Monday, October 17, 2016

Wedding highlights n stuff...a month later....

Natalie, the family photographic genius, did such an amazing job capturing precious moments on September 17, 2016. Can't wait to see the rest.
I must add here, also, these pics uploaded sadly out of order again and I'm too pooped to try to re-adjust them.

Levi, enduring some allergy testing, three days before the wedding.
His spinal surgery will take place next Monday, Oct 24th and we covet your prayers.
I know it'll be good and that it's totally and completely in the Lord's powerful hands but my heart is struggling.
We are totally at peace with this latest development.
I love how out of order these pics are. cracking me up.

some candids before the ceremony



My younger bro caught this tear jerking moment...My sister is a tender hearted dame. And I love it so much. She said this was when Will seated me. I admittedly cried too...

One of my favorites.
Still so strange to think that we have a married kid. It's wonderful, oddly cool and all together amazing.

So, we "bumped" into the newlyweds while on a "business" trip to OH.
So much love.

The Greenhills and Ochoas...from my dad's side of the tree.

Jill, in a Laurie & Becky sammich

E and Mel, the Sunday after the festivities. again, forgive the out of orderliness.

Taylor mom's side!

After Rehearsal dinner, we all trekked down at the canal...Will and Joy had given everyone in their party these cool baseball tees that had their wedding hashtag as well as wedding date and on the back it said Young '94 (since Will and Joy are both 1994 babies, exactly two months apart in age)
Ian popped into this one!

The morning of the wedding...this is the tent that was supposed to be put up on Friday...oy.  Thanking the Lord that the weather did eventually clear up. and the humidity and mosquitoes came with that improvement in weather....

Joy and the bridesmaids, prayer. 

My MI cousins and my sissy. So glad to have such good family support. Loved seeing our relatives.

Parent's Prayer, led by Joy's Dad.
The evening ended with an amazing time of worship....led by Michael Johnson and Melanie. It was such a beautiful way to end the day...Will n Joy even went up for a song. 

so happy for you two.
We love you both so much!
sorry for the late update! To say that our lives have been whirlwinds would be an understatement....

I have so much I'd like to update and I'll do my best so here goes.

-Today, David, Levi and I were up before 7:00 am to head to Ortho Indy for Levi's pre-operative appointment...If you know us, you know that we don't do 7:00 am, let alone, say...9:00 am. If I struggle tonight, this is why. I'm a night owl. and not even doing that so well these days....Levi did really well enduring three vials of blood being removed from his arm...As mentioned above, his surgical procedure, to place a rod in the top part of his 67 degree curved spine, will take place next Monday, 10/24/16. Dr. Schwartz, L's surgeon, is incredible.

-Admittedly, it has been more than a little weird to not have Will and Joy around all the time. or even often...or occasionally. I get it...they are newlyweds...getting to know each other and adapting to their new lives together. All good and necessary. But my momma heart misses them both badly and the times we all shared together. I'll get used to it.


hug your babies k? they really do grow up too fast.

Their wedding, as showcased above, was such a blast and such a beautiful picture of Jesus Christ at work in their lives and the lives of all involved. God is SO good. So thankful to have been a witness to it and to the endurance that Joy's parents showed in pulling off such a beautiful celebration. They are from NC so they were doing it all 12 hours away from their home. Loved every tiring, stressful, sweaty moment of it.

-In light of L's upcoming surgery, and his birthday, the week after, all of us are planning to take him to a Drury in Cincy to celebrate him a little bit before hand. He's such an interesting guy...soft, tender, unique...can't help but lift up prayer every time I get to worrying about his procedure and subsequent healing time....

-Ethan is savoring his role as lead big sibling and doing it with pizazz and a firm hand. He and Mel have taken it upon themselves to become the "school board" around here. They have made a list of guidelines and checklists that the two youngers and I complete daily. I appreciate and need the accountability on so many levels.

-Molly is maybe going to sleep in her own room tonight. fingers crossed.

I'm at the end of all the updating I'm going to do this evening. Knowing me, I won't be back till November so I apologize ahead of time....Check us out on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates. I know you're dying to know...

admit it....

I kid.

Hugs and prayers to you, loved ones.