Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Young Band's first patio gig yo

Kaitlyn, Kacey and Susie, taking self portraits!

Will and Mel had their friend, Joy, join them on her djembe (drum, for those of you that are unfamiliar with them, as I was.)

My brother, my Dad, some of our faithful friends, enjoying coffee, appropriate treats and good music, all while trying not to blow away!

Susie...one of our favorites and the person that made their gig possible.

Jen and my Momma, trying to stay warm and keep the wind at bay.

Melanie & Will had the opportunity on Oct 1 to do a patio show at our favorite Starbucks. Susie, one of the Coffee Master and downright amazing woman was presented the opportunity to host an event in honor of National Coffee Day and she asked Young Band to perform. Needless to say, they were pretty excited!!

Susie and Kacey, another of our faves and Coffee Master herself, hosted a lovely tasting, kept the mugs filled and the treats flowing.

Aside from gusting winds, which were rather chilly, the evening was beautiful and lots of people showed up in support.

In other news....

David, his company and the rest of us continue moving forward. By God's grace...

Each of the kids are doing very well...

I'm amazed at how much I don't want to get out of bed these days...not depressed, just not up to facing what each day may hold....there is always so much more than I want to endure...I long for the days of just getting up, getting our day started, tackling math and phonics, balancing the checkbook, or not...

nowadays, when my feet hit the ground, they pretty much don't stop till I fall asleep after some good BBC each night...

David and I are loving us some "Rosemary & Thyme" these days...a very clean show. Very interesting...

Molly is getting super excited about "Mulan Jr", which she will be in from Nov 13-15...sitting through the practices is so much fun...watching kids sing and act is a most precious event. Molly is a little starstruck, as the daughters of our friends are some of the main players in the play, specifically Mulan but no biggie. I'm sure I'll have some pix to post soon....

All I know is that when I sit there and kids start singing or twirling their umbrellas, I get hot eyes....

such a weirdo.

Ok, Rosemary and Thyme is a-calling...

Hope this finds you all well.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

a little update for ya....

August 16, 2015...Jon Foreman in one of our favorite spots in downtown Indy...the canal.
so cool.

Lake Michigan...I love you.

this is David. on a much needed break, though we use the term "break" loosely.
when one owns their own company, one that has been hit hard by the dark deeds of another, there is no real break.
You just change your scenery. The trip north did us all some good.

This guy...pray for him. He is leaving his teen years in less than 6 months. the age of accountability, so to speak...and he's hitting it hard, facing the trials and keeping his eyes fixed on the Lord.

While we were up near Valpo, we had the chance to meet the newest member of the Young family,  Claire.  She's pretty cute!

This day at the lake...a Saturday, was not as pretty as the previous day....but the scene was good.

I wore a towel. 

This girl...she's a doll.
Not sure what they were doing here...making a moat?
A quick trip up the road to New Buffalo, MI
skipping stones

this girl....loves to get dirty and roll in the sand.

I bet it's cold here in the wintertime...

Some of these guys went on a bike ride with Nathan (green shirt), who is Claire's father and Samantha's husband.
So, I'm so behind on this dear blog...can you believe the last time I blogged was before the big boys' open house (which, they really are working on their thank you notes...I know they've gotten a very small amount finished...)???

I honestly and sincerely do not know where to start, what exactly to blog about and what to say, what not to say. I used to come up with blog posts all. the. time.

yeah, they may have been cheesy or fluffy and then after Jack, more dark or pensive....and I've spiraled down since then...just have so many things on my mind, in my heart and just not sure what I want to convey to you, my dear blog readers...if there are any of you left... <>

I could start with recent events and work backwards....and I may.... and then I ask myself again, how much is too much to talk about.....

As any of you know that spends any amount of time around us, we are in the midst of legal dealings with a former business partner. It's an ugly situation and continues to stay that way....I covet your prayers as we head into seas we are unfamiliar with...and for David, as he leads our ship. He is, quite simply, amazing and continuing to seek the Lord. That has been his saving grace. And it's been incredible to watch him grow, maintain peace, and turn into one of the wisest guys I know.

I'm not just saying that cuz he's my hubby....he can drive me batty like the rest of them, almost more so on occasion....

I tell the kids that when I met him at the end of August, 1992, the Lord was definitely looking out for me and protecting me. I couldn't ask for a better or more adorable dude to face these ginormous challenges with every single day.

So there ya have it, folks...in type....to refer to when I'm old and senile, or having a day where I wanna punch a guy...

David, you are a gift to me. I love you so.

(he rarely visits my blog...heck. I don't think anyone does anymore so my secret is safe)

Will is turning TWENTY-ONE in two days.

no. I refuse to accept this. He (and Melanie) had his first patio gig at our fave Starbucks two weeks ago. I'll post pics later. haha. yah right...

Ethan is doing well and as I posted above, facing some 19 year old trials. All good...just adult life is possibly over-rated. And I tried to tell him that...but we will buckle down and get thru this with him. Will went through his trials last year so we are right on target. He is David's loyal YFF worker dude...just don't ask him about the job at our friends' house that got "messed" up yesterday...it's still painful.

We WILL laugh about it someday..hopefully soon.

Melanie is loving the singing and piano playing she's been doing for church and for Young Band lately. They are recording an EP currently. In fact, they are in the studio with our good friends, the P family, tomorrow to work on it a bit more.

We are pretty stoked about that.

She is NOT enjoying her senior year...too much Shakespeare, she says...but she is ready to finish up her secondary education and get on to life. What that holds remains to be seen...she loves hair and make up and music so we shall keep praying that the Lord leads her exactly where He wants her to be.

Levi and Molly....ahhhh. gotta love those two.

On their own, they are golden. Put 'em together and I wanna big elbow them in the forehead. Seriously...they are so fun and precious. but they are in the bickering stage. I tell them that someday I'll miss this.......nope..I sure won't.

Levi is loving being a part of our church's youth group. Molly wants to be in there already but she's only in 3rd grade...Piper is also a part of our youth group and we LOVE having her. On occasion, we get to have my brother's boys in there too....I seriously love my flippin' family.

Molly is currently taking piano lessons and while she enjoys her teacher and certain aspects of piano, she is a drum girl at heart. She also told us a few weeks ago, very seriously, that she wants to change her  name to Diamond Sparkles Young. It sounds MUCH better than Molly Christine.

I disagree, Molly. while Diamond Sparkles IS ..... pretty (and sounds like a "dancer" name), Molly Christine was chosen specifically for you and you fit it so well. Please reconsider this, when you are 18....I would have a hard time taking you seriously with a name like Diamond Sparkles.


Mom and Dad head to Gulf Shores at the end of this month. They will fly home for the week of Christmas and then fly south again. Mom said, after missing our family Christmas last year, that she'd never do that  AGAIN!

I find myself wearing many  hats these days....not only am I the wife and mother of the prestigious bunch, but also the teacher, the bookkeeper, bill payer, facilities manager, chef (hahahahah), laundry tech....and the list goes on.

Please pray for me as my roles in this family change ....and as I take on more with the Hubs biz. Being thrown into learning Quickbooks, listening to financial talk and gearing up for court is NOT at all what I expected to be doing of late.

I am one overwhelmed but seriously blessed and trying to choose JOY momma. I know Who is in control. and I'm so glad that HE is.

Godspeed to you!!

Be back soon....