Thursday, August 18, 2016

A little summa-time updating

so these kids are in the midst of setting up a crib together. Aren't they cute?? They get married in 30 days.

Greenwood Freedom Fest friends...June 24, 2016

We had no clue what we were in for...but we love adventure!

Scott, Andy and Beck..Jinger was here somewhere too.

'twas simply a lovely day

My hubby with Nora and Molly.

Tom and Levi...buddies for life!

These bus pics were taken on the ride back up the road, after a full day out in the sun, in dirty river water. But we had such a blast. I'd recommend this adventure to mostly anyone.

Ok, so the pictures loaded out of order again and I'm too lazy to put them in the right order...Shoes were highly recommended in this river...I don't even know the name of the river we traveled down...but I did hear banjos.

Mel found a little butterfly friend.
Handsome Duncan, who got really sunburned on this outing

Charlie, contemplating life and handsomeness.

Phebe, Sylvia and Molly and Jinger's hand....the rest of our gang had to wait for the next bus. 

Piper and Levi, dolls.

Mel and Nora, beauties
The ride back to Indy was quiet...everyone crashed pretty quickly. aww.
So things and activities are picking up around 30 short days, as posted above, our firstborn child, Will Franklin Young, will marry Joylily B. I don't know if any of us realize how much work is at hand but the pressure is a good way. The kids sat here and planned some honeymoon adventures this evening while I gathered paper for coffee bar stars and pretended not to be melancholy about it all. We are honestly so excited for this and Joy couldn't be a more precious addition to our family (and not just because her name is Joy, you know??) 

The above pics are just some tidbits from June and July...I've got so much updating to do but for now, I'll give you a small list of what's happening. Hopefully, I'll be able to catch up on my dear blog over the next few months....

~David is working on a porch project that we've been putting off for about 5 years. We paid someone good money to tie in some soffits and roofing and it was never done properly so he's taking that on this week, with work being slow. Most of his work is head work, phone work so he's enjoying the challenge of carpentry again! Pics soon, I hope!

~Ethan is working lots up at Purdue University! The best kinda college education, if you ask me....He's doing our coating system on some restrooms/locker rooms at the Rec Center there. He is such a good guy. As I posted on FB and Instagram, he got me flowers last night. Refer to Relient K song "Marigold". love that dear guy. He's looking forward to being one of two of Will's best men.

~Will is obviously still song writing and leading worship when he can. He actually got to be a part of the worship team at our church last weekend, and it was otherworldly. The song he sang is called "Clear the Stage". YouTube it. We are thankful that he, Mel and Joy are able to partake in worship leading and thankful that our new worship pastor, Paul, has allowed that. Woo-eeeee! In other news, you know, Will will be marrying Joy in 30 days. what?

~Melanie is loving being a graduate...she's been working more with YFF and enjoys getting a paycheck. Her ability to lead in worship knocks my socks off and I love her close walk with the Lord. She inspires and encourages me daily. Super proud of her 50 lb (to date) weight loss too. More pics to follow, for sure.

~Levi, oh Levi. You know how they say, occasionally, you may have a kid that has a lot of your traits and sins? Welp, this is my kid. The issues and struggles I face are the same ones that Levi faces and I am praying daily and fighting the fight to help him overcome his weaknesses before he leaves our house. It is NO easy feat and I covet your prayers. On top of that, he will be having spine surgery in October. We postponed it because our MAT guy, Rich, wants to work on Levi's weak right hip before the surgery. Please pray for this guy...he faces so many challenges and I pray he makes it through. His surgery is scheduled for Oct 17. Levi is also one of Will's groomsmen, Junior G-man I suppose it's called??

~Molly is zesty. Y'all know this. She gets zestier by the day. She LOVES Twenty One Pilots music. She still won't sleep in her room (so we let Joy use it when she spends the night), and she still struggles with choosing joy when it comes to schooling. Shoot, both of my youngest kids do...Moo is excited to be the flower dame at the upcoming wedding. 

~David's lawsuit ended at the end of June. Praise the Lord.
~We've lost a handful of chickens this summer. We've extinguished a few raccoons. (who knew they would kill chickens???)
~I'm four pounds away from my goal weight with Ideal Health/Protein. Thankful to the Lord for this amazing program. 

Ok, Molly and I need to go treat the pool water but hopefully this update will keep you until the next one....

Until then...good-bye!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

This funny gal

In less than two weeks, we will be hosting Mel's graduation open house! I'm a nostalgic gal...hard not to get wrapped up in the nostalgia, every single day of my cotton pickin' life, ya know?

Going thru this girl's scrapbooks and oodles and oodles of pics makes me misty-eyed and sentimental.

She was always such a little momma to me and anyone that she came in contact with. She's very observant to other's needs and comfort. She holds us accountable and is held accountable. She's downright hilarious too and now that she's an adult (gasp! what?), I can safely say that she's probably one of my dearest friends. She is working more for our family company and plans to begin the certification process to become a doula. I personally feel she'd be a magnificent midwife or nurse but she says NO.


I know, ultimately, she wants to get married and have children. But she's in no (real) rush and I believe that most guys are scared of us...I mean, look at her two big brothers....nuff said.

So, if you're reading this and you know Mel at all, and you want to join us on Saturday, July 16, 2016 for a graduation celebration, we'd love to see you! From 3-6 pm...lotsa nostalgia, dessert, sub sammiches and riveting fellowship.

Love you much, Melanie are one of my favoritest people EVER!

We share this as a standard good-bye

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Fuller House and stuff

I feel the need to blog about this...for some reason.

I'm going about a very much needed day in my home...a day where my first three kids are hanging out in Orange Beach with their friends and Grandparents...

A day where my hubby is on a job at a local church, doing what he loves...and after the desk stuff we both endured yesterday, I'm super thankful for this little break.

I watched episode 3 of Fuller House on Netflix last night. Bugged the crap out of me....I can't get over what a sellout Candace Cameron Bure seems to be. I will admit, I was a little excited to see that there may possibly be a family friendly show on Netflix...we don't watch much TV at all but we like to find a clean series and watch it occasionally.

We will not be watching this. It is far from clean and the innuendos are more than I can take. It is pure cheese and skank. Maybe the original series was the same way and I just don't remember...I'm sure there were innuendos on that too....


People ask us how we raised such nice, thoughtful kids...I can tell you one thing is is NOT because we let them sit and watch TV. (e.g. I'm not saying, at all, that we didn't make mistakes and still will make mistakes or never watched the Simpsons, because we did. But when we stopped watching it, we told our kids WHY we weren't watching it anymore!) Limited television time was just one of the things we did to point our kids to Christ and invest in the short time we have with them.

We did the thing where you let the TV babysit your kids...I still do occasionally, let them watch a stupid Liv & Maddie episode or 4...sometimes. (that show has remained family friendly)

The Busy Mom on Facebook posted an article last week or so about how, if the kids can't watch, what are we doing watching it, as parents or adults? That is such a double standard.

If my kids can't watch Deadpool or Moulin Rouge, what the heck am I doing watching it?

So, I just wanted to share these thoughts with you...let me encourage you as a parent, grandparent, believer in Christ or not a believer in Christ, young man or woman...

Movies I watched as a child at "harmless" slumber parties are still with me to this day.
Just seems so wrong. I'm in no way "judging" you if you do watch this kind of stuff...I hope you know that...I just urge you to choose wisely.

And to you, Candace Bure....I am super sorry you feel it's ok to be a part of this. I had higher hopes in you...which just reminds me that you are a human, chock full of free will and you must stand before the Lord for this ninny crap...and that my hope is not in man but in Christ. It's just been somewhat encouraging to see her stand for Christ in the midst of the Ravens, the Whoopi's, the Joy Behars of the word....

ok. have a happy Thursday....

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Has it really been that long?

Joan and Jim, lookin' all dapper n such

My brother, Tommy, with all of his nieces and nephews

Christmas Day photo shenanigans. Charlie makes the best goofy faces. Love that guy!

Will and E

My parents entire set of offspring and such

So, this is the pic that I used on our New Year's card, which, if you normally get one from us, it IS coming. I'm just frozen, so getting them licked and stamped, sent and all that has proven to be very challenging for me this year. I apologize. They are coming...envelopes are even addressed. sheesh.

My brother, Andy, and his adorable brood of kiddos

My sis, Becky, her hubby Scott and their beautiful daughters.

The 2nd annual Parents take all of their kids/grandkids to Vito Provolone's restaurant. Good memories made here!
This was the night before they headed back to Gulf Shores (joiks)

Andy and Pheebs

Pops and Mom again...they had just gotten the bill....oy!

honestly, the night wouldn't be complete without a ridiculous selfie of Beck and I.  We're dumb.

This was New Year's Eve...What a fun night that was!

At our parties, we line it up for you to get a head massage.  You should come! We are having a Kung Fu Panda Party honor of next week's release of KFP 3.

And last but not least, these were my nine most liked pictures on Instagram. aww. 

I can't believe how fast time flies....and how much I DON'T BLOG anymore. so sad....

So many fun updates on the I'll just go ahead and number them all so I don't forget...

1.)  David, Molly, Levi and I are heading down to Gulf Shores to spend some time at the beach with my parents soon....We would've been there already but....Young Final Finish got a pretty good sized job at St. Francis Hospital, for which we PRAISE THE LORD, because we were at an impasse in the lawsuit, getting paid ourselves and upcoming bills....such a cool answer to prayer and I continue to be amazed at how the Lord not only keeps us hopping but how much it draws us, as a family and individually, closer to HIM. Thank You, Lord Jesus.

2.)  Don't be surprised if we add a new member to our family this is not a pregnancy announcement (whew...even typing that freaked me right out!!)...but my eldest son and his lil friend, Joy are moving forward to this big life event and any and all prayers in this direction are much appreciated...I know they covet your prayers. I'd pray also that David and I would know how to encourage and help them, as it isn't like it was even 22 years ago when we got married...people need to get back to the expenses are so much more expensive than they used to be...heck, going to the grocery store takes 95% of my monetary resources each week we want to encourage them to, of course, follow the Lord's lead, but allow us to help and encourage them. We are (secretly) excited and (more than a little bit) scared at this big change...thankful for their openness and how they allow us to be involved. It's really pretty cool and amazing. (by the way, David and I really just not old enough to be mother and father in law...)

Will also copyrighted his songs recently and that is a big, cool, very grown up situation. We love his desire to worship the Lord and share his gifts. Mel too but I'll get to her in a bit.

3.) E turns 20 in less than one month....We are having a party for him and the theme is Kung Fu Panda. His organization of how this goes and such has been pretty impressive, though when we talk about it, he tells me I'm vicious...what? then he changed it to "relentless"...

I like to think of it as "involved"...anyways...hope you can come...he is pretty excited about this upcoming right of passage in his life...MANHOOD!! Please pray for him...he is nervous about being a legit man. He's one of my favorite people!

4.) Melanie...on the last leg of her senior year, though she will definitely take a gap year (or two). I'm kinda blown away by the recording of her song that she wrote, plays piano on, sings.....where did these kids come from? The way that girl holds this old lady accountable is (hard but) cool!!
Mel's own song was copyrighted along with Will''s pretty magical to hear her sing and play the piano...she has a clear, deep voice and her passion for the Lord is very obvious. So thankful for her on so many levels.

5.) Levi and Molly...sorry to lump them together but I'm already at #5 so...they are plugging right along...Molly auditioned for Wizard of Oz and ended up being casted in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat...we are gonna go ahead and choose joy on this...thankful for the experience but....

Levi is doing really well with his bi weekly chiropractic care...he now has his own phone, with which he is reasonably responsible. He FaceTimes with his uncle Tom (a new iPhone user too) regularly! He continues to keep us on our toes...well, and Molly does too...they are at the stage where they bicker regularly. urgh.

6.) We continue on in the midst of a lawsuit...coming face to face with agreements that you've paid to protect you and then having to pay to enforce them, use them, get legal help is more than a little bit mind boggling but God has us here for a reason so our hope remains fixed on His plan. Prayers for David to remain fastidious!

Well, it's now 4 days later and I failed to post this. Loser.

Hope to have another update for you soon. God bless you!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

on the eve of forty-three

making stars while camping

love from the littlest lady

fear from the middle lady...that is, if you can even consider eldest female a lady....

on the cusp of 21

at the end of more babies for this gal

40 years ago...the beginning of my love of stripes in the wrong direction and turquoise

39 years ago...

can't imagine NOT spending the next 43 years with this guy...

or this guy....

and quite possibly a gaggle of these guys...

this dude and I. I love him...he's been my biggest challenge to mother but he's worth every single struggle.
I'm super nostalgic tonight....

I've been home ALLLLL day, first part working with David on YFF stuff in the conference room (our kitchen/living area)....then the rest was schooling and yelling at kids, making food to stock the fridge, replenishing homemade taco seasoning, making rice and taco meat, cleaning out the class/storage room, doing work for YFF in between, laundry, making bed, and I still have to work out tonight, read our Advent reading with whoever is home (not many tonight....all my older guys are out working)....and prepping for the day that I will turn FORTY-THREE.

I don't even like that's just weird. 43.

I can't even believe I'm going to be this weird age. me?

yeah....other people are 43...not me.

Just a little update of sorts...I'm finally starting my Christmas this weekend. Scary...I've been gathering some stuff along the way but the rubber meets the road here...I have one week.

I used to work better under pressure but as I age.....whew!!'s just not as much fun. The thrill is gone ya know???

I'd appreciate any warm thoughts pointed in my direction. thanks ahead of time.

Another task I seem to be taking on, rather ridiculously in the midst of Christmastime but not really, is cleaning out the storage room....I'd really like to 1.) throw mostly everything away that is in there and 2.) make it just a craft/class room. Is that so wrong? This is where good organizational skills come in. I can copy anyone's craft space but I just have so much stuff and not a lot of space or creativity/organizational abilities. Seems like a good winter project....that, and curtains in Molly's room.

two days later..........

ok, so I started this post on the eve of my 43rd bday.....and got side-tracked as usual...

and now I'm 43...weird.

We spent the day with Piper, Nora, and eventually Becky...then Mel, the younger kids and I went to see my friend Jen's new abode, helped her with a load of stuff then proceeded to the Circle of Lights in the midst of frigid temps but warm hearts and lotsa pics...that I'll have to "steal" from my brother and other's and share here with y'all on my loving blog!

Until then, stay warm and get your shopping done!