Friday, November 7, 2008

General Store and what's happening now...

Thursday night fun...
Will, the cashier..
our security guard excellento

The shoppers talking with the camouflaged security guard...

the pretend hold-up...Levi, it's not nice to point your fake weapon at your big brother...

Attention Shoppers, we have a great deal on train mats in aisle #1...

moneygrubber and her daddy. David, you are such a good daddy...playing "store" with Levi and all the rest of the kids....Levi and Mel like to set up "shop" in the living room and occasionally, David joins them!
Tonight, it was supposed to be train time but D. is thrashed after a crazy week.

hi...I look tired. and old. and pale. and like Pinocchio. Tory said I look aggravated...I need a tan, I need some make-up and maybe a face lift...I am almost 36 ya know.

I heart fake red hair. I really do. that's why I've done it again! I can't help myself.

caught this kid looking through his scrapbook...he does this quite often. I guess this makes him a thoughtful soul...thank you, Levi, for appreciating your book...

yes, a book fully loaded with pictures of YOU! You're a star!

This weekend, hmmm, not sure what's on the, chasing Molly, going to a prayer service at the church building tomorrow night, church again on Sunday morning, naps, all that fun stuff!

A mostly uneventful day, filled with exercise, schooling, a library visit (always a good time with a one year old, shyeah, right)....I'm a Debbie Downer right now...must be time for bed.

A couple of prayer requests for you to think on:

~ My lovely sister, Becky, is hurting badly tonight. She did to herself what I'm always doing to myself...straining muscles in necks, making it nearly impossible to move and function. B, hope you are able to be up and around tomorrow!

~E. has a swollen lower leg, which seems to be getting worse...he said someone fell on him 2 weeks ago at the harvest we are baffled. E. hope we can get this taken care of are one tough cookie.

That's it...pretty exciting stuff, huh?

I'm outta here. Nighty night, sleep tight, and peace wherever you are! Godspeed


Tory said...

Wait just a moment while I pause your music...I do love it, but it is competing with my Christmas music right now and making me crazy...

Okay, I'm back. Figured you must have updated since I had a comment. Thanks for the prayers, and they are mutual. I do like the red hair, but in the one picture, I must admit you look really irritated. ;) But, that's how I always look in self portraits, too.

Love the pix of D playing with the kids. That is so priceless. And, the fact that Levi takes so well to the robber baron is a bit scary. ;) And, that he likes to look at his scrapbook is really awesome. Makes all that work worth every moment, huh?

Well, I guess I should get to writing. I had taken some time out to make cards and some chocolate pretzels to take to the party tomorrow. Have a good rest of the weekend. (Get better Beck and E!)

Hugs, t

Tory said...

P.S. I love that you posted your Senior Picture...that is the Laurie that I remember. ;)

Laurie and company said...

yeah, I think i was irritated, it was pretty loud around here right then and I wanted to take the pic...I'm so completely unphotogenic, it's not even that is a bit aggravating.

Christmas music? inspiring! I'm needing to get some on my list.

chocolate pretzels...mmm mmmm good. you are so crafty, chicky.

have a fun time at the party tomorrow night!


VELVET said...

hey, your hair is HOT!! beautiful. how do you get it so shiny? you are looking good, girl.
love the music :)

Laurie and company said...

Velvet, that means a lot coming from you, Queen of shiny, red hair! whatta compliment. I think, honestly, it was just the flash...:) you have inspired me to branch out! try something new!

love ya,


Brittany said...

Cool that D plays w/ the kiddos!

Poor E!

I do NOT take my 2yo to the library. They hate me there when I do that. He's AWFUL! I leave him w/ Paul when I go.

Have a fun weekend!

Open your Eyes. said...

The pictures are too cute! That blog was very action packed - it sounds your life is pretty and happily full of it :).

I like your "fake" red hair - it suits you!

Have a great weekend!

Love, Becca x.

Laurie and company said...

Hey Becca...thanks for checking out the action-packed blog! so nice to have new peeps on here...I have actually checked your blog out before but lost the link when we got our hi-speed set up...all my faves were gone...glad you came by!

hugs, LY