Wednesday, September 7, 2016

some highlights and current events....

A few weeks ago, we all ventured down to the Light festival on the canal in Indy. It was hotter than the blazes and there were 10 million people there. Mel was also spending the night with these lovelies. You're a gem, Melanie!

At the Beech Grove shop before hand. We met even more people downtown. Impressive crowd!

Singing Ohhhhh Happiness....Love this adorable, growing too quickly little niece of mine. Nora. 

Snapchat. Need I say more. Mel was snapping funny pics of me in various filters. sheesh.
Do I amuse you? Am I a clown to you?

Got my hair cut and darkened. Can't have the MOG looking all washed out....nope. I'm digging the sunflowers coming outta my head.

So glad I get to live on this earth with these people. So blessed. So emotional.

Lost the baby weight, finally, after 22 years, and now I'm "losing" my baby. So very thankful for this guy, his openness to the Lord and his good taste in girls. He and Joy have many wonderful and exciting years ahead of them. He was my first lil buddy. Miss you already....

The following pics were taken Sunday, 9.4.16 at David's parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary party. Pretty fantastic and quite a milestone. Thanking the Lord for their commitment to each other and to Him.
Beautiful bride

The venue was very unique and spacious! Harrison Park Golf House or something along those lines. Here we have Levi, Aunt Sherry and Uncle John.

The table of all of Carl and Judy's familial very cool!

Natalie is the one who put the whole 50th event together. She did an amazing job and it was all so beautiful and sentimental. Good work, kid! 

Joy and Willow

David represented Carl and Judy's first batch of kids (David, Matt, Amy and Aaron) with a speech. Nathan represented the second batch, though my pic didn't turn out. 

Aaron and Mack...Anna was close by (that's her arm). He is the cutest little thing!

The guestbook idea was fabulous. You get your tiny Instax pic taken and then you stick it on a  scrapbook page with sparkly washi tape and write your sentiments. Very personal, very cool, and Joy and Will will be implementing this same idea at their wedding so get your sentiments together and figure out your pose ahead of time! ;)

The gaggle of single kids..I still need to get a pic of Will and Joy's pic.

Will and Mel got to sing "Overtaken"
David and His former boss from back when I met him in 1992, Larry Whitman. What a couple of guys!!
Ten days, folks.

Just ten days. Will's already moving his stuff out...a natural progression but still bittersweet all the same. I am sincerely so excited for the upcoming festivities and the future of these two precious kids. So honored to have them in my life. Shoot, so honored to have 'em all in my life.

So, I feel like I'm dwelling on the past a little bit...I guess that's totally normal for the mom. I'm also trying to be very present, help when I can and keep my sanity with Levi and Molly (who live to aggravate me, it seems), keep the home fires burning and help out where I can with our family biz. But then I go upstairs to work on a flower girl basket or photo display and I see those baby faces, Joy's included (she was thee cutest little fuzz headed babe), and I crumble a little bit. Wasn't it just David and I planning our wedding, fighting our way thru and making our own family memories?? Just last month...I'm still only 22. Will's age to be. Joy's is this possible??

Ok, soak it up. savor the trying moments, soak up the sweet memories....they do fly by. That Jim Croce song is on repeat in my mind...If I could save time in a bottle, the first thing that I'd like to to save every day till eternity passes away, just to spend them with you. If I could make days last forever...if words could make wishes come true, I'd save every day like a treasure and then again, I would spend them with you...but there never seems to be enough time to do the things ya wanna do once you find 'em...I've looked around enough to know...that you're the one I wanna go thru time with....

such a poignant song. Kinda sad....Of course, we wouldn't want days to last forever..that'd get annoying....but I get his thoughts....and he's probably singing to a lady...not his kid...but the same principle applies....I love the people that I'm going thru time with. they ROCK! My kids, though typical at times, are some of the most amazing people that I know.

God is good.

He's just good.

and in 10 days, we get our JOY.

it's not lost on me.

He's in all the details, guys. our first "in-law" is named JOY. (yes, I know it's officially Joylily but follow me....) and if you've met her, you'd love her as much as we do. She's a beautiful and joyful addition to our group. On 9.17.16, I get my Joy kid.

shaking my head....

hope you are doing well....I'm going to go deal with my "little works in progress" and pray that they don't cause me to lose my sanity completely...

Hugs and love to all...
A picture of a picture....swell! David's Mom, Judy and Dad, Carl.

Mel and Willow, who is a total doll baby

thru the years!

Molly and Willow. Willow, apparently, is quite the photo accessory. I mean, Look at cute she is.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Three weeks from today....3.....weeks.

Oh just riding my horsey in my Winnie the Pooh (short) dress...not a care in the world.
Makes me wonder what kind of kid I was...I know where this pic was our dining room at 241 N. Anderson, Lake Orion, be a kid again...(this has nothing to do with this post, I just thought it was hilarious!)
Good rainy Saturday morning....

How are you?

doing well, I pray....

The rain is honestly so nice today. Especially because we actually might be able to chill out a bit today...not much, but some....I'll take it.

Somehow, over the course of yesterday, I managed to hurt my back. I do not know how but it's smack dab in the middle, radiating from my spine out, up by my ribs/lungs and it hurts to breathe. It should never hurt to breathe so I may die today, k?

Three weeks from today, Will and Joy will be married. We are all so excited!

It'd be fun to dissect how each member of this immediate group is handling this whole, new experience. Take the MOG (mother of the groom) for example...

She's been praying for this girl since the Groom was born. Maybe even before. (insert "Somewhere in the World" by Wayne Watson) That's a long time. The MOG is no spring chicken. So the adorable Bride comes along, sweeps us all off of our feet and we love her like our own (maybe a bit more, dunno ;) ) and they get exciting.

The reality of it all begins to sink 
beautiful it is and how exciting it is to imagine curly headed dark eyed 

grand-babes, and watching your kids experience the joy and travails that marriage brings.

But what it really means is that my first born son is ......

leaving our house, our home. Yeah, they'll be back for slumber parties and what not...but a new branch on our tree is springing forth....and Will will not be here all the time. :'( :'(

Such bittersweet moments for this MOG. I don't mean to make it about me either but since this is my blog and I can cry, rejoice, vent and what not here, I'm gonna do it. 

I am struggling with the aspect of Will not being here anymore. I'll get my living room back upstairs and I won't have to do his laundry anymore and make him coffee and and (insert "Watercolor Ponies" also by Wayne Watson. Songs I listened to when I met David and after...thinking of my future kids and such)

...We are passing the buck...why does it make me cry so? Isn't this what we raise them for? Yep...but it's still....hard. beautiful hard. I just needed to get these thoughts outta my fool head...Let it be known that David and I both are so excited for this transition coming to our family...we love Joy so much and all that good stuff...I just want the leaving part to be over cuz I know I'll be ok's just challenging.

Here's to you, my firstborn boy, the boy who made me a momma, the boy who was an only child for 16 months, the boy who has unfailingly held me accountable, showed me the strength of Christ, and hugged me when I was unhuggable, unloveable....I love you so much. I am honored to be your mom. Can't wait to see the adventure that the Lord takes you and Joy on...maybe let me come be a VIP, side stage at one of your shows, huh?
I dig you. You are a gift. 

So, there ya have blog may just become my best friend again here in the coming days...I feel that I can say more on here than on FB or Instagram. 

In other news, thanking the Lord for the opportunity to watch Him at work in each member of my family. From David all the way down to the smallest gal. We are such an unconventional family, it makes me giggle. Thankful for our fearless leader, who's only fearless because of the time spent in prayer, in God's Word and singing praise every chance he gets. To know David is to love him. He can come across aloof, intense, and occasionally clueless. but oh, the opposite is true. Please join me in praying for this guy...he faces challenges that normal people would run from. I thank my God for putting David into my life when He did...I always say that the Lord was taking such good care of me in August of 1992. That is the first time I can say I knew God was for me, not against me....(long story for another day, or not)....just want to put it out there, that I'm so glad I get to be that crazy man's wife.
Little blasts from the cool that I got to experience birthing my baby boy, on my bedroom floor, with that bearded wonder, David Young?? And then that baby? what an amazing baby to make me a momma. God's loving hands of mercy and comfort. Man alive....

Otherwise, all else is magnificent! I'll be back, promise!

Note: These pics are not in order or placed in this post for any other reason than, well, some of them have Will in them and I know my blog readers like picture books. Trying to keep the interest. Maybe, just maybe, someday, the pics will make sense again.
Thanks for letting me rattle on and weep and moan and stuff.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

A little summa-time updating

so these kids are in the midst of setting up a crib together. Aren't they cute?? They get married in 30 days.

Greenwood Freedom Fest friends...June 24, 2016

We had no clue what we were in for...but we love adventure!

Scott, Andy and Beck..Jinger was here somewhere too.

'twas simply a lovely day

My hubby with Nora and Molly.

Tom and Levi...buddies for life!

These bus pics were taken on the ride back up the road, after a full day out in the sun, in dirty river water. But we had such a blast. I'd recommend this adventure to mostly anyone.

Ok, so the pictures loaded out of order again and I'm too lazy to put them in the right order...Shoes were highly recommended in this river...I don't even know the name of the river we traveled down...but I did hear banjos.

Mel found a little butterfly friend.
Handsome Duncan, who got really sunburned on this outing

Charlie, contemplating life and handsomeness.

Phebe, Sylvia and Molly and Jinger's hand....the rest of our gang had to wait for the next bus. 

Piper and Levi, dolls.

Mel and Nora, beauties
The ride back to Indy was quiet...everyone crashed pretty quickly. aww.
So things and activities are picking up around 30 short days, as posted above, our firstborn child, Will Franklin Young, will marry Joylily B. I don't know if any of us realize how much work is at hand but the pressure is a good way. The kids sat here and planned some honeymoon adventures this evening while I gathered paper for coffee bar stars and pretended not to be melancholy about it all. We are honestly so excited for this and Joy couldn't be a more precious addition to our family (and not just because her name is Joy, you know??) 

The above pics are just some tidbits from June and July...I've got so much updating to do but for now, I'll give you a small list of what's happening. Hopefully, I'll be able to catch up on my dear blog over the next few months....

~David is working on a porch project that we've been putting off for about 5 years. We paid someone good money to tie in some soffits and roofing and it was never done properly so he's taking that on this week, with work being slow. Most of his work is head work, phone work so he's enjoying the challenge of carpentry again! Pics soon, I hope!

~Ethan is working lots up at Purdue University! The best kinda college education, if you ask me....He's doing our coating system on some restrooms/locker rooms at the Rec Center there. He is such a good guy. As I posted on FB and Instagram, he got me flowers last night. Refer to Relient K song "Marigold". love that dear guy. He's looking forward to being one of two of Will's best men.

~Will is obviously still song writing and leading worship when he can. He actually got to be a part of the worship team at our church last weekend, and it was otherworldly. The song he sang is called "Clear the Stage". YouTube it. We are thankful that he, Mel and Joy are able to partake in worship leading and thankful that our new worship pastor, Paul, has allowed that. Woo-eeeee! In other news, you know, Will will be marrying Joy in 30 days. what?

~Melanie is loving being a graduate...she's been working more with YFF and enjoys getting a paycheck. Her ability to lead in worship knocks my socks off and I love her close walk with the Lord. She inspires and encourages me daily. Super proud of her 50 lb (to date) weight loss too. More pics to follow, for sure.

~Levi, oh Levi. You know how they say, occasionally, you may have a kid that has a lot of your traits and sins? Welp, this is my kid. The issues and struggles I face are the same ones that Levi faces and I am praying daily and fighting the fight to help him overcome his weaknesses before he leaves our house. It is NO easy feat and I covet your prayers. On top of that, he will be having spine surgery in October. We postponed it because our MAT guy, Rich, wants to work on Levi's weak right hip before the surgery. Please pray for this guy...he faces so many challenges and I pray he makes it through. His surgery is scheduled for Oct 17. Levi is also one of Will's groomsmen, Junior G-man I suppose it's called??

~Molly is zesty. Y'all know this. She gets zestier by the day. She LOVES Twenty One Pilots music. She still won't sleep in her room (so we let Joy use it when she spends the night), and she still struggles with choosing joy when it comes to schooling. Shoot, both of my youngest kids do...Moo is excited to be the flower dame at the upcoming wedding. 

~David's lawsuit ended at the end of June. Praise the Lord.
~We've lost a handful of chickens this summer. We've extinguished a few raccoons. (who knew they would kill chickens???)
~I'm four pounds away from my goal weight with Ideal Health/Protein. Thankful to the Lord for this amazing program. 

Ok, Molly and I need to go treat the pool water but hopefully this update will keep you until the next one....

Until then...good-bye!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

This funny gal

In less than two weeks, we will be hosting Mel's graduation open house! I'm a nostalgic gal...hard not to get wrapped up in the nostalgia, every single day of my cotton pickin' life, ya know?

Going thru this girl's scrapbooks and oodles and oodles of pics makes me misty-eyed and sentimental.

She was always such a little momma to me and anyone that she came in contact with. She's very observant to other's needs and comfort. She holds us accountable and is held accountable. She's downright hilarious too and now that she's an adult (gasp! what?), I can safely say that she's probably one of my dearest friends. She is working more for our family company and plans to begin the certification process to become a doula. I personally feel she'd be a magnificent midwife or nurse but she says NO.


I know, ultimately, she wants to get married and have children. But she's in no (real) rush and I believe that most guys are scared of us...I mean, look at her two big brothers....nuff said.

So, if you're reading this and you know Mel at all, and you want to join us on Saturday, July 16, 2016 for a graduation celebration, we'd love to see you! From 3-6 pm...lotsa nostalgia, dessert, sub sammiches and riveting fellowship.

Love you much, Melanie are one of my favoritest people EVER!

We share this as a standard good-bye