Saturday, November 22, 2008

Slow down Saturday...

when one has a runny nose, one must take at least one bath a day, if not two. one's hair gets gunky and crunchy...and we can't have that!

please take my picture and put it on your bloooooog.

Lemme see here, I know this stuff is off limits but watch my new mad climbing skills...and check out my nifty calf muscles...there are some perks to being put on the elliptical at age one! too bad I can't see a darned hair is stuck in my snot. nice.

this telephone is HOT! (Levi, talking to his Pa)

these last two pix are of our friend, Jennifer. She is going to make the trek down to our place we can visit, eat some creamy crockpot delight, and work on some cards...

circa 2001...

Happy Saturday to you! Hope you are able to accomplish great things in and around your abode...I know we are. cleaning gunk outta here and there, hither and yon like you would NOT believe. amazing how we can "think" we are clean and then see that we really aren't. mostly. David would like to think we are so we will just keep letting him. don't wanna burst his bubble.
both levels are getting it today. I've Christmas decorating to do in the next few days and it doesn't work well with my psyche to do so in grime and clutter.
Otherwise, Melanie gets to go to her cool friends' house, Annie and Sarah...she is most definitely one excited young lady...I will be "carding, chatting and drinking joe" with Jen and David may take the 3 boys to do something tonight.
the vacuum and mop are calling my name...must run...hope your weekend brings rest, exhilaration, a wonderful time of worship, and warmth! God Bless you today!


Tory said...

Very cool! So, I found where Ms. Moo is the bathtub! You have encouraged me to work on cards, too. Of course, working on cards is a fabulous way for me to feel like I have accomplished something while avoiding the real work. hahaha...So, what is the creamy crockpot delight? Just sounds good. I was trying to make dried lima beans in my crockpot, but I had to break down and put it on the stove top because the crockpot doesn't seem to work well with dried beans (yes, I did soak them overnight), go figure.

Love ya, cuz. Hope you get muy cards made. Oh, and I loooooveee Levi's pictures on the bloooooog!


Mary said...

Laurie, I love it here.

Your kids are lovely and sweet. Molly's snot and muscular legs made me laugh out loud.

First I listened to Smile by Nat King Cole but then switched to Marvin Gaye - two of my all-time faves, Mercy Mercy Me and What's Going On. You are not old enough to know these, are you?????


Laurie and company said...

Thanks, Mary...glad you stopped by. Molly is a hoot, that is for sure! How are you feeling? I am going to be 36 in less than one month (OMGolly)...but I have always been drawn to those Motowny songs (blame that on growin up near Detroit)...but it's funny how so many years later, these songs are still so applicable!

No one could or will sing better than Nat King Cole. Whaddya think?

Ohhh Tory, you must learn of the creamy crockpot delight, aka Creamy Crockpot Chicken...I will have to send you the recipe but it'd be more fun to eat it as a family! come on ova!

I will be sure to tell Levi that you love his bloooog pictures.

hugs to y'all! thanks for visiting!

my wv is swunks...well go figure!

VELVET said...

i love molly in her little onesies!! sorry she is sniffly, but she is still sooo cute!
ps - my word verification is 'hyper'! just like me :)

Laurie and company said...

man, blogger is really stretching it to give us such out there word verifs...and it's quite funny that you got hyper. I do remember you being very lively...and that's a good memory and trait! HYPER rocks!
thanks for your nice Molly words..I need all i can get on her these days for she challenges me so very much. I tell her she's blessed to be cute because I am not so tempted to "hurt" her...:)