Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snow days!

My pretty snow bunnies

I have to say, this is a glorious snowfall...the flakes are so chubby!
If you stand and just listen, it's like you can hear the voice of God.

lotsa creaky branches around my house...

all is well

except for the fact that I will be taking my nephew Duncan home in this winter wonderland...
being forced to stay home is a nice thing.
We got about 6 inches of snow on Thursday and it is now being covered over by probably another 6-10 inches. The weather guys say we are at 5" and it keeps a-comin', baby!

Good thing I'm stocked up on craft supplies and scrapbook paraphernalia....and books, and coffee, and whipped cream, and 5 kids (6 including Dunc for a bit longer) who are pretty rock worthy....

so now I must go out and see if I can get the Ol' Grey Mare outta the drive way...Until the next batch comes around, adios amigos.