Sunday, November 9, 2008

bone tired

this is my big bro, taking a siesta in Vietnam last year...

I don't know this kid but she's tired. really tired.

this is how we all feel tonight.
I had more pix to post but I'm. too. tired.
we raked for 4 hours this afternoon.
we aren't even done yet. not even close. (we have lots of trees).
we even cut down a tree today. Just call David Paul Bunyan.
I was too tired to even take pix.
Maybe tomorrow. Cuz we'll be right back at it.
hope you had a marvelous weekend.
Sleep in heavenly peace.


Tory said...

Clever post. That's what hard labor will get you, but it also makes the sleep so much more invigorating. Your David sounds a lot like my I said before, it must be in the name. Dad loves to work with his chainsaw and power tools.
Anyway, I hope you get some well needed rest.

Love, t

wv: interestingly was "boxersan" he wears boxers an' briefs depending on the situation. ;)

Tory said...

Cute picture of Miss Moo. She looks like the Gerber baby in a high profile picture shoot. Very cute! ;) The anonymous commenter on my blog (I think mom) likes the picture but misses the one of you and D. That's how I knew to look.

Anonymous said...

HA HA!!! Love this post. Glad you had a lovely weekend. Sorry i didn't catch up with you at all yesterday. My neck seemed to be worse yesterday than before. Hope all is well! xoxo

Laurie and company said...

B. you have been in my thoughts and prayers...hope your neck is way better this day! I FEEEEEL your pain...o do I!

love you all!

Laurie and company said...

durp...I hit the publish before I was done...

Tory, it MUST be the name David. does he drive your mom batty with that stuff? let's rake, whope, let's cut..... down....a.....tree? wha?? ok...we are so adaptable!

need to get a good pic of D. and I for my profile...but I don't think that's possible!

happy Monday girls