Monday, March 31, 2008

This is a weird post...

poor chubby birdie flew into the kids' bedroom window...Sherry, birdie was ok...just stunned and embarrassed because we made fun of it. "Uh, duh, there's a winder there! Go poop on my clean van, K??" (by the way, doesn't our mulch look snazzy??)

blurry sugar pie
**sparkle, sparkle**

um, what is this?

one of those reasons to hide your cam from your kids...isn't this the weirdest pic of Levi EVER?
who IS this kid?

Mel's having an identity crisis! she wants an afro!

classy. um, I was supposed to watch her in this evil contraption. She fell off and
hit her melon on the cabinet...not good. she was ticked!

Kinda aimless and far from cute (this post that is). But that's ok. Life is kinda like that right now. These pix have no theme...they are just some random shots from the past week!

Molly, poor thing, has cut her first tooth. It's not up yet but it has broken thru and is causing her some extreme misery. We are enjoying some of her brand of misery as well. She is not her usual self today, though she has tried. I was in the store tonight and she just looks so cute sitting up in the cart...looking around, taking it all in, being cute etc. A nice lady came up to us when we were walking out to tell me how sweet M. was, what beautiful eyes and how happy she was...I was surprised because she had not really been any of those things today. Puffed up peepers, runny nose and mouth, grumpaliciousness, fever...I guess she is just doing what I've always tried to teach my kids, and that is "get over yourself, smile, say HI, be happy, make eye contact, yada yada yada"... she really is a good kid.

The pic of my (very clean) van and the rocks in the back cup holder are just on here to remind myself that yes, at one point in time during this rainy spring, my van WAS clean...Levi is a holy, mess making terror right now. I'm glad, he is just so full of life but I had spent an entire afternoon cleaning, scrubbing, moving seats, disgusting myself with how doity our van had gotten...and came out to finish up, only to find this huge, dusty pile of driveway rocks packed so nicely in. ugh. (this is where I had meltdown..) so pardon my reminder. (slow news day! sorry)

go play a fun trick on a loved one. get a rise out of someone. then hug them and take them to dinner to make up for the heart attack you've just caused.

Ok, well, I need to finish the laundry folding marathon, and hit the hay...Hope you are having a lovely week! be back tomorrow!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cutest li'l family ever

We had the pleasure of fellowshipping with some friends from the past today!

Eric was the youth pastor at West Morris St. FM when we attended there a few years back. Carrie was his lovely helpmeet and consistently joyful chicklet. We started becoming friends with them right before they left our church...(waa waa) and moved back to Greenville, IL.

Carrie called me yesterday to tell me they would be in town for one of their past teen's weddings and they wanted to catch up. (I am so glad you called, Carrie). It was so great to see them and catch up. We hadn't seen them since before their last daughter, Emmy (which stands for A-DORA-BLE) was born 19 mos ago! They have Wyatt, who is 6, brown-eyed and dark olive skin like his momma, Sophia, 4, brown-eyed, dark olive skin again like her momma and Emmy, lighter hair, pretty light blue eyes and spittin' image of her dad (but prettier than you, Eric, of course :)).

And ya know what? They are moving out west (Colorado to be exact)! double waa waa. But it's a good thing. They are going to see where the Lord leads them and they have some good leads and good things are going to happen for these peeps. Ya know why? they are open to whatever the Lord would have for them. David and I have a new little saying for these lovelies..."The grass gets a little bit greener when the Jewett's are around." Good kids to tromp through this life serving Christ with! We love you guys! You make us want to be better servants!

They have a blog (yah!!)...check out their link in my buddies section! Keep these folks in your prayers too...lots of big changes on the horizon for them!

You guys rock. we are blessed to know you. Can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Levi & his camera adventure etc.

nice nostrils

it was only 45 degrees outside but this kid manages to lose his shoes.

a self-portrait of his Mr. Mischievous shirt...

nut. but I do have to say, he has gotten quite good at

self-portraits. love the cheeks.

like my Botox?

how can I torment this li'l lady?

this is my mad face

Nuff said....night.

gotta lotta Molly

diggin' her new big girl seat!!

This little kitty is a whole lotta fun!

She graduated to her "big girl" seat this week...seems surreal that my last baby is almost 9 mos. old. mm mmm...slow down time!

We have a new nickname for her...the "human happy face"...she is such a joy and it really helps that she is deliciously adorable!

Just wanted to share a few pix of the baby...hope you all are doing well!

Up next: 4th installment of why you should hide your camera from your kids. really.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Levi found his basket in my closet!

Mel's was in the island!

Will's was in the pantry!

E's was in the nook beside David's dresser!

Pretty little blondie girls!

Stanley got to join us for Resurrection Tacos. Also of note, Beck's mug strategically placed between Mel and E's! goof!

Scotty and Stanley

Egg hunters...E. is such a poser!

The one pic I got of my kids relatively cleaned up...though E. did have his nice khaki's on

for church but got ink on them, hence tacky jeans!

and they're off....

Little Miss Muffett...

Troublemaker...aka spazz

Infant Smackdown!! Sorry poor Nora...Molly just loves you so!

Well, these pix pretty much tell the story of our day. We had a wonderful worship service this morning. It is always good to remember what Jesus Christ took on for us and the sacrifice He made! He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!
Then we got ready for my family to come over, stuffed the eggs for the hunt, prepared the food...and fuuuuuuun stuff like that.
We had a nice lunch, not your typical Easter meal! Mom and I were not feeling up to the big Turkey dinner mess so we decided to have tacos. Beck brought some Triple C that she had made (mmm mmm good B) and I made some fresh salsa...mmmm, 'twas a good meal and good fellowship. Then we took some pix of our kids in the Easter clothing and on the egg hunt.
So, Davey boy got home tonight...YAH!! how weird to have this dude in our house again! He will be home all week and we are so glad to have him! (esp. because our house is falling apart right now...sink in kitchen messed up, bathroom tub handle broke clean off so there's no using my upstairs tubby, elliptical needed to be put together and that was the FIRST thing that OCD man did when he got home, lovin' you D) Hope you had a relaxing, enjoyable and blessed holiday weekend!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Flat Stanley and the crazy days

Stan meeting Nora and Pipes...

Gettin' some lovin' from Beck and I...

Hangin' @ Molly's "crib"...

Can you imagine these two entertaining Stan for a week?

Stan's visit to the mall...

My nephew, Duncan, is doing a project with his first grade class in California. He sent this nearly life-sized (to a 5-year old) little guy to my parents. We are supposed to take him places, do things with him and document it all in photos...Mom passed the buck to me, knowing my somewhat obsessive nature and insane creativity (chuckle, laff). I got some pix of Stan with us at the mall, with my parents, in all of Molly's seats and such, etc. Now, we write a letter detailing Stanley's visit with us and what his manners were like and how he behaved.

We send Stan back to Cali, where Dunc's teacher will put up our pictures and post cards we sent...and they will report back to us how that went! ( I think )

But for now, we are out the door....2-3 crazy, crazy days ahead! visit with friends, Good Friday service, Boys' activity with the youth group tonight, spending the night with my maw and paw since I have to be back at the church at 7:45 a.m. (who gets up that early. ever???) to pick them up and they live less than 10 min. from said church, Mel's birthday visit with her friend, Maddie, cleaning for Easter here Sunday, Patria, etc etc...ahhhhh. I need a break! whew! I am choosing joy and feel privileged to be able to do all of these things, (warning: a little shout out: hear that David?? putting a smile on my old face and thank you for working so hard for us so we are able to do these things. And thanks also, while I'm at it, to the Lord, who provides for us in so many ways and for the blessings He gives)...Peace out and Happy Good Friday!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Levi & Tiny

fill 'er up, kid!

E. helped Levi groom and fluff his new BFF!

this smile is literally forced! I actually threatened him!

Checkin' out with Tiny!

Yesterday was a crazy busy day...Wilson had a dental appt. so I figured while we were out, I could do all of my banking, errand running, to make it worthwhile..(David, you are getting to me!) No more useless running for this girl. hee hee. yeah right. That is one of D's biggest pet peeves about me...thinks I'm always on the go!

Anyways, for everyone's birthday last year, we got them a Build-A-Bear...I think I posted about this a while back so I will spare the boring details...see the post of Molly with her new leopard.

Levi finally got his yesterday. Yes, I know. I'm a bad mom. (I had 2 coupons to use so it cost barely anything!! again, D. u should be so proud)

He chose a really cute BAB elephant. Once he chose it though, he wanted nothing to do with the whole BAB process of filling it, talking to the girl who would fill it, stitch it and all that! When I got his pic with Tiny, he wouldn't smile but I told him that everyone would see him on my blog so he'd better smile...Tiny is a significant name for the ellie because 1.) elephants are not small, and 2.) Levi's nickname is Tiny. He thought that was a good choice!

He nixed Tusky, Big Boy, Ol' Grey, Elle. Also, I usually let them choose an outfit for their new friend (past choices have included Spiderman, Batman, Hula girl)...and none of us could decide on one and also I was being rather cheap so we chose undies for Tiny...since that is Levi's very own outfit of choice....he is the skivvy king!

Ok, well that's enough for this one....hope the pix of Mr. Tiny and his new friend are fun for y'all!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Molly, Mel and I hung out with my sis and her family for a bit tonight (thanks for dinner, was yummy!!) It's been a while since Nora and Pipes were on my blog so here are some very recent pix of Beck's girls and my girls...

We went thru some baby clothes so B. could take them to Once Upon a Child...and it was so sad to me that our baby girls are so big...and just this time last year, we were gathering up stuff for our impending deliveries...time just goes by too fast (do I say this a lot on my blog? well, it really does cause me to reflect so forgive the boohooing)!! It's very bittersweet...more sweet than bitter, by far. Molly and Nora are such sweetpeas!

After all of that, mom and I went to pick up "Enchanted"...a very cute flick! Thank you, momma, we are watching it at this moment! E. and Levi fell asleep though...they are far to manly for this much chick-flickedness!

So that's that on this homefront...Davey boy, if you get a minute to read this, hope you are having a productive evening (though it will be Wed. or Thurs. by the time you see this). Nighty night....