Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Professional Pix of Piper

Say that five times fast....
I think this is my absolute all time favorite picture of anyone! Such a pretty girl!

Beck got these pictures taken on Sunday (Pipe's official birthday) at the Picture People..and I think they do a fabulous job, don't they? These pics really depict the true sassiness and spunk that is my niece.

Speaking of pix...I got Molly's first professional pix done last night, though we did hers at the Target Studio...and she was not impressed with the guy taking them...she cried for the first few minutes and he even got a cute pic of her crying...then she warmed up a bit....although I enjoy taking most of my kids' pix, it was quite necessary to have at least one professional photo shoot for her, since we had done so with her 4 preceeding siblings! It's only fair! or atleast that is what my mom says!

So once those come back to us on August 13, I will be sure to share them on here!

In other news, there is absolutely NO other news. I'm being quite anti-social and feel that it's quite necessary to get my house in order, which includes me...time to take my health seriously, seriously, seriously...drop the weight.....the baby is ONE and I'm done so on we go! Time to get our heads on straight for the upcoming school year and schooling four kids, while dealing with ONE very pesky toddler girl! Hey, pray for me, k? Gotta go feed Molly...she's teething, not feeling well, and just down right crabby!

Peace out!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Very Belated 5th Birthday, Charlie James!

Cute boy!

My brother, Andy, with 2 of his 3 kids...

Hamming it up with his big brother, Duncan.

Yes, this is loooooooooong over due...this kid turned 5 on the FIFTH of JULY!

Charlie James was born in 2003 and weighed in at 7 lbs. 7 oz! He is a tender-hearted little dude and I wish so much that he was close enough for all of us to really, really know!

Years from now, little man, hope you know how much your family in Indiana really loved you...

Hope your fifth birthday was WONDERFUL! Godspeed little man...

Big hugs from all of us...David, Laurie, Will, Ethan, Melanie, Levi, and Molly!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday, Piper Poo!

Can't believe the girl is FOUR!

Piper Elizabeth was born on a the late afternoon (I have it written down somewhere but I know it was after 5 pm). 6lbs., 6 oz., right Beck?

Where has this time gone?

If you don't know Piper, you really must meet her...she's a fun one!

Happy Birthday Piper! We love you!

You may now kiss the bride...

The boys' youth pastor, Seth, got married to Kari yesterday...'Twas a lovely affair and very Christ-centered...The colors were brown and tealish greenish blueish (not sure what you call the color exactly but it is pretty) know, those colors that are so pretty together...which, I might add, matched the auditorium colors beautifully...(it's almost like they planned it that way...hee hee)

It's always neat to be a part of someone's wedding day...even from here's to you, Seth and Kari Bartal...God Bless You!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pix from the past few days

Just a few shots from Miss P's Fourth Birthday Party!

E. was put on video tape Beck? if there's anything questionable on there, please forgive me!!

Crazy-haired Mollsy

Check out my new LA Dodgers outfit that my Uncle Tom brought me from California!!

and yet another of my fun tricks of late...climbing in the island...
not a very flattering photo of the kids but proof that they "earn" their keep (as if)...they were working very hard and sweating lots!
Hello! It has been a busy week...not a lot of pix taken! My bad.

Last night we had Piper's 4th birthday party at Beck and Scott's house. You would almost had to have been there to see this child open presents. She is cheesecake supreme, perfectly coached to appreciate each gift...with an appropriate "Ohhhh, nice" and then delicately pitching current gift to the side. At one point, she opened a box that used to hold a Moen faucet and was quite obviously unimpressed with someone's choice of gift...Beck brought her back and opened it with her...and inside, 3 or 4 lovely dresses (she is a dress fanatic, folks!!)...oohed and aahed over the dressed and then kicked the box aside. We may have gotten that on video. And the point when she stood up from the Birthday Chair and then went to sit back down, missing her chair...classic Piperisms! Gotta love the 4-year old birthdays!

Today, I am out the door to try to find some clothes for David...he hates clothing shopping even more than I do but since he's working and I am his loving helpmeet, it gets delegated to me!! Yah!! Our friend, Jeff, volunteered to help me pick some stuff out for D! Thanks Jeff! We have a wedding to attend at 3:30 today. The boys' youth pastor, Seth, is getting married to Kari! Love a good wedding!

Hope that this finds you enjoying a warm but "cool" weekend! God Bless You!
{addendum} It is now Sunday afternoon...the shopping was somewhat profitable, though men's clothes leave much to be desired...D. did find something to wear to the wedding, from the pile of clothes that I bought (and will end up returning)...the wedding was really lovely and my favorite part was when Seth and Kari were served Communion...I did get a pic or two of them and will post them here later. As for the house, ellipticalling and getting ready to head out to a late showing of "Dark Knight" (the new Batman with Christian Bale) on IMAX...should be a good time! See ya later, taters!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hey, that's me! I make an appearance on our blog!

I had just found out the month before that I was expecting...I was really harassing B. at this point to get pregnant...and she thought she may be!! weren't we all glowy? (I am on the left, stripey scarf and B is on the right)

Melboots and Pipey

My favorite siren and I! this was painted on a brick huh?

This was the last time that Mel wore anything Princess-y! Beck got Pipes and Mel matching shirts for the big Disney Princesses event at Conseco Fieldhouse.

My lovely solo daughter at this point...a mom/daughter night out!

My parents are always so gracious when it comes to all things Disney on Ice. In December of 2006, Beck, Piper, Mel, Melissa Cunniff and her nieces and daughter Jordan, and I went to see the Princesses on Ice!!

I found these pix while I was at my sister's house today...yes, B. I lifted them...but I only wanted to scan some into my bimputer for future use! I will bring the album back next time I come over!! I thought it was pretty funny to see pix of myself...I didn't look nearly as horrible as I felt at that point...morning/all day nausea...nothing quite like it! so worth every fleeting moment, dontcha think, Charmaine? (on a side note: I am gonna bet u r having a boy...just a hunch)

ok, well just wanted to share some blasts from the past...time to go mow! Peaaaaaaaace out!

Another one of those...

This is what I do when I have no fresh pix to share...I dig. But you gotta admit, these little walks down memory lane are pure sweet...have I mentioned how unbelievable it is to me that my 5th child is not a newborn any more? I need for that to sink it but it isn't.

glad she grew out of the cross-eyed phase...but it really is so cute and I'd love a minute or two of this flew by waaaay tooooooo faaaaaast! such a cutie baby

first and last...beginning and end...A to Z...#1 and #5...

Levi and his van.
Baby Kitten Head..
Hello Folks...Sorry for being away for so's been an unusually weird week, what's new?
Just thought, since I hadn't really taken any pix of late, that I would post this time last year...I know how much "you" must love this.
Not much worth mentioning is I will get back to this in a day or two...D's working, I'm trying to keep up with EVERYTHING, the kids are doing their things, E. has been down and out with an ear issue...please pray for him...he's hurting! Other than that, it's just yard clean up after a couple of nasty, windy storms! Good times!
Up next, Piper dreams...Pipes will be turning FOUR on I need to start digging up a few shots of razzle dazzle P!
Hope you all are healthy and enjoying these dog days of summer!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Makin' bread and broken trees

These pretty much speak for I mentioned them in previous post.
Just a taste of the broken tree thankful that nothing was in the way..
Levi looooooves to help me make our bread...he loves to play in the flour, beat down the dough for the last rise...and heck, he loves to eat it so I really try not to discourage him from helping me...even if it takes a bit longer and I usually end up slamming his little hand while I'm pounding!! He's such a good sport with me.
He is especially clingy to me today. I dunno why. I kept him in the service with me this morning and he snuggled on my lap...he also kept looking up at me lovingly. awww. such a sweet pea. Then tonight, if I got aggravated with him for not picking up his Legos or for bothering Molly etc, he would look at me and say "I thought you were my best friend" and stuff like that!
My little momma's boy! Love that boy!
I'm hitting the hay...hope your Monday is Marvelous! Night night!

Good Sunday Afternoon!

Hope you got your nap...

some pix from last week...when Molly does give up the fight!

Not too much to report from Deliverance!

Just poppin' in to say HI, we're still alive over here, down here, wherever we are in relation to your exact geographical location...

Can you buh-leeve how smokin' hot it's been the last few days?? Ugh!! wowza! Thanking the Lord for the gift of the pool, once more!!

Yesterday was a typical Saturday at, purging, prepping for another crazy week. My brother, Tom, returned home from his California trip late Fri. night and wanted to bring the little goodies out to the little kiddies...He visited a museum out there that was showcasing the terracotta warrior dudes...that have been excavated and are now on display in different places here and there...he got Will and Ethan each their own mini replica...I'm's such a cool, eerie piece from history...he got Mel a cool Chinese carved bracelet and quaint little hand-held mirror with a jade handle and Chinese art on it, of a Chinese warrior chick...she loves it! Levi and Molly got some Dodgers clothing and Levi got a little plane, see below...Thank you, Tom, for always thinking of our kids! You are a fantastic uncle!

these pix are from the post card
Tom sent us...spooky cool, huh?

I would've totally dug being one of the dudes that discovered the 7,000 terracotta warriors a few years back...a cool unit study for the kids this week, that is Fo' sho.

E. has a spooky li'l warrior on his shoulder

~Last evening, we drove to the upper, upper side of Indianapolis for our friend, John's 30th birthday. I failed to take any pics because I was dealing with all-terrain baby...The energizer bunny in female baby form...she is all Will...he was on the go, at all times...and she has his spirit! ahhh. A nice, fun time was had by all! Happy belated Birthday, John. You probably don't read my blog...o well!

Today, worship service, just Mel, Levi, Molly and I, great message on Psalm 46 and God being our refuge in the "storm", Martin Luther...we even got to sing A Mighty Fortress but in a somewhat non-Lutheran way (I prefer the Lutheran way personally). The words to that song are incredible and it is awesome to think of what Martin Luther endured to bring about TRUTH, that the only way to God is through Jesus Christ. Power in the Name!!

Here's a taste: Verse Two, according to my hymnal:

Did we in our own strength confide
Our striving would be losing
Were not the right Man on our side,
The Man of God's own choosing
Dost ask who that may be?
Christ Jesus, it is He
Lord Sabaoth His name
From age to age the same
And He must win the battle!

...David stayed home to catch up on everything... (that dude pushes and pushes himself way too much)...and now he is outside making weapons with E. He has had that on his list for a looong time!! Will's loafing around like a lazy bum.

~Edit~ gotta update here...I was trying to post this when we got hit with a nasty li'l the pool one minute, in the house the next, watching the wind whip furiously and ooops, the tree D. started cutting down a few weeks ago went
Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimber...and I actually saw it happen. a fluke. but a cool fluke. D. was jealous!! Storm is over, power restored, no one or nothing hurt in tree event and bread that I was in the middle of baking mom, sorry about the flatish loaf of bread that you will receive tomorrow. Blame it on the Rain!! I took some pix and will post them after I elliptical for a bit!

pretty fun stuff, eh?

Hope you have a blessed Sunday! Hope it doesn't involve anything outside! (sorry Beck...I know you are @ home mulching as I type this!! stay cool!!)

~edit~ now that it has rained, it is much cooler!! Amen and amen.