Thursday, November 13, 2008

this one's for you, Momma! and then some...

See see what I mean about my momma...get past all this gobbledegook...

Hey, hey, everybody...hope this post finds you enjoying a glamorous, amorous Thursday. I know, that's a stretch but it was fun to say....

Not much happening here today...but here's a recap of the morning thus far:

1. ~ Folded some laundry, but not all. whites are waiting...woohoo!

2. ~ Ran someone to the bathroom before they pooed their pants AGAIN!

3. ~ Went thru all of the toys upstairs...and some of Levi's clothing...time for a
Goodwill trip, that boy is growing fast...and getting some winter chub on...

4. ~ Told the kids that we could put the little Christmas tree up on the lower level...

5. ~ It's way too early for that but they enjoy it, right? Velvet has me all
psyched to get into the "holiday spirit", even if it kills me. Which it just may!

6. ~ Listening to Mel tickle the ivories...Levi is screaming at Will, who is outside...

7. ~ Alison Kraus is singing "Baby Mine" on my that. had a dream I was
pregnant last night....OMGoodness...yikes.

8. ~ No spelling tests today...yah! But History and Science are calling our names...
rather loudly, I may say.

9. ~ Is it just me or is it dreary out there again, for the third day? This calls for some action...
turn up that Christmas music and get mistletoey...

10. ~ Hug your kids...I need to remember to do this...and not just after they
have received discipline...
My kids thrive on affection, hugs, positive let me encourage you to hug 'em.
(your own, of course, but u are welcome to hug mine too...)
Let them be the things that kids need to do......within those loving, parental

Ok, that is all I have on the list...but in other news, because I know you are waiting with bated breath....yesterday was weird. rainy, solemn...but I got a good workout in with my sister at the YMCA. It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A...I'm hoping to join there for this next few months of intense working out etc. Nothing helps like some sisterly encouragement. She is such a fun one...even with a hurt neck and foot. I love you girl...I don't know how I would make it through a day without complete me. that sounds weird. but it's true. I could do with out all the workout garb on whilst in the was sooooo warm in there, tight, dark and small...Next time, I will show up prepared...I bet that sauna is niiiiiiiiice in the dead of winter.

I think I'm taking my new Pumas back...can't find brown work-out clothes to go with them...blllpfff! how aggravatin'. :P

...Hope you are achieving a lot in your day...and just remember,

God is in Control. I'm so glad about that! not Obama, not the NYSE, or the Dow, or Alan Greenspan, or that guy in North Korea, or Big in that...God is still on the throne!


found this adorably cute pic of my loving, beautiful mother while cleaning out the storage room today...doesn't Miss Molly resemble her? and you know who else I see in you, Mom? Charlie....say it isn't so...whaddya think?

sweet little round chubba kissable.


Tory said...

Nice! She does look like your momma. Who would have thought it until you included that picture. Bet your momma was a handful, too...that, or Moll gets it from her UB (Uncle Bucky)! ;) Just a stray thought.

I am with you on all of the is laundry day around here, and I actually did some work around the house. Now, let me say, if you walked in right now, you would ask where I did this work (In my dreams?); but, I definitely prefer being out of the house or working on other things that housework. And, I am headed back out to Kroger's to try to get my 39 cent/lb turkey...they were out yesterday by the time that I got there. So, I did get a rain check, but I am going back again. You can tell that people are concerned about their budgets.

Well, sorry that I droned on on your blog. Glad to hear that you are enjoying the Y and times with's always good to have an accountability partner. Have a good rest of the day. Oh, and I like your Twila Paris song most of all. Love ya, t

Laurie and company said...

you can drone on, on my blog any ol' day. just so ya know.

OOh, thanks for the turkey reminder. D's company gives no expiration coupons out each year so now I have two...for that free about a blessing, huh? 39 cents is awesome though! hope you get yours today! and that you get lots done at your house so you can relax and blog! and stuff. no pressure.

Molly definitely gets her peskiness from her great uncle Buck...well, from what Mom says...she'll always be in trouble I think. but at least she'll be reasonably cute while doing so.

I like the Twila Paris songs too...very powerful!

Hugs ya!

VELVET said...

you know, i almost think that pix of your mom looks a bit like levi. speaking of which, i'm glad i'm not the only one who has to 'encourage' their kiddo to go to the freakin' bathroom - i swear sky is gonna be the death of me with his potty procrastination!
you are motivating me with your workouts. i just started running with 2 neighbors every other morning, and it is killing me, but i need it! gotta work off all that eggnog i keep drinking :)
glad you are kinda/sorta getting in the christmas spirit - sometimes it takes awhile! it's not like you are busy with other things or anything :)

Laurie and company said...

man, Velvet, that is so cool to hear...that someone else's boy does the same thing...what gives? they ARE going to be the death of us! man!
I'm glad we are seems to be taking a bit of time and doesn't fall of like it used to. ugh. the point that matters is that we do it, right? you crack me up...
your blog has definitely helped out in the bah humbug mode I'm in. so thanks for that! I have no excuse to be joyful and embrace this for my kids' sake!

love ya!

Anonymous said...

and, if it makes you feel any better - Josh used to do the same thing.... like he had better things to do then go poop. then, too late.

ugh, used to make me so mad.

ps. your music scares the poop out me everytime!

well, not really

Laurie and company said...

dmoms - you know you love the "scary" music...every li'l bit of it. quit poopin' yo' must be a trend amongst all of us...

hey, I will write ya back on your blog... I never got back to you on your quest to if you read this, my email addy is: I'd love to catch up with you!

how did you get Josh to start going "on his own" with no prompting??


Tory said...

I love the new pictures of you and D. Very nice, Kara!

Laurie and company said...

hey, thanks Toryliciousness...that pic is actually almost 3 years old...but I always forget about it's definitely new to you!

gracias muchacha

Charmaine said...

Hi girlie,

I love "glamorous amorous" -- my life doesn't always resemble that, but it's a good goal! Your post lifted me up today from many angles!

And BTW, we have recently had poop issues (again) with our crazy boy. He's still on the Miralax, but he's been doing 3 prunes a day for the last 10 days or so and WOW!!! (Plus I've been tracking his water intake and encouraging him to drink more.) It's like a miracle. Just a thought... (And no, prekids I never thought I'd get excited about these things, much less post about them on the internet!)

Steph said...

Hey - didja see how I learned to put the music on my blog from copying your blog? You leader you!
The pic of David (young David Young :) looks SO much like Will - I thought it was him at first.
Love the wedding picture. And thumbs up to David for the glasses exchange! Likin' the new ones better.
Did you know (you probably do) that there is a place in Indy where you can get two pairs of glasses and the exam for only $69?
I'm trying to get over there so I can update my glasses (I bought them in 2000 and they need HELP!)

Laurie and company said...

thanks always makes me feel better to know that someone, more specifically, YOU, are going through the same "crap"...hee hee. sorry for the play on words. hugs to your pregnant self!

come on over, Steph...I would LOVE to meet up and buy ya a cup of JOE! D. actually had that surgery two years ago so now he needs no glasses...but I think he's so cute in 'em...way to go on the playlist!