Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Birthday to one of the nicest fellas around

though a cool picture, this expression is odd.

just no words will adequately describe what this does to my heart.

This was that time in the autumn of 2011 when I just let them do things like this.

such a cute kid

back when they were "friends". I am blessed with exceptionally adorable kids.

I just can't even believe he's so grown up.

these pictures remind me of my hypervigilance in the days following Tiny's birth.
The first scare was spina bifida occulta. False alarm but still. I remember when the midwife spoke her concerns, I just came unglued.  Thankfully, he only had the hairy tuft at the base of his spine and NOT the spina bifida. Then, he had the whole circumcision/heart scare, which was only Levi responding poorly to anesthetic. Geez. He has been a barrel of fun since but I remember fondly, gazing at him and just wanting to protect him from everything (myself included).
And to think, he was my last living son.  (Beck, I see a bit of Nora in this pic)

such a pouty mouth
A little raggamuffin cutie pie

Umm, I'm just not sure I'm ready to be the big brother.

oh, I love baby boys in stripes and overalls, with little rolled up tongues. chubby legs. ohhh.

So, #4 is ELEVEN today. Levi Taylor Young wasn't due till November 7th. He had other plans...and still does to this day.

I can honestly say he was my easiest and fastest labor and delivery. Seven pounds and three ounces of mewing baby boy. He was somewhat lethargic when he came out but eventually got around to crying. He's always been a squeaker boy. Just really laid back and seemingly non-chalant. He is so tender, caring and friendly. Thoughtful, quiet, avoids working on school at almost all costs, and one of my favorite people.

Today, we've been home all day, anticipating supposed severe thunderstorms and such. We hadn't planned to trick or treat but it's been postponed. He asked for some very specific things on his day...

1.) Spaghetti with salad and garlic bread
2.) Balloons
3.) A movie, and we plan to go see Monsters University in the theatre one more time.
4.) Cake

And since we got him that snazzy bike at the beginning of the month, I'm all clear to NOT buy him anything else (though I did buckle and buy him a set of lights for his snazzy new wheels).

David is currently out of town in my hometown, staying with my awesome relatives (thanks Uncle Frank and Aunt Nan, for putting them up), so I'm guessing we will have to, get to celebrate once more when Father David arrives home safe and sound.

Until then, I'm outta here. Sorry for never getting around to updating the harvest party post...I may do that later on.

Peace out.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Harvest Party/Past week update of sorts...

Tom took the three bigs on a road trip to Springfield, IL to see all the Lincoln stuff. I'll blog about that later.

The above pix are pretty self explanatory but I'll be back to blog about 'em later...we just finished Harvest Party clean up and now we are out the door to help with dinner prep at the evening service.

Until then...enjoy!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Apple Works Delight

Even though I uploaded these in a particular order, they do NOT come out that way. grrr.
We experienced a local apple orchard last week, with some friends from our church. It's a lot like Waterman's...(see October's past)


still here

The pics above here are from our trip to New Buffalo/Lake Michigan in Sept. I may have blogged them but these were just so pretty....I had to again.
This is out of order....this was taken on Will's birthday bike Bloomington. 
E got his first degree brown belt at the end of Sept. We are pretty proud of his commitment to Karate.
He's even taking Japanese...He'll be able to come and visit you, Shellee!! 

spent a few minutes on the morning of International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day out at Jack's spot.  I read the Bible and sang some praises. I even crawled around on my knees cleaning his spot up a bit. 

The Wave of Light...I lit a candle for Jack and one for all the people I've met along this road.
Thanking the Lord for how his little life changed mine for the wayyy better.

This is the Boss. Will just so happens to share a birthday with Boss' Day. 

We took a bike ride through Bloomington IN

Mati and Mel

Will invited a group of his friends to come along. Duncan and Mati were the lucky participants! 

Most of the trails are like this but other parts are concrete. It was incredibly fun and slightly nerve-wracking.

the birthday guy works hard to keep balance.

sharpening my mad bike riding/selfie taking skills.

One of the stops along the way...Dunc wanted to touch the art work. Funny guy.
I feel like I should shut my blog down but there is SO much history that I just can't.

It's not that I've stopped documenting life, it's just that FB is so much easier to help me document it. That, and Instagram.

This week, the Harvest Party prep is under way...see the Instagram pic below.

Things are busy. Will, Ethan and Mel are heading out in the morning for a 2 night trip to Springfield, IL with Uncle Tom. They will be sightseeing and taking in some Abraham Lincoln history.

This is my motto right now. Heck, this is my motto all the time.

I can't believe it's that time of year again.
I'm just glad that I have a costume idea. not my fave, but a costume, nonetheless. I'm pretty excited about what Levi and Molly are going to be. Stay tuned for pix. I mean, they may not show up till November but they'll get here.
I am going to close....there's much to say and nothing...