Saturday, November 15, 2008

last night, today...and a ring

is it over already?

my evening of quiet and one child-ishness??...

Nora, you are such a funny, little show-off girl...cutie pie

brown bow girls..


Becky and Scottie guys really should've named her Scottie.

you should've seen this baby girl multi-tasking...we didn't get a pic of her in time, with the keys in her hands, talking on the phone... this is all we could catch. I'm thinking this girl sees a lot of this...

Tell me this kitten isn't the cutest...Cheryl...the UL consultant.

Beck, Tina, Hope, Cheryl and Nora..

and we have Sybil...the whirling dervish...
a nice quiet morning, just me and my youngest child...exercising (while she cried), listening to our playlist of music, paying bills, balancing checkbooks...and this

oh, the joy of destroying mom's piles of scrappin' mags...I'm picking my battles. and this isn't on of them today. I do have a few though.

off to destroy the next pile of rubbish...o the work of a whirling dervish just never ends.

Good Saturday Morning to you. It's still raining, spitting, brewing some snow out here I will safely sit, until my parents call to have me get the chitlins.

On the schedule for this day...mellow yellow...and I love it.

David is working, the kids are at parental units, Molly and I are heading out to run errands and retrieve said kids...then, I'm heading up to the tender-hearted hubby has taken it upon himself to bestow upon me a lovely little piece of jewelry for our 15th anniversary. now, isn't that the cat's meow? He came up with this idea on his own. while he wanted to try to keep it mum, he can't..he's too too practical.

not the clearest picture of this's quite pretty in person. One gem for each five years of holy matrimony. awwww.

he wants me to check out some more. He knows a pawn guy from one of his jobs...went to check out a great deal on this blue diamond with two white diamonds on either's quite lovely, we may keep it either that's where I'm heading's so strange to see a different piece of jewelry on my hand, my arthritic lookin' hand, at that. I can't believe how much my hands are starting to look like my grandma's. the ring is very delicate and unlike me. it's almost too big for my wedding ring finger, which is grotesquely small in comparison to the rest of my hand and on my right hand ring finger, it won't even consider going past my blasted knuckle. weird hands.

you can kinda see how it's set up high...I be likin' that. looks like I chopped my fingers off at the knuckles. when actually, I'm gearing up to punch you in the face. you know I'm joking, right? it's just how it looks.


Steph said...

Wow! What a great present. Girl you got you some bling! :)

Tory said...

I likey, too! A must keep, and I agree with D...practical beats the surprise any day. Wow, he could write a best seller on that one. ;)

As for Molly the "Monster", I don't think I would be very happy. But, again, I don't have four others to have mellowed me. Guess that's the word of the day, Mellow! Need to work on that.

Have a good rest of the day. Love ya, t

Smooches, Kara said...

OK we have to have a t-shirt made that says 'Whirling Dervish'!!! That would make me muchos happy!! :D

Laurie and company said...

can u believe David and bling? I mean, Steph, you know know him too, Kara, and it's just not like I was quite surprised and happy.

Kara...I need to make a tee that says that, maybe even I could swap them out and have one ready all the time. she's a punk.

happy weekend fun to you!

Brittany said...

I think it has to do with being the youngest. Steph could attest to that as well. The girls and I worked HARD all day yesterday, cleaning. Monster Man came in and unloaded his WHOLE toy box in about .05 seconds! We were TICKED! Oh well. Good thing they're so darn CUTE!