Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday update...

Becky got $ for the iPod she is wanting to get.

not sure if David got anything. ha ha.

Uncle Tom, flanked by his two blonde nieces. I think they were trying to take his birthday money.

this is how Molly digests her carbs.

Ethan, Will and Mel, trying to digest their delicious Grandma-made lasagna before embarking on the infamous Boyden's cake perfection! Love E's expression.

Beck just proves that being 33 does not require one to be serious and boring! (this is one of her famous "self portraits")

My very serious, nearly 40 year old husband. (he won't greet 40 till this coming Sunday, March 6th)...Hello Chief.

David wanted to embrace these two (I mean, they are employees of his and such...) and Beck thought it would be fun to grimace...David made us re-do it...see below

We gather together to celebrate the momentous births of these 3 amazing people! Three of my favorites.

This girl had a busy day...she went to church with Beck and her family...spent the afternoon playing with the girls and there was no time for her nap between pick up time from Becky's and heading back to Beck's for the birthday party. Needless to say, she was grumpy, frenetic, and over tired. We got home by 9 p.m., she got herself p.j.'d up and tried to sneak past me. I nabbed her, and amidst her protests of "I'm not tirrrrrrred", I pinned her down and she instantly fell asleep. it was niiiiiiiiiice. and quiet. whew. she is quite precious when she sleeps though. I'll give her that. :)

(notice I took her stinkin' paci outta her mouth...I'm trying. I really am.)

So, it's Monday again.

I will bullet point some of the things I'm looking at this week:

~Another month starts, which is cool in a way, and with it brings spring. Our beloved Aunt Sherry & Uncle John (remember the Great Adventure trip, Kansas stop) are MOVING here this very week. Tomorrow in fact. Today is her birthday!

~David will turn 40 this coming Sunday. That almost leaves me speechless. hold on...I need a moment.

~I am 23+ weeks today, can't believe how fast, yet how slowly this pregnancy seems to be going. I am trying to "live in the moment" and enjoy this, as it will be my last one (yes, I know I've said this before but now I MEAN IT. if you've been around me, you have to know I'm DEAD serious.) I enjoy feeling the nameless one wiggle around, esp. after I've eaten...and I'm really trying to soak this up. I just know I will miss it. but honestly, I will be really glad to live through another labor and delivery, au naturel. Can't wait to see this guy's face.

~I guess I didn't have as many things to say as I thought I would.

In other news, Melanie and I really enjoyed a Mother/Daughter time away yesterday morning. My sis took Molly for me and David had the 3 boys. We went down to the Edinburgh outlet, enjoyed browsing without Molly. The weather was really mild (though it's far from mild today, due to thunderstorms that rolled thru last night, bringing with them cooler temps). Mel got a cool new Gap sweatshirt and I found a Gymboree blanket for #6 (the same blankie brand as Molly's) with little crocodiles on it.

got me thinking as to how funny it is that baby girls clothing is all flowers, mermaids, and cuteness, while baby boys clothing is bull dogs, sharks, crocodiles, and earth moving equipment. Very non-cuddly. kinda funny to me.

I will leave you on that note...time to gather my strength for the next 3+ hours out of the house tonight. ugh.

Maybe I'll put the crib up.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday happenings....

Our local credit union, Teacher's, hosted a Community Day at our favorite local library, Greenwood Public Library...this magician guy was pretty funny!

Mel got to represent Snow White, along with Lauren as Belle, Sarah as Aurora, and Annie as Tinker Bell. it was so flippin' adorable to see little kids walk up to them with adoration in their eyes....such sweet girls to play these roles. awwww. amazing!

such beauty...all over the place.

Levi really wanted to get his pic taken with all these pretty girls. Who could blame him? his big brothers weren't brave enough to do so...David did, but I will have to scan his pic in...he had it taken before I got there. ha ha. fun times.

Let me explain...look at the pic right below. This blue cat guy is Boomer...he is the mascot for our local Pacers team. As soon as Nora saw him, she kept her face buried for a good part of an was kinda funny. ya either love or hate him....he was a good sport. as you'll see below.

The princess squad even wanted a pic with Boomer.

Mel had to carry Piper over for her pic...she was none too thrilled.

Boomer was a good sport and snuck up behind our seated crew...notice Nora's hands. hilarious.

Grandpa and some of his girls!

Molly loves her Grandma. you just can't tell here...she was ready for some coffee.

Becky got brave and wanted a pic with Boomer!

How are you?
All is well here...we are alive. that's about it. :) waaa. I'm such a complainer. forgive me. it's still winter.

We are thinking of high-tailing it outta here. just chucking all of our responsibilities and going to a beach or somewhere like that. Frisbee, quiet time, change of scenery. I dunno. we will see.

On a fun note, my little sister turns 33 tomorrow. WOW! I can't believe this...she was JUST 16. really. We are having her birthday party tomorrow, as well as Tom and David's. We figure it's 2 less cakes that none of us "need" (but surely want, yo). And I know she isn't fond of the combination party but....

this year, Tom turns 41. He's really ok with that. David, on the other hand, turns the big 4-0. To celebrate, we are hosting a roller skating party here in town...chock full of 80's music and good times. You know you are can contact me for the full details. It only costs 3 dollars for skate rental...admission is on us. After the skate, we are caravanning to a local restaurant, dutch, and will finish up the celebration there. This all takes place on March 19th. 3 days before David has surgery to ensure that #6 is our last. Pray for's a wiggish event.

I hope to take lotsa pix tomorrow at the 3 in 1 party...I also hope to get our pix on here from last week's field trip to the Indiana Repertory Theatre's production of The Diary of Anne Frank. awesome. Promises, promises...I'll treadmill now and blog more later...I've posted the February 2011 album on Facebook so you can go see more of today's pix there...adios.

forgive the all over the placedness.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kid banquets 'n' stuff

the cute chick on the harp was at our table (I mean, she's not at our table in this picture but...). That's Maggie. Her family (Mom and two brothers, surrounding her with all their musical magnificence) played the special music at the Phos/Ontos Broken Hearts banquet. (they also played at the Kaleo banquet but I wasn't there). Talk about sheer talent! And can I tell you, I wish I could play the harp? an amazing instrument...a talented harpist!

This is the table that David, Levi and I served....what a nice group of young people!

Melanie, Sarah, and Annie, as they prepare to leave for the Kaleo Broken Hearts Banquet. Tammy, Bobby and Caroline served a table at this event...Lovely young ladies.

These events actually took place on the weekend before Valentine's Day and yes, I'm way behind.

Sooooo, how are ya?

After a little taste of spring last week, I'm feeling just DONE with winter. it was sooooooo nice around here last week. Birds were tweeting, ice melted, sun was SHINING! it was simply magnificent.

This week, we are back to winter. which is only right, considering it's only FEBRUARY 22nd. seriously?

I hope to get my pix from our trip to the Indiana Repertory Theatre last week to see the Diary of Anne Frank. THAT was amazing. We were four rows from the stage and boy, it was like being in the Secret Annex. When the Nazis raided at the end, whew! it was almost too much...TK and I were sniffling and sobbing. David even shed a few

I'm exhausted I'm going to sign out but hope that this finds you well and healthy...enjoying Winter's last attempt to keep hold of us. Until next time...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ethan James, how we love ye!

Naccccccchooooo Libre...

changing right before my eyeballs...

goof ball!

Christmas 2009...

My second son, Ethan James, will turn FIFTEEN at 9:20 p.m. tonight...I was in labor for 2 days, on and off. I walked the mall, I took weird herbs, I watched movies, I cried, I thought he'd NEVER come. I also thought he was a girl (see? my hunches have never been right)

Finally, on Wednesday evening, February 14th, 1996, after Taco Bell and other fun midwife-taught techniques, while everyone was at Wednesday night prayer meeting, Ethan's labor sped up. Water broke at 9 p.m.

Midwife showed up right as that happened...after some quick pushing, Ethan, my second smallest baby of the five, came squalling into a cold Indiana winter.

I couldn't believe it was another boy...but I'm soooo very glad that I had another son so close to Will's age. Buddies for Life, and I can tell you, it's true. they scuffle and bicker but it rocks that they are support for each other.

Ethan James Young
Wednesday, February 14, 1996
7 lbs 12 ounces
20 inches.

He was almost a pound smaller than Will...I kept thrilling over how tiny he was and the midwife said that 7/12 was bigger than the average newborn. Wow...pave the way, Will (who was 8/11)

Anyways, I'm feeling very nostalgic right now...recalling this day 15 years ago...

Tonight, Ethan will be at Karate with Levi. Tomorrow night, we will have his birthday party with family.

I love you, E. You are such an awesome, upright young man of God. I love that you look like a mix of Young and a Greenhill. I hope this is a memorable and joyful birthday for you, for next year, you can get a job. Happy 15th to ya :)

Ha ha. Happy Monday everybody.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

this boy...

will turn FIFTEEN in 4.5 days...

doesn't this beach scene look inviting??

I think so.

I find it so hard to grasp that Ethan James will be 15 soon. The winter that he was born, 1996, was a bleak, snowy one like the one we are in now. not to focus on this weather, of course. Ethan is our focus. ETHAN!! YOU da man...

In a side note, saw my midwife today...she showed me the proof of the good ultrasound report, which was very little son to be is very lively, and doing so well...kinda like all of his predecessors. Awww. I love him already.

If you could, maybe you could pray for me, as I'm very apprehensive about the birth...yeah, I know it's a long way off...but not really. less than 20 weeks...yikes. I keep having dreams that David delivers the bebe...I think he'd be good at it but then again...he's not so sure. scarred for life, he says. I'm starting some yoga to get a head start on my make it my friend during the contraction time.

Why did I choose homebirth again? because the good so totally outweighs the painful, scary stuff.

MH had a great pep talk with me today...gave me some good hints on how to get thru the rest of winter and assured me that I am NOT alone. It really HAS been a difficult winter and on top of that, a difficult winter to be pregnant. ahhh, validation. Heard Little Jack the Bear's heart beat, had good blood pressure, and I'm not swelling yet. yah for me.

I love to eat because it really sets this guy off...he gets really punchy...can't wait to meet him.

On that note, my omelet is ready so I'm outta here...hope this finds you enjoying these (hopefully) last frigid days of February...they say a warm up is on it's way....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wish I was here...

isn't this glorious?

in all honesty, I'm glad I'm here (in Indy) but...isn't this inviting? I'm thinking we need a getaway to some place sunny, warmer, and beachy. I know. that's pushin' it...but....

I think it is because 1.) I'm pregnant...and 2.) this has been an unusually harsh winter in the midwest. I actually can't remember a more painful winter. I think it was 2003, but that was mostly just SNOW...this icy, gray/white terrain is really just not right. I am NOT an eskimo.

I'm done now...thanks for letting me vent.

On a brighter note, the SUN (aka big glowing orb in the sky that has been virtually MIA since November) made an appearance today and boy, is he fantastic. Even though I feel like doo-doo, having some Vitamin D infusion has been spectacular. And I hear that, even though we are in a deep freeze right now, till Friday....our weekend is looking to be quite balmy, 35 Sat, 40 something on Sunday and up. You realize, of course, that this is practically laying out in the sun weather for me?? I. Can't. WAIT!

sorry, I got off on the weather again.

The fam and I enjoyed two nights away at our favorite hotel, The Drury Inn and Suites. Thanks to my ever thoughtful hubby, Daveyboy, for being quite considerate of my mid-wintery blah. I love you, honey. thank you for putting up with my less than stellar moods lately. which reminds me, when we played Apples to Apples Saturday night, the first word(s) that we were supposed to play was fat & happy. Melanie thought it'd be fun to put down her card that said "My Mother". David said "Your mother is NOT happy".

on that note, Mel and I are heading to the YMCA tonight...looking into some prenatal swimming classes and maybe get some lead out...I surely do hope that this finds you doing well on this gorgeous, though frigid, winter day. Tory, I hope your tooth extraction went well and that the pic of Molly Tape face helped to calm you. Shellee, I hope this finds you enjoying these last few months of your pregnancy...praying for you, my friends and relatives.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Icy Thursday to Ye.

This picture is helping me focus today. this was last July 4th...and I'm hoping all of our icy, icy snow leaves very soon. I miss green, blue, beautiful sunsets, sitting out on our porch, crickets, even citronella candles...

This picture is also helping me focus...why? I don't know...because she's funny and a cute little person to spend my days with.

Tuesday, we got lotsa ice...we even lost power for one hour. gasp! yes, one hour. and thankfully, we were asleep for most of it. Nothing sweeter than the sound of your power and furnace coming back on. it was such an eerie night...lights flickering, transformers blowing, blue skies, spooked children.

As we lay in our new bedroom, all 5 of our kids were above us in the boys' new room, singing praise songs and other little ditties. it was a sweet moment until a few minutes later, singing ceased, Ethan was talking non-stop (we could tell it was him because his voice is changing and it's becoming very deep annnnd, he never shuts up) and David yelled "Shut UP"....

How's that for a mood spoiler? as if the kids weren't freaked out anyways...I kindly told him that might have been a little scary for them, way to ruin the STORM OF 2011 ambience that was flowing around, ya know? He felt bad then (good boy) and asked me if he should tell them they could talk...No, it's done now, you ruined it. Way to go, Pa Ingalls. just go to sleep. :) it was a funny moment. It's also quite funny to us that I'm the melancholy one right now and he's the cheered up, c'mon, we can do it one, lately.

Ya know, I might have a slight case of the mid-winter blues still going on...I will say this though, as I sit here at my computer, the SUN IS SHINING and it's quite gorgeous, making all the ice on the trees sparkle like diamonds. it's a little gift from the Lord, to remind me to cherish this day hunkered down with my amazing kids...I think I can, I think I can....I think I will. and yes, I got all that from a sunrise.

I certainly hope that your Thursday is a grand one...