Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm alllll ready....

This is my birth kit...waiting and ready to be of service....

Here is everything else on my supply list, within arms reach of the midwives. I've been ready for way too long actually.


but apparently, Master Young is NOT. I know God is in control, and Jack will arrive when he's good and ready...but that does not make this any easier. I'm on hold. just not sure how much more of this I can physically take. I know, I'm whining. sorry.

I had consistent, 12 - 15 minute apart contractions in the middle of the night so naturally, I thought THIS IS IT!! yeah, no. I fell asleep, woke up and nothing. occasional twinges.

On a positive note, MH is coming at 11 today (less than an hour from now) and says she will do all in her power to get this thing started. I'm nervous, have to keep talking myself down from the ceiling but then I remind myself who is in control and all that good stuff. Perfect peace...He's delivered me 5 times before...and He will do it again. in His time. not mine.

That can be difficult to grasp, ya know? but a very promising reminder...

So, off to prepare for Mary Helen's visit and hopefully baby boy six. Hope this finds you enjoying this lovely almost last day of June...(our weather has been dreamy, actually!!)

UPDATE: MH just left...dilated to 3 cm, she definitely thinks by weekend but probably tonight or tomorrow. If he doesn't show up tonight, I begin castor oil bright and early. All the signs are in place, we are just waiting on Jack to put that old head down, which, when she checked, he moved it "Hey, don't touch me!". brat. :) Hope to be back with baby news in the next day or so. Thanks for the prayers and encouraging words. I love you.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nice distractions...

Probably the last pic of just 5 of our kids. We went to Cheesecake Factory Wednesday night to celebrate Father's Day and to get Mel her birthday cheesecake (she chose the Reese's one...eww.)

Apparently, this baby didn't come with a little pop out thingy that says when he's finished because I am STILL pregnant...and it's the day AFTER my due date. I'm beside myself because I have never ever ever been in this position. I have a lot of thoughts going thru my head, some of them are freaky and I just can't help but wonder what God is trying to teach me. I'm open, waiting to learn...but failing. just keep swimming, just keep swimming....

Hey BIG LADDDDYYYYY! (totally reminds me of a story from my pregnancy with Will...I'll have to blog about it someday...) this just looks painful...ouch. help meeeee!

Hi there. How are ya?

I'm trying to stay positive, keep smiling (hence the smiley songs on playlist..yes, Justin Bieber makes me smile. Leave me alone), stay busy so I don't dwell too deeply on the fact that I'm going to be pregnant FOREVER.

Today's date is rather significant for this child of the 80's. Here's why...

~Today is George Michael's birthday (I know) and today is his birthday. I loooooved Wham! when I was a kid...yeah, he doesn't have the greatest character but I still remember his birthday.

~Two years ago, on this very day, Michael Jackson passed away (or so they say). I was a big MJ fan as a youngster. I still appreciate a lot of his musical talent though his character also was less than stellar. so what (that's pregnant me talking)...

I've told the baby that if he doesn't come TODAY, I will name him either George Michael Young or Wacko Jacko Young. no pressure.

In all seriousness, I think we've chosen baby boy's name and it has Godly purpose. We asked the Lord to bless us with our 6th baby, if He'd bring some JOY along with him. I'm not saying that we will always be JOYFUL because the baby is here, but we are praying for the reminder of Joy in spite of ourselves.

We kinda wanted to implement initials of said baby with the JOY acronym (that's an acronym, right? correct me if I'm wrong...) If it was a girl, we wanted to name her Olivia Joy Young (yes, out of order but Joy would still be there) and we've had a harder time with a boy. We've tossed different ideas around...I think we've settled on Jack Oliver Young. Please don't refer to him as JOY (I can totally hear that Johnny Cash song "A boy named Sue" in my head)...but he is our JOY baby.

Maybe that's why he's making us wait...we need to find the true meaning of JOY. It's a choice. I will choose JOY today. even though, with every contraction, I freak out a little bit, joy, joy....and can I say that once he does arrive, you all, as far as Japan, will probably hear me whooping and hollering with JOY!!

David and Ethan are working over in Centerville so the remaining kids and I are going to visit the Greenwood Freedom Festival. Parade, booths, too many people. A nice distraction...thank you, Shellee, Nic, Tory, and the rest of you on Facebook etc. for your kind, caring words and prayers. I deeply appreciate them and ask that you keep them coming. Hopefully the next time I'm on here, it's to post pix of baby Jack on here. we can HOPE.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Belated Father's Day...

To all of you daddios out there...I'm sure that one of the only father's that reads my blog is my very own...Thanks Dad. Thanks for holding me accountable with my beloved blog.

This distinguished, salt and peppery haired guy is one of the finest dads around.

He is a hard worker, very dedicated to his company, his employees, his associates and his customers. A rare find these days...I really do love you, David.

this guy is my can see where I get some of my good looks. :) and my beard.

He is not only a fine father, but a stupendous grandpa. Molly's cherubic face pretty much sez it all.

And this is where I should put some pix of my father in law, Carl, but unfortunately, I don't have many pix of him floating around. So here's to you, Carl...Thanks for instilling some amazing character into your firstborn son. We are eternally grateful for your involvement in our husband's/dad's life.

Last but most certainly not least, I am so thankful for my Heavenly Father...His mercy endures forever and He is my strength. Now, if He'd just push the button to get #6 out, I'd be sure to shout from my very own rooftop just how much I love Him. Which I should do anyways...but it's kinda dangerous in my fragile condition. Thank You, Lord, for saving my wretched soul!

Happy Father's Day, Guys!!

So, yeah, Will has poison ivy. David is coming down off the sickness/work too much for one's own good high. Molly keeps tinkling in her pants. Levi ruined his fairly new sandals on the treadmill tonight. Melanie is loving her new bike. I'm still flipping pregnant. I'm at the stage now where you SWEAR you will never ever (let's hope D's surgery was successful) want to have another baby. Still numb in my ribs, baby's not moving about as much, which leads me to believe he is hunkering down and getting ready to "head" out. ha ha. Braxton Hicks are getting more intense and general discontent and irritability is at an ALL TIME HIGH. watch out!

The way I've felt today, lack of breath, general laziness mixed with spurts of energy, weird aches, cause me to wonder if THIS is the night. Pop goes the weasel. Please pray for me...the general funk that is settling over me and my house is disconcerting. just down right weird. David and the kids prayed for me tonight...whatta gang.

So I guess until Jack shows up, my posts will be pretty repetitive and for that I am sooo sorry. I can't wait to put some pics on here of our new fella. I'm soooo ready to meet him, see his sweet little face. Just CAN'T wait. <>

gotta go finish some worky stuff for my hubs and go lay back down on my bed. Fingers, toes crossed for a baby party TOMORROW. too much to ask? prolly. o well. Hope this finds you well...hugs!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

still here...

This is our awesome babysitter from 2 summers ago, Courtney. She married this cute like herself guy almost two weeks ago. We had the immense pleasure of watching the nuptials. Congrats David and Courtney!!

I just wanna sit around and scrap all these amazing pix that Nat took. It's so fun. I know once he shows up, scrapping time will be even harder to come by. are ya?

Hangin' in there? yeah, me too. Still prego. Saw the midwife yesterday, dilated to between 1 and 2. whooppeeeee...I thought I'd be farther along. wishful thinking. I do believe stuff is "happening" because I feel pretty miserable today. My hips are smooshy and my stomach just feels downright crampy. yah. Ready. ready for this to happen, meet the guy and be done.

So my next prediction for Little Dude's arrival is Sunday, June 19th. Father's Day. Whatta way to end my childbearing David his last son on father's day.

Hope to be back with good news very shortly.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Trails, friends....

G kids with Y kids...

Ethan, Ian, and Will...Three Musketeers...I know it hasn't sunk in that their friend is moving...

Mel and Hannah, Ian's younger sis.

awww, this is sad. for us!

We met the G family (Mom, Dad, Gabe, Ian, Jonah, and Hannah) a little over a year ago (well, I did...I think my boys have known Ian for a bit longer than that). They are moving to Minnesota, relocating with their dad's new job. Good for them....sad for us and all of their friends here in Indy.

We will miss you, guys! God bless you and know that you always have a place to land if you are in this area. sniff sniff.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mel turned 13...over a week ago.

Mel's Zebra ring...

We coerced her to get out of the pool to open gifts, and she was none too thrilled at being in her bathing suit with wet hair for these pix. O well.

I still really find it hard to believe that this girl is a teenager now. In true teenager form, she's texting (but not ridiculously, tho she DOES manage to catch every text from her friends and somehow MISS the ones from me....hmmmm), she is primping and beginning to take an active interest in self care. And she rolls her eyes and acts rather annoyed with me. I have a solution for that. but I won't blog about it.

Yes, I'm a horrible mother. I'm just NOW blogging for Mel's birthday. Because she has managed to acquire David's HTC EVO phone, I think she can forgive me, us, for the busyness of the past week +.

We had her party the same day as our Memorial Day picnic. It was a nice, hot day to be in the pool. She got lots of nice things and money to spend on some clothing, make-up and whatever else struck her fancy. I think it's all gone now. dang.

So now I have 3 teenaged bodies in my house. In all honesty, so far, it's not as bad as I've heard. I do truly believe I have three of the nicest kids around so that helps. They've had to deal with a lot over the years and they're growing into some fine young adults. I do thank the Lord for that...a definite blessing.

In other news, I feel kinda crappy today. I think that's a good sign. I just need to have this baby. soon. I hope to be able to blog about ________ ___________ Young very soon!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the bebe shower pix you've all been waiting for...

and why not?? I mean, look at how attractive and sweaty I was in EVERY picture.

cute little robot 31 bag that my sissy got for little dude...diapers and wipes made easy. That paper plate in my hand? that was my fan.

we were blessed with some very nice and thoughtful gifts and here is a very clever idea from my good friend, Tammy. She wanted to incorporate a half dozen container and she also said, whilst cutting our heads off of our bodies in a family pic, that she felt a little bit like a gory murderer.

This was an outfit from #6's big sister, Mel. it's got a little bull dog on it and it says "Chicks dig me".

jammies from Jen

This pic is significant because this is my friend, Jennifer and 2 of her 3 daughters (not including her 3 boys also). The baby girl, Leemarie, could just possibly be our 4th son's future wife. We are in talks about it.

man, my belly is large. I should've been more specific with my photographer (Mel) that I wanted pix taken of everyone in attendance, including our hostesses...instead, she took a bunch of unflattering pix of me that I can't even post on here because I'm so NON-photogenic. But good try, Mel!

Our darling hostess, Becky, spent a good week, week and a half making the deco on my friend, Jen's, Cricut machine (die cuts) I thoroughly enjoyed the robot theme.

Boyden's robot deliciousness...

Ok, so here are some pix from the baby shower...It was really a nice event and I'm extremely grateful to my sis for throwing it and for all in attendance. I know baby what's his name gonna be will thank you once he's here and he's wearing the clothes, diapers or blankets that were so graciously given on his behalf. THANK YOU!!

A little update for ya:

I saw Mary Helen today. BP is gooooood, baby's heart rate was most excellent and he's snugly head down (Praise the LORD!!) He has planted his piggies into my right ribs so I'm not fond of that. or am I? I'm at the stage where labor and delivery will be a welcome relief from constant aches and pains. Soak it up. soak it up!! I'm also at the stage where almost every thought is consumed with wonder. How's this going to go? How long will it take? Will every thing go as "planned"? Who does he look like? Will I freak out? am I going to LIVE?? Loving midwife assures me I will be fine.

David and Will have been sick forever now. Will came down with something last Wednesday night, right after our loving home visit. Fever, headaches, cough, etc. David came home from Centerville with it on Saturday night and though today is better for both, there is some residual stuff. Oh those coughs.

I will be back to blog more later. My mending hubby and I are heading out for a bit. Until then, peace

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Centerville trip

From what I hear, Levi was quite the squeegee/vacuum helper!!

check out that awesome yellow booted man on that amazingly sharp INDOT floor!!

yes, Will has craaazy hair. and who are these two handsome teenaged men??

I thought I got a pic of David, Levi and Uncle John (in the blue overalls) but apparently it didn't turn out so this will have to do.

Just a glimpse of our recent trip to Centerville, IN, which is on the eastern side of the state, near Richmond (which is where we stayed at a Hampton Inn).

David's Hybrid floor looks quite awesome in this brand new facility. I will blog more about this later...surely....but I have a lot of catching up to do.....

Happy Thursday to you!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a little sumpin for the littlest young'n's...

On May 18th, after Nat took the awesome pix and then proceeded to take #1-#3 back to Illinois with her, Levi asked his dad if we could maybe possibly go to the Cheesecake Factory. Just the four of us.

It didn't take much convincing. They have reasonably priced kids meals and D and I always split a meal so we can get outta there without having to do dishes. it's a win win.

Can you believe that it's June today? Do you know what that means?

It's BABY month around here. Today was my home visit with Mary Helen and her assistant, Summer. Ya'd think with the burgeoning belly that that would make this all seem real. And it does. But this visit really just made this seem like it's actually gonna happen.

My little boy is doing very's funny because his heart rate is always so strong. When we talk to him or when I rustle him/pat him during my doppler check, his little heart rate goes up. Such a fun little fella. Can't WAIT to meet him. We've begun the bet's all in fun, of course, but it's fun to get people's guesses on when baby will arrive and how much baby will weigh. We post it up...and heck, since this is Last Young, we may even issue a prize for the closest guess. So, drop me a comment...I'll put your name on the page.

I'm having some pretty consistent Braxton Hicks contractions today. I have to admit, it does make me a smidge nervous...I know what to expect. It's going to hurt but I pray his delivery goes quickly. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to do a home birth one last time. It's hard to get the head around good God has been to give us nearly 6 incredible kids and 6 awe-inspiring deliveries. Wow. Not taken lightly.

I'm all my supplies in the crib and all we need is for baby to show up. I appreciate your prayers...

I'll be back, for I have a slew of pix from Race weekend to post, and even Mel's 13th b-day pix. Little bits....litttttttttle bits. Peace....