Sunday, October 31, 2010

Levi Taylor is an 8 year old boy!

hard to believe this tiny little fella is EIGHT! your nickname should've been Rough Start...for you surely had one.

always Mr. Serious (back then)

little flopdoodle...your other nickname was Tongue Boy.

photo courtesy of Kara D...oh, and the one below too.

Love those foldy li'l ears...

killer eyes

looks like he inherited my T-Rex arms. ha ha.

Happy 8th Birthday, Levi Taylor!

I remember the day I found out you were a boy. It was July 4th, 2002. Becky took me to Romper Womb. She was a mess because she had just broken up with her boyfriend. When the technician said it was a boy...she nearly spit. but only because she wasn't liking boys too much at that moment. She recovered quickly. We were so glad to know what you were, because this was our first ultrasound EVER. It made it so real that you were actually going to be joining our family. That very night, we all picked out your name. Levi is kind of in honor of my mom's side of the family...Her dad's name was Lee and his last name was Taylor.

We had such a quick homebirth with you, Mr. Levi...the midwives had gone to Walmart in Martinsville to get fabric, thinking we had more time than we did. I progressed quickly! Mom, Beck and our 3 oldest went to Meijer for food...we had to call all of them back so David didn't have to deliver the little fella.

During your baby exam, the next day, Mary Ann discovered a hairy tuft at the base of your spine, which can signify spina bifida occulta. Very common in babies of English descent. Levi, you are very English. we were FREAKIN' out. you had to have an ultrasound on your spine, but it was a good ending. I felt so sad for had such a rough start.

When you were 8 days old, we had you circumcised. We are not Old Testament Jews, we just do that because your blood has had 8 days to build up healing defenses. While Doc Countryman was doing the deed, you reacted to the analgesic and endured some anaphylactic shock. Doc got worried about your heart...time for another ultrasound. All good. Natural doc Grandma Y told us you simply (or not so simply) reacted violently to the numbing agent. Yikes. ouch.

Even though you've been delayed in some areas, you aren't delayed in so many others. We love that you march to the beat of your own little drum. You are a Gentle Giant. For someone who started out at 7 lbs 3 oz (my smallest baby), you've recovered well.

We look forward to all the good things God has planned for your life. I think it includes music and comedy. You are such an entertainer (remember in Sunday School this morning?? you were cracking up all the kids with your pretend sleep and funny antics). We love you, Levi. You are a hoot hoot...

Harvest Party®


I'd blog about the amazingly fun, amazingly CRAZY Harvest Party last night but I took not ONE picture.

I was counting on my shutterbug brother to do that, which he did...he snapped at least 300 pix....but he has not posted them on FB yet for me to steal.

So in the meantime, I will dig up some pix of my adorably inquisitive newly minted 8 year old son, Levi...and post them here for your viewing pleasure.

On a side note: Molly's downstairs yelling up at Levi, Us to "shut your piehole"! I have trained her well.

Ok, be back soon.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Li'l Pumpkin

Natalie has mad crochet skills...

R looks JUST like his dad here...amazing.

Ok, Nat...I've waited a few weeks for you to blog these A-dorable pix of your offspring and I can wait NO longer...I had to share these today. granted, I didn't post all of the ones she put on Facebook but just enough to give you a peek at sweet li'l man, Ryan.

I think we have the cutest nephew/cousin boy in history.

Tonight, I am trying to get the house "ready" for tomorrow evening's Harvest Party® activities. I'm just not that into it, honestly...I'm not excited about my costume and all the work ahead of me. But I shall persevere, choose JOY and the memories will be sweet, I am certain. I do hope that this post finds you enjoying the beginning of a delightful "halloween" ish weekend.

Stay tuned for Harvest Party® pictures on Sunday...until then, au revoir.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I heart skeery music...

but I don't heart skeery movies.

except for "The Village", or "Signs", or any other M. Night however you spell his last name...before that creepy one he made last year or so...

Forgive the spooky tunes that will be gracing my blog for the next few days...I really, really like it.

when the lights are on.

Have a good night!

school pictures once more...

Piper is in 1st grade this fall and really, sass-wise, she should be in say, 6th. She is such a little priss, very funny, observant, and we love having her in our family.

Nora is in K3 this year...whatta big girl. One question I have though, where did this girl get such brownish eyes? there's no denying her paternity...and I was there when she came out soooooo, I'm confused. quite honestly, it's just NOT fair! David actually has a brown-eyed mother...why couldn't one of my kids have gotten them? I'm going to go pout. We love this pint-sized sassafrass lass too...she has been a nice addition to the clan and I love the dynamics between her and Molly. BFF's, baby!

I don't feel I can blog unless I have a picture to put with it.

This week has been just plain weird.

Monday: Got up at 6 and walked with my neighbor chick. Biology for Will. My mom flew to California. No more soccer. School. Karate. Began a Ladies' Bible Study with Tambo, Linda and Dawn. that was the best part of that day! It was so unseasonably warm and I'm just ready for a little more chill. (50's - 60's is good)

Tuesday: Got up at 6 again to walk with Tashena. It was so eerie and windy outside. Sent D and the boys up to storage. Big storm blew in. lost our power. took forever to be restored or so it seemed. Mel and Levi got attacked by other neighbor's pit bull for the LAST TIME. Called Sheriff. Not sure what he did but he went over there, hopefully telling them to PUT THE DOG DOWN. So sleepy and weird all day. Tim W. came to give estimate on finishing up siding on house front etc. (can I get a whoooooop whooooop?) Piano. School. home for more mope. Watched Angela's Ashes to depress myself further. Went to sleep after watching a wrestling session between all 5 kids (Molly's a better fighter than Levi so we had instruction on how to punch like a man for him. marked improvement). baaaaa.

Wednesday: well, we're off to a decent start. One cup of joe down....bills being paid, now to get going on the Harvest Party details. Levi went with his Dad that is cool. Male bonding...hope your Wednesday is a bright, cheery sorta day.

Monday, October 25, 2010

guess who's turning EIGHT?

He was such a little kitty of a baby....

hee heee...this makes me LOL!

and you should see him in this sweet outfit NOW....

Levi's 8th birthday is coming up on Sunday, October 31. I find it rather hard to believe that he will actually be this old.

He was just born.

and I'm listening to him out on the front porch, as he plays Go Fish with Mel...whining and saying "I'm telling Mom....."

On this day, and by now, my mom has boarded a plane for California. This was the day last year that we got HOME from our Great Adventure. she's going out to help my bro with his boys. we shall miss her.

Also, today is my dad's 63rd birthday...(raw deal for him but she did leave him a fridge full of yummy food).

Happy Birthday, Jimmy! We love you...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Really now...

This girl is:

•Into locking doors and doing sneaky things like
•Ruthlessly tattooing herself with Sharpie markers that never ever want to wash off.
•Getting some things figured out today. I hope.

I just sent this pic to her out of town dad and his reply? Awwwwwwww.
so cute from so far away, eh?

Happy Thursday to you! I'm so glad to be home today. Tomorrow, I will be gone to Map Your Future allllllllll daaaaaaaaay. waaaaaaa.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Flying Circus

• I love that Tom caught this with his just made my year.
• I have proof that she is a handful.
• Where DID she acquire such gracefulness?
• Love that David's eyes are fixed on the TV and he is missing the amazingness that is about to descend on our couch. this is my life. ha ha!

This girl wants to be Spidergirl...look at those calf muscles!!

today I am praising God for reconciled friendships, healthy kids, adorably intense husband, beautiful bright sunshine, an opportunity to pray with TK today, a good yet quick visit with 3 of my favorite people (Randy, Uncle Frank and Aunt Nan) and the freedom, gas, health and ability to go to the YMCA with my sister and most of our kids. Well, all of her kids but 3/5 of mine.

I am not worthy. I stand in awe of God's orchestration.

Gotta run...Happy Wednesday to you and yours! I love YOU!

Photo Credits: Tom G Photography. It doesn't get any better!®

Monday, October 18, 2010

this time last year

Slide Rock was......... AWESOME.

not that I'd want to be there right now but wow! whatta fine part of our trip...

that's all I've got for this wacky Monday...whew. glad it's over...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wilson turns SIXTEEN! and other fine events.

this is what we spent the second part of our day, all the way down in New Albany, Indiana...right next to Louisville, KY. It was a lovely day to drive with our family of 7. Unfortunately, Southside Thunder did not win their game. but they played hard!

another I will just have to dig out the little version. I have some great re-enactment plans, Kara. it's going to be a long winter.

Nora Bean, waiting for us to get our acts together and dish up cakeage.

we love this boy's face. don't ask what we are doing with Will's tiny 2 year old face in the hole of a piece of notebook paper. nope. just don't ask.

while walking thru Target one fine day, Beck and I came upon these ginormous footies...and thought it'd be funny to get them for our ginormous teenager...if they'd actually fit a bit better, he'd have kept them...hiii-larious.

the 16-year old still enjoys a Marvel Encyclopedia...

bashful, as always...Hope your birthday was fun, Will. I think you will have a good time in Champaign/Urbana with Dad this week! Savor the peaceful moments!

can you believe they actually make footy pajamas this long? I honestly don't think my kids wore footies much....they were all hot sleepers like their mother. Will is so stinkin' tall!


Today has been one of "those" days. not too bad but not particularly super either.

Worship service was good, good message on Acts 7 by Pastor Randy...donuts, fine fellowship, home to clean the house and let Molly run off with our Venti coffee and proceed to drink MOST of it.

Kids had different youth group activities tonight so while we weren't shuttling them there, we were finding out that our storage unit had been broken into and such. Yeah. not fun. But in light of the news on Facebook of the loss of my HS friend's 6 year old son, we'll be ok.

Emma's little son collapsed at school last week (from an undetected heart issue) and due to loss of oxygen, eventually went into a coma and had no brain activity. Life support was shut off at 1 p.m. California time today. Godspeed little man. Prayers and love to Emma and her family. Hug your littles....if this news just doesn't make me cherish each aggravating moment, I'm an ogre for sure. God's ways don't always make sense.

Tally ho! Onward to a new week, filled with promise and joy.

My goal is to smile when I feel like shrieking. To giggle when I feel like banging my head on the wall. I may fail. that's ok.

Friday, October 15, 2010

six square

David and other people are working on a six square version of his HTFS flooring over at the Bandy's residence...Many people have donated lots of time to seeing this thru.

That is where my husband and sons are at today...Will's last day as a 15 year old. sniff.

But man, isn't it a glorious autumn day? 62 degrees, sunny, leaves blowing in the wind, Pumpkin spice Americano to sip on....(after weigh in of course)...

Tonight, David is hosting an open house for his investors. He is legally supposed to do this...kinda tell people where the work/patent/$ is at....and we still wait on other news.

The good part of said open house is the fried chicken from Byrd's Cafeteria and other fine food. It is sure to be an informative and belly-filling time.

Hope your weekend is spent enjoying some outdoor time and wonderful worship.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

If you asked me, I could write a book....

two and a half years ago...

two years ago...He's much taller now.

Just wanted to drop in and say HEY!
A few updates for myself more than my blog friends...occasionally, I go back thru my blog to remember events for David's records...
~Joe's meeting with investor this morning - sounds like some answered prayer again. we shall see.
~work being done at Bandy's on the Six Square game.
~Levi spending the entire Wednesday out with D. Good male bonding and a break for mom :)
~Details on Methodist job coming together.
~Visit with an old friend, prayerful reconciliation.
~All the what if's, how's and such of our future. Leaving it ALL in God's hands. all of it. yikes.
~Investor meeting tomorrow night, being held at our C4 building, from what I hear. We will have food and info.

Ok. Did you enjoy the much needed rain we got yesterday? Our weather guy said it was the most rain we've had since July 28th. Wow. Droughty Droughterson. I love the way clouds and gloom force you to chill. I so need that in my life right now. It's like a whirlwind each and every day. So I'm hoping that this autumn, we get some of those days. I just wanna stay home. (I'll stop whining now).

As for Will's upcoming b-day....the kid only wants $ to buy his own clothes and stuff. seems so strange. yet so easy. now, if that $ tree hadn't dried up in this drought...:P

Here's hoping your Thursday is a beautiful Autumn delight.

P.S. This day last year, we were in Colorado Springs with Eric, Carrie and their kids. That was one of our all time favorite stops. Pike's Peak, Colorado Springs Zoo, Garden of the, it's beautiful out there. can't believe that was a year ago.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy 14th Birthday, Alexandra!

A huge shout out to our niece, Alexandra, pictured above hugging on Levi, who turns the big 1-4 this year!!

She's our first niece and when she was born, I'd only had Will and Ethan so I was quite green with envy over her arrival...I actually thought I'd never have a daughter. And then when Alexandra's sister, Abbey, pictured above also, on the left, showed up when I was pregs with Mel (but didn't know it was a girl)...was even more green with envy.

God was gracious in giving Melanie to us, for imagine the mayhem that would've ensued if it had been Melvin instead of Melanie. ha ha. (I do love my boys!)

Happy Wednesday to you and a very happy birthday to Zandra.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

trains & bangs



Figured I could start being a bit more diligent about my blogging, since my parents don't travel down to our house to swim every day.

Figured you'd like to see what Levi and Molly are up to, Mom, Dad...they are still alive and kicking.

In all reality, things are going very well...God has answered some big prayers in our lives (He's so good at that) neat to see Him work. I think He's always done that in our lives but maybe now that we are seeking Him for everything, we notice it more. Prayer is powerful. Prayer knits you tightly with those around you.

We actually enjoyed a delish home cooked meal tonight. David's job with Blakley's ended yesterday so he will be home in the evenings now, until his next big job starts at the beginning of November. Then, we just may never see him ever. Salmon, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies....I think my peeps thought they were dying and on their way to heaven. We know how to eat well but it's the time...we just don't take the time to eat as well as we should or could.

On that note, my brain food is kicking in and I'm going to go lay down and read. Hope your Tuesday has been truly spectacular. nighty night...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Willy Nilly

November 1994

My 22nd birthday...holding the best present! and loving my perm at the same time...

Will at almost 2...ducky slippers and baby keys. I see a re-enactment coming...wish I could find this snazzy one piece outfit though.

We still have this car...Will STILL tries to play in it. and when he does, this is the face I see.

This sweet little face is, in all honesty, the face I still see when I get a glimpse at my nearly 16 year old son in all his facial hair, long legged glory...(I'm going to cry for a minute. no. really, I am...) I blinked and he's nearly a man. dang that nostalgia....I am telling my 24 year old self to cherish these two little future men that I had at this time. gosh. I am going to go beat myself up.

The thing that's cool about Will? He's freaking out about 16 as much as I am. He spent the night with Ian Sat. night and he told me yesterday that he woke up in the middle of the night panicking. I thought it was because he was in someone else's house but he said it's because he is going to be 16 this coming Saturday. Such a sweet, young at heart guy.

You are such an amazing (UH-MAZING for emphasis) young man, Will Franklin. I love that you still hug, kiss, speak words of love to your dad and I. I love that you love Levi so very much. I love that you stayed home from our work at the Kaleo open house Friday night so you could keep Molly occupied and out of our hair. I love your quiet strength. I love that you already read "To Train Up a Child". I love to watch you play soccer and the moves where you scoot with your bum. I also love that when you and that black kid konked noggins on Saturday, you asked him if he was ok and when he responded "Of course I'm ok", you replied "Don't be a butt".

Gosh. Thanks for being such an encouragement to me (and to Dad)...thanks for letting us borrow money when our well seems to be running dry. You are one of the finest examples of just how good God is to us. man.

I am going to go have a good cry while I fold laundry. (you are actually working at Bandy's this morning with Dad and Vince before your Biology go Boy). I love you so much.

Good Monday morning, folks. Thanks for letting me wax nostalgic up above. I am shaking because well, I'm hungry but mostly out of sheer gratitude for Will. If you know him, you love him. he's quiet but thoughtful. He's serious but hilarious. If you know him, you are as blessed as I am. he's an astute young man of God.

Firstborns break us in...we become different people because of them. We grow up with them. and sometimes, while they grew more mature than us, we stay immature (at least in my case). I will ask Will how I should respond in certain situations. He's always "spot on". that is mind boggling.

This week will be busy, filled with trying, busy and blessed times, but I wanted to take a minute to remember Will since we will be out of town on Saturday (the actual day of his birth) for soccer.

Hope this finds you and yours enjoying summer's last ditch effort to torture us a bit more. I'm so thankful for a morning at home. God bless you!

note: I just re-read this post and wow, sorry for the redundancy. I think I mentioned 15 times that this Saturday is W's birthday. garsh.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Yesterday, my three oldest kids and I had the immense pleasure of joining Tammy and her two oldest girls in downtown Indy at the Indiana Repertory Theatre's presentation of "Holes" (you may have seen it in movie theaters about 8-9 years ago) was SO cool. we were in the SECOND row and E was in front of us in the front. The players literally spit on us. ha ha.

Always checking out the floors...

There were costumes placed all around in their upper area...the girls really enjoyed posing next to them.

I've got to get me some of those star lights. love 'em.

creepy little bird..handsome young men.

We weren't allowed to take pix inside the theatre but these doors were open into the theatre...I wasn't technically in there...this is our cast practicing before their 10 a.m. show...

We went down to Mass Ave after for some Bazbeau's pizza for lunch....Here, we have our crew next to a creepy big head, sniffing Tammy's Fair Trade coffee...My boys...just love their expressions. E, I hope it was just because you were standing in the sunlight that we had this expression.

not much better here but what can i say...maybe the big head was freaking him out.

The adventures that aren't pictured here include:

Taking my big, grey van into the Circle Centre Mall's parking garage
-just barely short enough
-Tammy crouched down in the front seat out of fear that at any moment, we would shear the top of our van off on a pipe or cement structure. so much so that she pulled a muscle.
-Due to the mounting fear that we would get stuck, after finally finding a decent parking space, squeezing my van in, tapping the car in front of me, I left my window rolled down the entire time. Thankfully, nothing was touched. but sheesh.
-When we drove out to pay, the attendant at the money booth, in her cute little foreign accent said "You drive beeg bus"...

We had a really great time and it was so cool to be so close to the action on stage....I knew it made me wanna do some acting...Thanks, Tammy, for suggesting this to us, getting us out there and getting some culture. It was a blast.

Now I must go....we have a busy day filled with Soccer at CCG (12:30 and 2:30), Bandy work, house cleaning, and a "Come Wreck Our House" Party at the K's tonight.