Friday, June 29, 2007

And yet more pool fun....

Eddie Munster and Elvis Presley... Mel's "bouffant"
Piper and Levi in their "house"

My lovely, nearly 8 mo. prego sis, Rebecca!
I know you all must be getting so tired of these pool pix...but it's pretty much the highlight of our lives right now. The boys gave themselves some big Elvis/Eddie Munster hair so they insisted that I take pics of their new 'do's. Mel did her version of the bad hair also.
Piper got to come down and hang with us on Wed. night...she did NOT like the pool, but we'll break her in eventually...she's young yet. Levi and Miss P. decided to play house in the lounge chair...which was pretty cute. Her and Levi have a good time together when she isn't trying to mother him or marry him. cute memories, for sure! We got to eat some yum delish Donato's pizza later that evening...wish I had taken pix of Piper eating that...she crammed her mouth so full and then, while trying to chew it, proceeded to mark her territory and move on to the next piece before Levi could "get it". classic.

I saw the midwife yesterday, dilated to two cm, forgot to ask if I was effaced at all...but I'm not feeling so hot today, baby's had hiccups all morning and I'm just plain ready to meet this child. I still predict that I will have this kid on July 4th but now I may change that up a bit and say I will have her by the fourth. I pray so...
Allright, time to nest...gotta get this place in ship shape so the baby can come...We'll be back...hopefully soon...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Quiet, mundane days of summer!

This is Levi showing us how he goes under
water all by himself...whatta big kid!

We don't have the filter hooked up completely

yet but the kids and I have had so much fun in

this pool already!! Look at the joy on their faces!

And last but not least, these are our other 2

pinata's...I told my brother, Andy, that I would

put some pix of them on can see just

how big they really are.

How y'all doing?? Kinda quiet these days around our place, as we finish up the pool and get ready for the baby to arrive. I thought that she may be deciding to show up on Sunday but nope...she has other plans. Kinda feeling apprehensive as to when this showdown may happen.

The kids are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new English books so we can get a head start on this next school year. Now we get to figure out what we are going to do about their math...stick with Saxon or find something many decisions.

Otherwise, things are relatively quiet, for us, anyway. David has been working like a fiend...nothing new there...Thanks, David. We appreciate your dedication to us and to your are the best at what you do! You've got a good crew working with you too! (Hi Tom)

I guess I will close now...I will get back on here this week if I get some good pix...I'll try to be original but just not sure that's happening with the impending birth...pray for me...have I asked you that already?? pray for a smooth, quick birth and a healthy child.

Trying to find a good Bible verse to calm myself down but drawing a blank...send me one if ya got one...

Ok, over and out. Good night to you all!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Corn Dogs

Awww! Isn't this heartwarming? A rather horrific pic of Levi's mom but nonetheless, a pic of me...36 weeks and 5 days into my back off...:)
I saw this shirt of Levi's at The Children's Place the other day...and it screamed LEVI to me!! He LOVES this shirt! He truly is a little corn dog and that is what we love about him! Just a little update on him: He is potty trained - whoop, whoop! He is doing really awesome with that...he really seems to have turned a corner in his development in the last month or two...really comprehending what is going on, communicating and his personality is just too much fun. (Ask him about Bohemian Rhapsody...refer to it as the "mama song") Now, we will see how this all goes once the baby gets here...if we take some steps back or if he takes it all in stride. He rocks, I know that much! Levi, you are one awesome dude!
Onto other news, saw the midwife today, baby sounded good, nice, strong heartbeat...150's, good blood pressure, she guesstimates that this kid weighs about 6.5 to 7 pounds right now. I predict that I will have her by July 7th but my first guess is July 4th?? Why? dunno, just a hunch. I usually have my babies at about halfway thru my 38th week or so...I bet she is going to weigh 8 pounds. She is all head down and ready to go, very active still. Please pray for me, as I am a little uneasy this time around. I totally know what to expect as far as pain (and youch, does it HUUUUURT)...but with this being our first birth center experience, I feel a little lost..I actually have to pack a bag and make sure we have stuff with us. I'm excited but nervous. So, we covet your thoughts and many changes coming up. Allrighty, guess I will close for tonight. I'll be back with more pix later on this weekend. maybe. Peace!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pool Fun!!

Well, it's up...not completely functional with all the chemicals and filter running but when it's as hot as it has been around here, it doesn't seem to matter much. We are now halfway full..these pix of David and Levi were from their first time in...they were acting like lizards. The middle pic (yes, I'm out of order somehow) is from last night, when we realized that we had to cut yet more pieces to make them conform to our 15' pool!!
The kids got home from their 3 and a half day visit to their Grandma and Grandpa Y's house and were so excited to see that the pool walls were up and that we actually had water in it. I think this pool is going to be a lifesaver this summer. It makes mowing lawns or working outside in this swamp-like weather a little more tolerable.
We have a long way to go...David isn't going to start on the deck part till we are using our play structure dinosaur to attach the ladder till then. A long slow process but the only way we know to keep our sanity. We are so thankful for the gift of this pool from my sis's in-laws...have I mentioned that lately? even though it's been work, it's worthy work.
ok, off to go swim for a back soon!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

These are my Girls!

I hafta say, I would be lost without my MOMMA, my SISTER, and my DAUGHTER! I am a momma's girl thru and thru...but I've gotten better over the years. I used to get so annoyed with my mom because she would talk to the baggers and cashiers at the grocery store, but now, I do it. Mom, thanks for being a good example all thru the years of patience, unconditional love and kindness! and for putting up with all of us. My sister and I, wow, what does a girl do without a sister? She has been with me thru the good times and bad, sharing things that sisters share and now we've had the opportunity to be pregnant together and have our second daughters together...She is my sunshine (our special song...goes back to 1994)...And a daughter?? How does a mom make it without a daughter? Well, I'm sure those moms' have survived but Melanie is a blessing through and through...and I thank the Lord for blessing us with her on that muggy spring morning 9 years ago. She is a rare gem and one of the sweetest girls you will meet. So this is a shout out to my girls...I love you, Mom! I love you, Beck! I love you, Melanie!! You guys are my source of inspiration and I praise the Lord for putting you in my life!