Monday, June 28, 2010

Last few days of June...

I love to grow things. things that don't talk back. hee hee. :)

The kewl kats...this is on day one of filming "Blind Justice"...Can't wait for you all to see this!

Can't believe that we are closing in on June's end...not sure about you, but this year is flying by.

David started work with a local flooring company, all while keeping his own biz going. He got his crew of five back together so that is pretty exciting to him! Four ten hour days make for weekends off, so that has also been nice! I like to see the ol' boy slow down....

Kids are doing so well...Levi is swimming like a li'l fish...Molly fell in the pool last week (while she was out there with me) but I fished her out instantly. I think she will be a stunt woman when she grows up. Will, E and Mel are enjoying school work, exercise, youth group and swimming also! We are so thankful for the pool this summer...we've already swam in it more this year than all of last summer.

I'm enjoying our tomato plants, watching sunflowers, zinnias and other random things grow around our house...I love our house in the summertime! hear that, Ol' Man Winter? don't wanna see yer face 'round these parts any time soon...

Ok, time to run Will to guitar and soccer...hope your weekend was faboo and that you are gearing up for the holiday weekend to come...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Love that John Mayer song about said title....

and the Lord has truly blessed our family with two lovely, sweet daughters.

Monday, June 21, 2010

My favorite (and only) picture from Father's Day.

David's parents live in no-man's land.

That's cool by's peaceful and a pleasant place to visit.

Their drive way is about, ohhh, 2 miles long. no kiddin'.

When you round the second corner, you start down the actual drive to their cabin. I'll admit, when we lived there 16 years ago, it freaked me out.

THIS van is what greeted our 2nd corner rounding yesterday. I thought "OH, this is rich"

The boonies are really goin' down hill.

This was actually something that my bro in law Nathan was involved in. For someone's bachelor party..I never did hear the entire story but according to Katrina, when she and Matt were out at the Cabin a few weeks ago, there was actually a TREE stuck in the middle.

I really wish I could've seen THAT.

so there you have it. the ONLY picture I took on Father's Day.

You know you love it. and you know that, because of this high voltage entertainment, you will not be able to help stopping by Livin' the Good Life tomorrow.

Happy First Day of Summer 2010!!

These pix really have nothing to do with this post...

This is me, in a nutshell, lately. well, for the past ooohhh, year, year and a half. or more. You can view this picture and more amazing face shots on my brother Tom's Facebook wall...where he has FOUR riveting volumes of razzle dazzle photos of this person or that. Heck, you may even be in it, and not know it.

My bottle job. I really prefer a professional job but ya can't argue with $8. I am in the midst of growing out my mop...and the mega roots were too much.

I just wanted to show up on my blog for a minute...forgive the self portraits. these are for my kids.


How are ya?

Ya know, things are going really well here. Nothing too exciting, but nothing damaging either. That is just the way I like it. God is good, good times and difficult and we continue to be thankful for experiences, situations, moments, where that really shines thru. Thank You, Lord!

I'm a loser though.

We went to Illinois yesterday and there were ALL KINDS of photo ops. and I didn't take a one. (well, I take that back, I did take ONE photo and I hope to upload it to iPhoto later and post it but, heck, I'll prolly forget)...We celebrated Father's Day with David's Dad, Mom and almost all 7 of his siblings (minus Aaron. Hey, where was Aaron?). Katrina was there also...she is Matt's (David's twin bro) lady. She is downright gorgeous!

the main reason I failed at pic taking is this. IT WAS FLIPPIN' HOT, folks. I don't function at 100% on most days and when u toss in some suffocating heat? yeah, I shut down to, say, 50%. I did manage to keep my kids alive, so that is a good thing. :)

It was a lovely day and so nice to celebrate with Carl, David's dad. He loves Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline music, Traveling Wilbury's, Hank Williams Sr, and he even got some Johnny Cash.

Good food, good fellowship, a dip in the pool to subdue the Ring of Fire burning 'round me. I'm hot.

A good weekend was had by all...and we hope to get to celebrate my Father this week...I do hope our fathers know just how loved and appreciated they truly are. Such a testament to faithfulness they both are!

Have a super week...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


love to stumble on to Photo Booth to see what my kids have been up to.

Levi, you are a riot.

hope you are having a hair-raising and sunny Wednesday...

Saturday, June 12, 2010


speechless. yes, that is a mophead on my head...

Piper....nuff said


oh to squeeze this little petunia at this stage one more time. Molly, you were thee cutest little bebe.

I knew it would happen sooner or later....

On Facebook, my brother finally uploaded all the horrifying pix that he has taken over the past few years. He has snapped endless pix of whoever (mostly Becky and I) with less than flattering expressions...I've learned to just give him a screwy face and then he will leave me alone for a minute...

these pix above are just a smattering of the joy known on FB as "Faces" far, only two volumes...but I know there are more. I can feel it.

anyways, I'm doing all I can to avoid the inevitable (housework)...but need to get a leg up and get going...hope your weekend is off to a good start and that this muggy weather isn't getting you down too much.


Thursday, June 10, 2010


Levi double dutchin' it...

the ol' boy's still got it. what he has, we aren't sure, but he's got it.

Willverine...David looks skeered.

Tom's new Nikon is da bomb...what a cool picture! all of these pix were taken by our resident photog...thanks bro.

What's been up?
David's been outta town on a job in French Lick...
Life is just crazy busy and is going by way too quickly.
Do you ever feel the same way?

Kids have been working the Kaleo mini-ministry week (that's hard to type and even harder to speak)...and that has been a huge blessing. Will started his new homeschool soccer league this week, Mel worked the library volunteer job dad has been down here two days now, clearing weeds, over-growth and is getting this place to look a bit more like a park every day. I thank the Lord for the opportunities He has given me, though, at the time, I may grumble...this could all change in a heartbeat so for today...

I am thankful for: (this will not be a complete list)

~My healthy, beautiful, bright, helpful, caring kids
~Involved parents that love my family and I
~An extremely dedicated and hard working husband, who enables, with the Lord's help, me to be able to stay home and raise our 5 chickies.
~Unique, interesting, fun house to live in
~Amazing friends and siblings that support and encourage me in so many ways
~I'm done's good to write this stuff really puts it in your face, all the reasons one has to be joyful and grateful.

Happy Thursday, Folks. Thanks for stopping by...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

past few days....

thanks for taking this pic at the pool, Amanda. my new fave Moo pic.

wonder and flexibility
love all the zinnias, Tammy sunflowers, and other flowers sprouting in front of our wall...

notice the barrette in the BACK of Molly's hair...that's her new thing...dork.

two of the 4 baby birdies...this was Saturday 6/5...they flew the coop today 6/8. and not without fanfare. more on that later...

cloud fascination continues...aren't these neat-o clouds? this is the view from the lounger on our pool deck. wow.

Monday, June 7, 2010

weird weather...

got these outside of Domino's while waiting for David to pick up the 'za. very spooky.

this house on Main St. makes me happy...but the clouds overhead are a tad spooky.

on our way to retrieve Will from Phos/Ontos

I do believe I have a cloud fetish. more on that later...until then, enjoy these Sunday, June 6, 2010 cloud delights...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

...and now she's TWELVE...

hard to believe this was five years ago...Princess Leia hair.

this was from my kids have grown...sniff

YOU are a lovely soul, Melly.

someone was a tad jaundice-y upon arrival on the outside...

less jaundice, no blood shot eyes, strawberry birthmark on arm a distant memory...

Piper is very attached to her cool cousin, Will, right now...


Piper is such a big girl...she bought Melanie a pair of cool Peace earrings! Thank You, Piper....

I can't imagine where on earth this child gets her crazy photo taking antics? we love this family...

wondering when, in the dickens, Mel is going to start opening presents. hee hee.

whadja get, Mel?

with the adorable mini -Tammy, Annie

with the other adorable mini-Tammy, Sarah!

with her new beauty of a friend Rebecca, a girl Mel met at Kaleo.

with beautiful Madison...(her entire fam came but I failed to post a pic because it would have been sadly out of order when I realized I had actually taken some group shots. nice)

Grams and Gramps got her a DQ ice cream cake...

I usually have a drawer full of candles...but I could only find ONE. again, nice.

an amazingly lovely group of young ladies...we are blessed to have these females in Mel's life! This was after the evening swim...enjoying pina coladas and cook out left overs.