Monday, November 30, 2009

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program to bring you this update from Harvest Party Central...

Ethan did an amazing job as Paul Blart, Mall Cop...if you haven't seen that movie, you's pretty funny and the guy, Kevin James, reminds us a bit of E.

A stocky Buzz...

Jasmine Jazz Hands

the eating part is always a bit chaotic and messy...

Belle, aka Piper

I think in the pix below, I refer to Levi's tight pants...check that out here...

waiting for a turn to whack at the pinata...

almost ready to drop it's delight on the hearts and heads of the waiting children below.

annnd, ahhhh, the mad dash to get a handful of goodies begins.

when it was Will's turn to take a swing at the pinata, he did so in true Wolverine form...

Emma Mc and I...this girl is almost as much fun as me ( ha ha )! and those faces...we may be long lost sisters...

BFF's forever...Snow White and Jasmine...two cultures collide.

We like to refer to this pic as "Princess Randypants"... he brings style and class to this tiara, don't you agree?

an interesting view of the bonfire...

More pinata...

Tammy and fam...Annie was a zombie, Caroline was a Princess and Bobby was Question Man....which is fitting for a reporter! he did nothing but ask questions in his conversation for the first 2 hrs. Their oldest daughter, Sarah, was not to be found for a bit...

Taryn is not only adorable, but makes mall walking look cute (and a bit like Sarah Palin if I do say so myself)

My Hulky, hunky hubby and his father....

I still am not quite sure what Beck was, exactly. New Jersey girl, like one of those gals that would follow the Boss or Bon Jovi from city to city...big hair, ripped clothes, black leather...and enough sass to beat the band.

Levi was .... you guessed it, Buzz Lightyear...if I can find a pic of him head to toe, you'll laugh...his little white pants were rather I'm guessing that he's getting ready for a growth spurt.
I was Mama Cass Elliot (from the Mamas and the Papas) of my fave singers, rock that voice, Cass. contrary to popular belief, she did NOT die choking on a ham sandwich. but the story is fun.

N squared (NickNat) newlyweds...always so creative, always so adorable!

Tammy's alter ego...very saucy. Biker chick, bearing gifts...check out those extremely burned dogs in the lower right corner. yeee owwza.

special guest appearance by Octo-Mom, Nadya Suleman or whatever her name is...(aka Mel C)

Our very favorite Starbucks "ex" barista, Wendy...ex, only because she no longer graces the 'Bucks with her effervescent, amazing personality any longer....She was a Trekkie! love that girl...miss seeing her. Melanie was Daphne from Scooby Doo. Molly was Jasmine from Aladdin, though a much whiter version.

Randy, our oldest boy, and Will, our biological oldest boy...Pants was a Russian (or so he says) and Will was Wolverine...and they were both very convincing in their parts.

I have quite a few pix to post, and this is a good bit of them...but this will hafta do for tonight...we had such a great time at the Harvest Gathering this year...our biggest turn out yet!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Huntington Beach CA

CHiPs...remember that show about the California Highway Patrol? We saw Ponch and John.


water was chilly but Levi loved the surf.

Molly always loves a good seagull chase...

SoCal has a lot of beaches (as if)...and we visited Huntington Beach (Hi Velvet...we didn't figure out till it was too late that that is where you are at....we were so bummed)

The Pacific Ocean is beautiful, powerful and kinda scary. We were glad to see it and we were glad to leave it. Scary with little people...that tide is a strong force and it was so awesome for the kids to get to see the Power of God in His oceans. Very salty. very salty indeed.

This was the last adventure of our Cali trip before heading out on October 23 for Indy. I love you, Palm Trees.

Happy 16th Anniversary

we look like we are missing our eyeballs...

Happy Anniversary, David!

I am blessed to have such a patient, forgiving, loving, imperfect, funny, smart, caring guy by my's been a definite growing year for us. God has been very good to us!

I love you, honey. you're so cool.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

cute little gals

Thought I'd take a break from the California fun to post these adorable pix of Moo and Bean (Pipes snuck in for one)....These were taken at Levi, Will, and my Dad's birthday party a few weeks ago...

Mom got the little ones' some cheap costumes...Molly's supposed to be little red riding hood...but with the shorty short dress, it's more like Risque Red Riding Hood. She's got some stocky gams (not sure where she gets THOSE. ha ha)

Hollywood is skeery...

City of Angels

E's hands are almost as large as Clint's.

for a tip, you can have your pic taken with whatever character you see walking outside of the shame. David was really excited about finding this Stormtrooper.

Apparently, the Roosevelt is haunted by Marilyn Monroe.

Jimmy Kimmel's Cousin Sal (the guy in the black button down and jeans, by the easel), taping a segment from that evening's late night show. We didn't get to watch it because my slacker brother failed to get a converter box. and he's never home, so it works for him.

We ate at this open air thingy...and our view was the Jimmy Kimmel pic above. pretty cool. Charlie was NOT impressed.

When Marilyn isn't haunting at the Roosevelt, she's working it with Michael J. This guy was eerily similar.

And when the King of Pop isn't haunting with MM, he's getting coffee at this swanky little coffee shop in the uber expensive but super neat-o mall with US! (Levi's expression is like "Umm, thought this guy was dead")

the yellow vest on this fella was a wee bit teeny...

Char, you are a poser.

I was really hoping we'd see Tom and Katie. but alas, not on this trip.

There's that Chinese Theatre again...

I mean, it IS cool there....just so many people, and it's sooooo grubby. Money, apparently, can't cover grubby. or creepy. or weird. or odd.

Levi, looking on in complete awe!

Infamous Hollywood Boulevard...

ahhh, got it. didn't think I would, but when it appeared thru the trees, I swear little angels sang and the sun DID shine even just a bit brighter (than it already WAS, OMGosh, it was never cloudy there)

grid-lock...this is another of those "parts" ya don't see on TV.