Friday, April 30, 2010

last day of April I tell ya..

Photobooth never ever gets old.

Molly's face. o my. I think she has the biggest nearly 3 year old mouth I've ever seen. and with that short hair. sheesh...a head only a mother could love.

As we embark on a new month, let us pause and look back on this fourth month of 2010...

ok. good. I'm done.

gotta go mow, mow, mow...after the fright endured this morning whilst painting cedar on front of house...Mr. Biggy Spider caused me to shave 4 good years off of my life. There's also a bird nesting up in our porch rafters. I mean, whaddya do?

Hope your weekend is intriguing...with soccer, recitals, church, hang time with our MIA hubby/dad, I know ours will be! God Bless YOU!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Greek cuisine, chocolate decadence and friends we haven't seen since before they had their first kid 16 months ago!

I do believe that John was putting the bear's paw in his mouth...and David is pretending to have the bear eat his crown...(as usual, these pix are slightly out of order)

this is the belly dancer that entertains the guests at Santorini's. The food was really good and the atmosphere was festive and boisterous.

this is our waitress, Denise...and the flaming cheese...forgot the name...Spanakopita? help me.

David was really enjoying the dancing gal...she was actually getting on my nerves (j/k)...I like to see my hubby laugh like this.

John and Wendy are LOADS of fun...Wendy is tiny, so when we take our 4 person self portrait, she usually gets swallowed up. We had a blast guys, thanks for the fun evening!!

I'm kind of at a loss for what to say...I think after the past whirlwind week, I'm just fried.

Seems like things around the place are falling apart...the people are hanging in but the house and vehicles are causing, er, trouble...van tire was flatter than a pancake Saturday morning before soccer. ha ha. joke's on us...jump in the Rendezvous. Our shower handle is broken clean I must resort to using the lower level bath...which is actually the kids' bath. so ewww. (Van got two new tires today, before Daveyboy left us for the week. whatta guy. Shower repair on tap)

All that to say, I'm realizing how comfortable we are. to be able to have a vehicle to transport us when the main one is fritzing or another shower to bathe in when the main one goes ka-pow...I'm very thankful for my husband...he is so good at taking care of us and making sure there is a back-up plan. Thanks David. You are non-stop and taking care of business...the kids and I appreciate you.

Aside from the appreciation I feel for my husband, this is quite a boring post...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


We took our Flat Stanley's down to the canal. Aunt Nan is a Kindergarten teacher in MI and her class sent Beck's kids and our kids a Stan to take pix by a cool landmark or area in our town...we, of course, chose the canal and the NCAA. those places are close to our hearts.

hanging out on the sculptures

yet again...

there is an amazing rolling hill by the Indpls water company...I'm sure we looked silly but man, was it fun to throw oneself down the hill. wow!

this is Beck at the end of the hill...I didn't post my pants were falling down so...

be back later with more...working on vocabulary and getting ready to head up to Mich City tomorrow...overwhelmed!

Well, we had an awesome, uplifting time with David & Vince in Michigan City. I won't go into all the details now...I'll try to get some of the pix posted of that particular job...

Until then...adios. I'll be back with more posts...can't help myself.

Happy Monday to you!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Calling all Prayer Warriors....

UPDATE: Uncle John made it through FIVE BY-PASSES and after a few days in the hospital, he came home for the weekend! Praise the Lord and thank you for your prayers and kind thoughts! (from Laurie, 4/19/2010 via Sherry on Facebook)

David's Uncle John, the guy in plaid above, had a mild heart attack on Saturday night.

He is having bypass surgery today so if you stop by here, maybe you could pray for him, for his wife, Sherry, and his son, Bryan, who has had his own share of medical strain this year also.

We love these guys! We are praying hard and hoping that the surgery is a success.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quick trip to northern Indiana...

these two crack us up.

so do these two.


Becky, I thought you were in this pic. hmph.
crazy girl.

this girl is notorious for jumping in front of a person taking pictures. YOU make me laugh, Beck.

Molly's curls' last visit to the beach...

this is sadly outta place...but this is from the same trip...David and his cousin, Brent, who just happens to live near the Michigan City rest he came to work. (David puts everybody to work, watch out!)

Ok, back to the beach, David skipping stones.

pretty gurlz

this seems vaguely familiar.

that is some seriously cold water...

wouldn't be a trip to the beach without a self-portrait...

There are about a gazillion Windmills just north of Lafayette....this is on our drive back down 65 and yes, I was driving when I took these. but I got into the driving lane so I could go The mills are so cool and strangely spooky. yah for wind energy!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Molly cut her hair....

I will have to get pix on here soon, but somehow, my camera is broken...again.

So, on her 3rd Easter, she won't have the cute curly q hairdo like her sister before...she has more of a Gidget look.

yeah, that's it...Gidget.

Happy Resurrection Day!

Friday, April 2, 2010

tiny update...

no better friends than these two. (it's a love/grump thing)

My faithful bro in law, Scott, came down to help tend the big brush fire we had going on Tuesday...David and E left town, Mel and I were out running errands with the two young'n's so he, being the pyromanic that he apparently is, came to make sure it didn't make it to the the house. Thanks, Scott!


trying on her new sundresses for me.

this kid....ahhh. good thing she's adorable. (this pic reminds me of Will)

It's Friday! Good Friday to be exact. Today we remember what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross. Though, as followers of Christ, we will hopefully remember it, dwell on it, appreciate it and praise Him for it daily. Thank You, Jesus.

Will comes home from his SBWW tomorrow and we couldn't be happier (though he may not be too thrilled because I looked thru his Algebra notebook with my amazing math teacher friend, Jen, and saw some holes that need to be filled)...we have missed you a lot, Willi Vanilli. what a weird week.

David's Uncle John, Aunt Sherry and cousin Bryan, who we visited in Kansas back in October, are coming here for a visit! We are so excited to see them...they are some of the most awesome people I know.

Calvary Chapel Circle City will hopefully get to have it's first worship service in the new facility this weekend....that is exciting stuff too. For the Easter service, David's parents, sisters and nieces are coming to visit also.

Mel, Levi, Molly and I made it home safely from Michigan City last night. We enjoyed our quick trip up there to visit David and E though it seems that an overnight trip is almost too much work for what you get from it. Beck, Tom, Nora, and Pipes rode up with us. Tom stayed to work. We got to see David's cool cousin, Brent, also. He lives up there and came to work for D for those days...I'll put those pix up later.

Molly, I love you immensely, but you REALLY wear me out. You also put before my face each day why I'm thankful that our childbearing, baby, toddler years are finished. sniff sniff. God gives each person an answer and you are it!

's all good!

Lots to do, lots to do...hope that this post finds you rejoicing in Christ's sacrifice and resurrection, enjoying the tame weather, and feeling joyful for the freedom to go about your business.