can he skate. (Tom, I was really quite impressed with your mad skating skillz) I bet he's not moving very quickly today. I know David, Will and Ethan were hobbling around (though they had a 2 hour soccer practice right before the party...ha ha.)

happy skaters

David and Matt (his twin brother)

My sis and her hubs...they really longed for a couples/slow skate so they could snuggle and maybe even backward skate. Becky, you are an awesome speed skater.

This was Molly while we were at Steak N Shake afterwards....she was CRABBBBBY!! but what a great picture!

Last night, we hosted a skating party.

Since David skated THEE WHOLE TIME, I acted as the immobile half of our union. There were quite a few people that showed up (YOU ALL ROCK, you know that right???) yes, I'm leading up to a list of excuses as to why I DIDN'T get pix of everyone that attended and why there aren't any pix of David NOT skating.

He skated the whole time. I'm so glad he did. He had such a great time.
We want to thank every one of you that made the effort to come out and celebrate with us. It really, sincerely means a lot.

These are just a smattering of the pix that could've been all honesty, I'm a little bit sick, dealing with some weird right rib pains that are giving me fits of even more uncomfortableness than I was already I wasn't on top of my game in the photo dept.

And since Tom isn't on FB now, I can't go steal the few pix he took...if you were there, and I failed to get your pic, please PLEASE please forgive me. Most of David's Illinois family came over (THANKS GUYS), my family, Becky's entire in-law clan even came (THANK YOU C FAMILY...YOU ROCK)...Friends we haven't seen in a while, people that work with David, kind folks from church, even some folks we didn't know showed up...haha.

We have a VERY busy week ahead of us....I hope to be back at some point with some updates but for tonight, I'm tired, old and just glad that TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING WOOO HOOOOO!

Thanks again for all of your support and friendship...we are truly very blessed to have such great folks around us. MWAH!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pledge for purity

The Shelter...part of the Bandy's residence...where the kids go for their Kaleo and Phos/Ontos youth groups. We are very THANKFUL for these ministries.

David took some differing views...we were right up in the front. :)

When it was time to pledge, all of the kids circled the room...this was just one side...

a portion of the kids in the front...and hey, I know those kids. My kids with their friend, Ian. The guy at the mic is Greg Eades, a teaching pastor at a local church. He presented the devotional and it was very good - emphasized that this initial commitment is the easy will take discipline, training and coaching.

The parents then presented their kids with a token of some sort...ring, bracelet, necklace...and when the time came, each kid would kneel, pray and put their ring etc on. This is Will. what a nice guy....

Ethan's turn...I'm in awe of the inspirational young men that God has given to us. They are out of this world....friends & family, help us keep them accountable.

Mel's time...such a sweet spirited, Godly young lady. I'd be crazy mad without her.

Mr. Mike awesome, Christ-loving fella! one really just has to stand in awe when in his presence (he has more energy than most kids, folks)! I failed to get any pix of his lovely wife, Pam...but she was scooting around taking pictures also. Have I mentioned how blessed we are to be involved with these saints?

Will, Ethan, and Melanie participated in a Purity Ceremony last night. Mike and Pam Bandy, their youth leaders, hosted it and man, it was amazing.

They originally thought 20 kids would be participating...and in the end, there were 70 kids involved. Wow!

It was slightly breathtaking and more than a little overwhelming (in a good way) to be a witness to such commitment. (plus, I'm super emotional these days so I had to suck back some crocodile tears).

Do I really have kids that are old enough to be doing this?


I'm only 16, folks. :)

if you live on or around the south side of Indy, and you aren't involved in Kaleo or Phos/Ontos, and you have a jr. high or high schooler that needs accountability, encouragement, Christ-like influence, give me a buzz and I will pass the info kids are different people after being involved in these ministries.

Ok, I could keep going...buttttttt, the sun is SHINING, David and #1-4 are going skating from 10-12 and Molly and I are going to take a walk. and paint our nails. and make our beds. and maybe call my extremely lovely neighbor chick and see if she's free for a bit today....hope that this finds you well, healthy and JOYFUL.

Monday, March 14, 2011

IKEA. UKEA. We all scream for IKEA.

Melanie and I loved these lights.

and these lights.

and this island, which will look great in my kitchen. someday.

ummm, what's with the pacifier?? really?

I think I'd like David (birthday boy) to build me some sets of these with all those awesome pine boards we've been storing since 2007. And if you'd like, he could make you a set also, very reasonably priced.

and this light...

I think this is the only picture I was in this day. (which also happened to be David's 40th actual birthday day....) which is fine, actually.

Ok, so the title is just bad. I know.

IKEA is an amazing world all it's own.

Don't go on Sunday. It's maddening to try to weave in and out of all the people by yourself, let alone with 2 small people.

A few times, we seemed to be a herd of cattle. shuffling thru the endless aisles of Swedish wares. At one point, even, we stopped in the frame section and whilst standing there, a mother's young child got up ahead of her. The mother, very loudly said to her wayward child, "So and So, watch out or the lady in the brown vest (who was in front of mouthy momma) will run you over"...and a fight ensued....ha ha. all that for housewares. hilarious. sheesh. really lady?

it was definitely a cool experience and I'd like to go back 1.) on a quiet weekday and 2.) without kids (they were bored and the littles were crazy).

I have a case of the Mondays today. It's gray, cold and I'm just plum over this blah blah weather. According to my weather bug app, it should be close to 70 and possibly sunny by Thursday. I dare not get my hopes up. I mean, really, we have sooo veery much to be thankful for. I'm sure you've seen the video footage of the earthquake and tsunamis in Japan (which is happening about 100+ miles from my blog regular, Shellee). It's just mind boggling to watch all that water overtake...and are there any sharks or scary ocean things that make it onto land, because yikes.

All that to say, overwhelmingly, thank You, Lord....for another day to live and serve You.

side note: had my 4th appointment with midwife today....good blood pressure, good heartbeat of Peanut Nameless One. Painfully normal...25+ weeks...less than 14 weeks till little dude arrives. seems hard to grasp. still no name. maybe I will set up his crib...a visual for me.

Ok, time to run to Karate....hope to be back with pix from tomorrow evening's Purity Ceremony that #1-#3 will be participating in. Until then...Happy Monday to ye!

Molly's New 'do...

This is the expression she kept plastered on her face while Steph did her serious.

I have to say, her hair is much easier to maintain now and she doesn't have to lift it to look at you. And I think it brought out a little more peskiness in her. as if she needed anymore.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let's get this party started...

Hello Big Whale...

Right outside the Newport Aquarium...Molly wouldn't join them!

Me too...

Show off 40 year old guy....whew! can you believe this guy is FORTY???

Miss Shortypie

Levi's getting tall...

Mel is now officially taller than me.

Ethan is catching up to Will's height quickly...

Will was sleepy...

I know I promised to get the Cincy trip pix up on here....and not to are a few highlights of our Monday at the Newport Aquarium....

In other news...

David's big 40th Birthday Skating Bash will be taking place on Saturday, March 19, 2011 (a little over a week away) from 5-7 p.m. I've tried to send out a mass email and I'm sure I will miss some folks in the if you check this blog, and you know us and want to come skate to some mad 80's tunes at Wheels of Wonder, Indy...we'd love to see you there! Admission is covered, all you have to pay for is skate rental ($3.00)!

Seriously...gonna do a pregnancy update if this isn't your thing, you can leave now....but I kinda use my blog to keep track of our lives....and since this is my last pregnancy, I need to make sure I'm doing that...

I think our fourth son is in the midst of a growth spurt. Shellee, you may be able to answer this since you are almost a mom of NINE...but man, I don't remember my other kids growing over night. YIKES! I started out with a big kid (Will, 8 lbs, 11 oz) and I have a feeling that the other side of boy sandwich is going to end big....please tell me I'm incorrect. He is all. over. the. place. literally....and I have 3 more months to go. oy vey.

choose joy. this too shall pass. and then I will miss it. (or will I?) I'm extremely thankful to the Lord above for this pregnancy. Whatever I may convey on my blog or on Facebook. I truly am. It's amazing how much we can let our circumstances affect our JOY. Forgive me. Spring or no spring...I have so very much to be praising Him for. I really do. And this little nameless boy is high up on my list!

I will see midwife next Monday at 10 a.m. I pray she tells me I'm measuring big so will have this dude in EARLY June. yah baby.

Ok, on that note...I hope to be back tomorrow or the next day to post the rest of our trip pix! Hope that this Wednesday finds you happy, healthy and thankful. good night...