Thursday, November 20, 2008

Young Rakers: Edited 10:30 pm

Here we come...

running home from Nija's house..

hard workers

look at those rosy cheeks...lots of that going on around here lately...Levi wanted in on the action...

Molly is not thrilled with playpen time. but too bad. I've gotta get something done...
{edit: I am going to try, with all my might, to find a way to put video on here...Tory mentioned how much she would looooooove to hear the noise accompanying the above picture...and i would not want to let my loving cousin down, now would I?? not me...I'm a pleaser. usually.}
~Sent the kids off to rake for our neighbor, Nija, today. it's coooold out there. good job, kiddos.
Time to watch Wall-E...Levi's hiding in the corner...spooked himself out somehow. maybe that's why he pooed in his drawers a "tiny bit" (that's how he describes it..."it's just a skid, Mom") I wish. :) :P


Tory said...

I am soooooo thankful that your pictures don't include sound...for, that one of Ms. Lungs is simply amazing. But, if I had to hear it with sound, OY VEY! ;) Poor mama!

Loved the rosy cheeked kids...that was so sweet of them to help out the neighbor. Good kids, I tell ya', good kids.


Laurie and company said...

hee hee...sound bytes...i'm working on would give you a whole new perspective on us, now wouldn't it? you might not like me anymore.

We try to tell our kids to think outside the box...and though we get a lot of things wrong, this is something we really want to implement into their lives...helping others out. they were so frozen solid. I made them some hot cider with whip. 'twas a good time!

Hugs cuz

Anonymous said...

Your kids are awesome. They look so healthy and refreshed after a day out in the cold...It's just so awesome to see kids doing for others with a happy heart (i'm not saying that they maybe don't grumble at all, but ya know, they're kids). Hugs to all of your kids! They are the best.xoxo
**Hey, Moo, put a sock in it. :)**