Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Levi collage

Here is a collage of Tiny that hangs on our living room wall!
I will get some pix of Levi scanned into my computer and put them up here!! Funny kid!

Happy Birthday, Levi!!

Dec. 2002...just over one month
Levi's visit to new cousin, Piper - 2004
1.5 years
I will definitely have to dig out some pix of Levi...I have scrapbooked a lot of his pix so it may be difficult.
Five years ago right now, I was hating life...Levi was born very quickly at 1:00 p.m. October 31, 2002. He weighed 7 pounds, 3 ounces and was my smallest baby...
The poor kid struggled from the get go...the midwife discovered a "hairy tuft" at the base of his spine, which can indicate spina bifida...that "diagnoses" can wreak havoc on a newly birthed we got him checked out asap to make sure it was closed. Yes, and amen, it was! Then he became catatonic when his pediatrician administered the numbing agent for his cirumcision 8 days he feared he may have a "heart issue"...come to find out our poor little guy simply had a baaaaaaaad reaction to the pain relief and who wouldn't down there? But ya know what? through all of his little hardships, Levi has chugged along and is an amazing little guy to have around.
We are glad to have you in our family, Levi Taylor! You are one spunky, incredible, tender hearted little dude! Happy Birthday Young man!

I'm still here

Well, shoot, I've been trying to blog since yesterday and the darn blogger somehow can't complete my I will keep trying!

Today is sweet Levi's 5th birthday...can't believe my boy is FIVE!! I need to get some pix on here of him as well but read the first paragraph.

The harvest party went very well...we had 53 people here!! I didn't take very many pix, as it is rather chaotic around here at that moment...I didn't even get a pic of me as a goth...or any of my kids. David is the only one I got a pic of (of which I've been trying to upload for the past hour but to no avail). I will try to get some pix of the kids at their WRHE All Saint's Day enrichment activity tomorrow. The kids are supposed to "dress" up as person who has died "in the faith"...martyred, missionaries, whatever...the boys are going to be two of the missionaries that were killed by the Waorani indians in Ecuador...Jim Elliot and Nate Saint...they are supposed to have 5 clues so people can see if they can guess who they are portraying...Mel may be Corrie Ten Boom or Amy Carmichael but I need to investigate it a bit more. If you have any good ideas out there in cyberspace, let me know...they can also be Bible Characters so we will check it out! Will put on a white t-shirt, ball cap and khaki pants and looked a lot like what I would have imagined one of those missionary guys to look like. except they would have been clean cut. ha, he isn't.

Ok, I will try the pix again in a bit...sorry for the inconvenience. hope you all are doing exceptionally.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to our Dads!!

Carl F. Y.
James R. G.
Whatta couple of nice looking dads we both have...and isn't it funny that they celebrate their birthdays within one day of each other...David's dad is one year older than my dad so they are the same age for one day. ha. funny. man, I'm deep. October 25th and 26th.
Here's to you, Carl and Jim...thanks for being so dependable, and for taking such good care of us.
Happy Birthday Dad G. and Dad Y.!

My "baby daddy"...

I love these peeps.
Look at those matching faces....

Molly's face is obviously a bit more girly to say the least...but she looks so much like a girl David. Awww, David, you would've been a pretty girl.
Not much new and exciting here...My dad turned 60 yesterday and David's dad turns 61 today...Happy Birthday Dad G. and Dad Y. Tomorrow night is the much anticipated Harvest Party...well, much anticipated in my kids minds anyway...I've waited until the last minute to get things done, as usual. Also, under all the stress of daily living, I have managed to sprout a nice sized pimple right next to my of those ones that you can feel under your skin, just how large it truly is and every time I itch my eye, I bump, it smarts!! dang the sensitive skin! (aren't you glad to know this??)
My hope is to take pix of all of our guests tomorrow night and post them on should be rather fun and exciting. Nerve-wracking and non-stop. I won't get a chance to sit and talk with anyone in particular...being the hostess and I apologize ahead of time.
Well, I'm off to prepare for this crazy day...hope this finds all of you loyal blog friends doing well! see ya real soon!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Downtown Canal Dec. 06

not such a great picture...
Mr. E. walking along the canal
David and Duncan piggy backin'
Levi and Charlie...troublemakers! :)
You might not be able to tell what the canal is like exactly by looking at these pictures but they bring up warm memories for me...last Dec. when my bro and his family were in town, we bundled up all of our kids (Beck and Pipes included) and took a brisk, fun-filled walk. It's like a different world down there. Andy was paranoid that one of his kids was going to end up in the canal, which is some pretty gross water but not deep at all. He was like a nervous mother hen...Phebe and Piper were in the wagon, trying to stay warm. Duncan got a piggy back ride from his Uncle David and Levi and Charlie caused trouble wherever they went. I am on a quest to get some good canal pix now.

~Up next, Halloween from years past...and week of Levi, who turns the big F-I-V-E next Wednesday (Oct. 31). I can't believe that child is going to be five. I keep telling him that five year old kids can't poo or pee on the Dora potty anymore but he is NOT convinced. I will be toting that thing around for EVER! Good night, or shall I say good morning? It's almost 4 a.m. and I am still up. yikes.

More from the weekend

yes, this is Ethan...he was kinda far from me but action all the same
My omelet king...working his magic
David makes a mean omelet!!
Here is the one he made for me, with tomatoes & I got to use Mel's plate
This is actually from last weekend but how cute is she?
So I had a few more pix that I wanted to post! I know it seems I really do have too much time on my hands. But I don't. This is my stress relief. Therapy if you will.
We had a really busy but nice weekend. Yesterday, we went to the church service at Life Point...David and the big boys went to help Jeff move into his house and I went home to clean. Yah! It was such perfect weather for walking the canal downtown so we planned to do that later on in the evening. Before we left, we all ate some steel cut mmm good. no. and I think all they did was make us even hungrier when we were out walking (3 miles, mind you). The canal is beautiful. I will have to post some pix of it on here...I will check my archives and see if there are any pix you might like. Anyways, David blessed us all with an omelet when we got home. They are sooooooo scrumptious! Lots of tomatoes, cheese, and hashbrowns in 'em. Love' em, love 'em, love 'em.
Ok, I'm outta here...hope this finds you well.
p.s. I just realized that I didn't post any pix of Melanie...we still love her...she just never combs her hair so I'm not taking anymore pix of her. just kiddin. about not taking anymore pix of her. but she really doesn't comb her hair often.

Weekend Update...

check out the fall colors at our house...
when the kids ask for your camera, don't tell them
where it is...this is what they are doing....poor baby.

Soccer highlights from the boys' last game...Will in black...
Uncle Tom had Molly up in the air...whatta backdrop!
Ever the multi-tasker, he then places Levi on his shoulders!

Good Tuesday morning...I know you all are just dying to know what we did this weekend. It's ok, I'll tell you...first pic is the view from our can see the ongoing porch project as well as the pool project...we got the pool all closed up (mostly)...dismantled for a repair job David needs to do next spring. Kinda sad to think that summer is over. not really. but the swimming pool was a lifesaver this year. So glad that fall is here and you can see some of the spectacular colors we get down here, with all of our trees. Picture #2 is poor Miss Molly getting her face smooshed by her loving brother, E. As I scrolled thru my pix later on, I realized why he had wanted my camera earlier that day.

Pic #3 is Will at his last soccer game...he is pretty aggressive on the field (those of you who know him may find that surprising)...and I had taken NO pics this fall so here's a nice action shot for y'all. Pic #4 is at the game, priceless beauty. couldn't ask for a better back drop on your picture. It was a glorious day...fall finally showed up and thank you. Pic #5 is another priceless shot of Levi on Tom's shoulders. Levi loves his Uncle Tom..Tom is very patient and good with L. Thank you Tom for being such a good uncle.

I have more pix to post...but this thing will only allow me to post 5 at a time so I'll be back with more.

Think of me and pray for me this week, as we prepare for our annual harvest party. There is a lot to do...but it's soooooooooo much fun and so worth it. Wish you out-of-staters could be with us.

Have a lovely day. :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

There's a teenager amongst us....

Partying with the homeschool pals!! E. blew out
Will's candles right after this...not cool, dude.

Superman....or so he thinks.
opening the Schleich animals w/ Uncle Tom...notice E. eating packing popcorn
The delicious Boyden's cake....yumm yumm..and smirky teen.
Will and 15 more Schleich animals for the collection...whale shark is nifty. Man, he looks grown up in this pic...ahhhhhhh.

Ok, so said teenager has been here for four days already but I'm just now getting his birthday party pix posted.
A small group of our fellow homeschoolers had a little party for him this past Wednesday...They all pitched in and got him the PC game Civilization III...he and E. have really enjoyed it. so much so that they (more specifically E) have not wanted to do anything else. That will change. It was a nice party and I've already reminded Sir Will that he has thank you cards to write.
Last night, we had his family sister (who had outpatient surgery the very day before) was in attendance with her brood, as well as Mom, Dad and was a very nice party...lasagna (mom, yours is still the best there is), salad, bread, and BOYDEN'S cake...Will got a lot of nice clothes, the aforementioned 15 Schleich animals...Legos, and money. Thank you to our always make birthdays fun and special. I'll be on him to get those thank you cards done as well...he is 13 excuses.
So there it is...the week of Will is officially up, Week of Levi, who will be turning 5 on October 31. Also, our harvest party is coming up a week from today, so if I haven't emailed you an invite, I'm just a ditz and probably forgot so call me. Come one, Come all. just let me know. Those will be some fun pix....if I remember to take any.

Monday, October 15, 2007


~found a 12 yr old pic that was
closer to his birthday...Will as
Wilbur Wright in homeschool
play (March 2007)

2002 - big 8-year old
2003 - stooge for Harvest
party and big 9 yr old

nearly 10 in 2004
close to handsome dude
Ok, completion. I posted his school pic from this year one more time, just because there was a plan. I'm not exactly sure what happened to a picture that was closer to his 12th birthday. I know I have some, it's just a matter of looking them out. (addendum: found a pic that was a bit closer to his 12th b-day...sorry that it messed up my lovely order).

Tonight (10/15), the kids and I drove up to Riley Hospital to visit David at his job. On the way home, I heard the Fleetwood Mac song, "Landslide"... (I could be a bit off on these lyrics, forgive) "Well, I've been afraid of changing, cuz I built my life around you, time makes you bolder, even children get older, I'm getting older too..." and I got all verklempt, having a quiet, bittersweet moment to myself while driving. Will was silently sitting over in the passenger seat and all of a sudden, he said "Change this, it's going to make me cry..." He is such a sweet young man...he has a picture perfect memory. I know he will remember that moment in time. I will too. at least till the Alzheimer's sets in from using aluminum-filled deodarant. That is a post for another day. Hug your kids. They grow up too fast. I just can't believe our son is 13! Mom and Dad, your first grandchild is a teenager...a big 13-year old. So at 7:34 p.m., 10/16/07, think of Will. He's an old, old boy. welp, time to go shave his moustache. see ya guys.

Good night to one and all. And good day.


nearly Four
The Big Five
Six...standing in our future house...
Happy Day of your birth, ol' boy! Will, Wilson, Wilbur, name is just Will though) hope your day is trouble-free...Will gets to go to the orthodonist to have his fake tooth put back in his braces, then home to help us work on the new porch, making it accessible for the winter (but by no means "finished")...then we get to work on our daily chores and school when David leaves for work...if we don't have their party on their actual birthday, we usually have cupcakes or a lighted candy bar and try to sing to the kid at the time of their birth (unless you are Melanie and were born at 4:06 a.m.)...We may have some creamy crockpot chicken for his birthday...and see if my family wants to eat with us...or we may not. Also, if any of you have any good, original suggestions on what to buy these adolescent people, I'm all ears...they are so in between toys and clothes. so, we will have to figure out what we are going to do for him for this birthday.
Ok, well, I'm off to prepare my next post...the rest of the pix from the Days of Will's Life. G'night!!

This is us anyway.

Ok, here it is...pretty funny huh? he's such a pretty boy. David and I figured out that he (D) and I look a lot alike. profound Monday morning discoveries...Will has David's nose, mouth and my eyes...I have way too much time on my hands apparently.

Happy Birthday, big guy. gotta run, time for Bible and prayer with daddio.

Mr. Big Stuff

One month old
couple of weeks old...out of order here...
two months....classic Will
16 mos. old, checking out his new bro...
2 years, with such a classically
eternally happy face...
Will, you are such a doll. even still, with all of your facial hair, stinkin' pits and acne (yes, I'm a nice mother, not so much, but I keep it real. Keepin' it real)...You smile and I can still see this little happy, active fella. I just can't get my head around the fact that you aren't 3 anymore. Where in the heck did this time go? I will say one thing that is true and sure, we definitely grew up together and you are leaps and bounds more mature than I am.
Someone told me just this past Sat. that they could see me in Will's facial structure...I had found my 7th grade school pic and it was strange to see young Will in my face. I will see if I can post it. I don't know how to move pix around within each post...can anyone help me?? Then y'all can laff at me and tell me you like my big white necklace and earrings, as well as my messed up hair...which was disheartening for me at that time.
Ok, I will try it...maybe in another post. I think it's his hair that makes him look more like me.
Hope y'all are having a splendid day! PEACE!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week of Will....

three weeks before delivering firstborn
Hello Will Franklin...
Couldn't believe that big ol' grey
baby had been inside of me. don't
think that idea ever really sinks in!

David was wigged out by W's large conehead...I'm wigged out by his haircut...:)

David and his Mini-Me...

This post is for you, Will. Thirteen years ago this Tuesday, Will Franklin was born. I was nearly 22 at the time and we decided homebirth was for glad we made that decision. Such an incredible experience. And it still amazes me that the Lord brought me through it to live another day. At the time, you sure don't feel like you are going to make it. You really have no idea what to expect...what an experience. whew.

He was born at 7:34 p.m. on a Sunday evening. He weighed 8 lbs. 11 oz. and was 21 and 1/4 inches long. My first thought when he came out was "wow, he really looks like his father". David's first thought (and I think he slept thru this part in our childbirth class) was "What's wrong with his head????" and then you just sit there in amazement upon meeting that new person that was inside, kicking and banging around for so long. I wish you could bottle those first feelings up. Those first foggy days, when you wonder how you will keep yourself alive, let alone a totally dependent little pooper. We were left alone that first night and I remember thinking it's just you and me kid...what was I supposed to do with this kid again?? while David snoozed peacefully next to me...awww man. those were the days (told ya I'd get all nostalgic)

He was so bright and beautiful! Mary Ann, our midwife, missed the actual delivery, but her apprentice, Elizabeth, caught Will. Plopped him right out there on our bedroom floor. Cool, huh?? I wish I wasn't so scared of childbirth now because I would totally love to keep on going. and dang those kids for being so expensive and mouthy. :)

I have a pic from each of the year's of Mr. Will's life and will post more Mon. and Tues. Hip Hip Hooray for you Will. You are a blessing of a son and your Dad, family and I are so thankful to have you in our lives. It's so neat to imagine what the Lord has for your life. My firstborn boy...Luke 2:23-As it is written in the law of the Lord, Every male that openeth the womb shall be called holy to the Lord;...a rather neat verse in the Bible that we stumbled now Will refers to himself, jokingly of course, as the holy son. ha ha. he's funny too!

Hope you all are doing well. I should've gotten pix of Will, E. and I cleaning out the pool today. We had let it sit for a bit and it had gotten pretty nasty and looks much better. now I smell strongly of bleach and pond. ready for take down so D. can make a few repairs. Otherwise, quiet days. I'll be back on tomorrow! G'night all!