Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday thoughts

I'd like to go from this..... (this is a pic I got off of Google)

to this.... (which is another pic I got off of Google)

not that the top pic is really how things look around here...heck, no...David would never let it get that horrific...yikes.
but I have a tendency to pack rat some.
and I'm itching to organize, get some definite skills implemented here....
now if I could just get him to finish these lower cabinets...not enough money or time in the budget for that...
winter. maybe this winter. maybe.
gotta get my act together.
how are YOU today? what's happening on your little patch of earth?
On a healthful note, I weighed myself at the Y last night, ya know, one of those doc scales? I'm down 5 pounds from where I thought I was (which is still a way from where I want/need to be) THAT was cool. Thanks for the workout/accountability/encouragement, B. You da bomb.
Taking the big boys over to our neighbor's house so they can rake for her for a bit. It's quite chilly out there today. Have you noticed? brrr brrr.


Tory said...

Wow! You always blog what I am thinking about...kinda spooky. You should see my "pack rattedness"...oh my! Just thankful that my friends and family still feel comfortable coming over. It's not like the first picture, but then again, I am nowhere near the second picture. I have the skills, but I try to do so much that I cannot seem to be as organized as some people. But, then again, I think they spend a lot of time that I am not willing to give up to straightening. You know?!

BTW, how was Kung Fu Panda? Just curious! Oh, and congrats about the 5 less lbs! Love ya, T

Laurie and company said...

we are on the same wavelength, huh? I'm exactly like you, have the skills, but get so overwhelmed with the process. ahhh. help.

Kung Fu Panda was cute, quite funny, what I saw of it...Jack Black is hi-lari-ous.

being inside makes us more aware of all the clutter, dontcha think? I feel like I'm suffocating.

how is your Thursday with your momma? hope you two are having a lovely day!


Smooches, Kara said...

lol right when I opened your blog and saw the picture I immediately thought 'David would never let that happen!! Where in the world is she?'

Girl I have Young blood in my veins!! We are bred to be pack rats! My military lifestyle nipped that in the bud. But I have the capabilities just lurking inside of me dying to be set free :D

And I was just asking a friend today to help me organize my craft supplies!! You never stop thinking that there has to be a better way!!

Tory said...

Yeah, I am definitely not as bothered when I am out of the house. That's why I am available to go anywhere else at a moment's notice. Plus, I am still getting used to having a whole apartment to myself. At mom's, I had to cram most everything in my room. (Once in awhile, I got mom to let me "bleed" out in the other rooms, but not often!)

We had a nice day...worked on some Christmas cards, talked, hung out, and just had a nice time. Now, she's gone, and I really should get to work. ;)

Love, T

Brittany said...

How'd you get that pic of my house?!? No, seriously, that's my goal too and I'm a loooooong way from it as well.

Loved the pic of Moll-ster screaming her cutie patootie head off! I can so relate, sister!

Yay for the 5 pounds too!

Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO on the 5 lbs! That's awesome!!! Hopefully we can encourage and motivate each other in the coming months, now that you are a Y member with me (thanks, momma and poppa). I thought that picture was of my room, and then i remembered that i don't have a blue basket...mine's green. I would love to get organized as think you're bad (well, D does)...maybe you should get stickers to organize your house for you. And then maybe pigs will fly right out of my nose. You def need to get video of Moo a'whalin' a way! Foghorn. Have a good day! xoxo