Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Mistrial

I hafta say, jury selection/duty is something everyone should be a part of in their lifetime...I really enjoyed it.
I was Juror numero uno. I got there a minute after 8 a.m. The bailiff asked my name "Laurie such and such" and she said, "I was wondering when my number one juror was going to get here." I asked her if there was something special to being NUMBER ONE. She said NO.
She was soooooo not what I envisioned for my bailiff...I kept imagining Bull from Night Court.
We had three rounds of strikes...and when we made it through, I would have to say I was quite surprised. Especially because I talked. A lot. and laughed. The prosecutor asked if any of us had funny kid stories that we could share, pertaining to fibbing...and I shared the Ethan taking $20 in change from Uncle Tom story...I will have to tell that sometime. It's getting kinda blurry in my head now...
The State of Indiana had three witnesses and the last one referred to something that he shouldn't have...causing a mistrial...

I was really quite impressed with both of the attorneys...the state's and the defendant's...they were both way younger than me and what a scary, intimidating thing to have to do what they do every day! I can see how that would consume you, take up your life. so, yeah, kinda like being a parent. in a lot of ways. I'm always deliberating, defending these kids of mine...
We got a one hour lunch break so 5 of the jurors and I went to a little cafe across from the courthouse to grab some soup and was really not a bad day...kinda thankful for glimpses of life outside of these walls of motherhood...while I love and am quite honored to a mom and a stay at home at that, it's wild to wonder what my life will be like when my kids are older and don't need me so much...I can't imagine myself separate from these 5 wonders!

Lawyers really ARE sharks...just kiddin'. :)
My brother in law (David's twin, Matt) is a lawyer.
I know of another Shark...a cute little dude out on the west coast...Sharkey boy...check out his momma's way cool blog...Calamity Jane...that dude fits that cool name!

Ok, sorry, got off track....It was nice to be a part of the grown up world for a few hours...though I did miss my kids...can you believe that? yeah, it's true. I checked in with them every little break I got...Thankfully, David was able to be here with them the entire time I was gone. Praise the Lord for that.

these were the only pix I took today. Can you guess what these are pix of?
if you guess correctly, you could win a prize. though it's pretty unlikely that that will happen. I was so tempted to ask the attorneys and one witness if could take their pix at the end but figured that would appear pretty pathetic and maybe kind of against the law??? maybe? I dunno.

look at those robust cheeks...I just finished my 4 mile walk/run, in the freezing cold and dark...boy, was it cold, but so exhilarating when you are moving and grooving in it!

On that note, I'm outta here...things to do, things to do...hope your Monday was fabulous.


Tory said...

Such a cool story. Now, that there was a mistrial, do you get to go back into the pool of jurors. Or, are you done? Just wondering. I have a friend that's a lawyer, and she doesn't mind going to court. But, then again, she handles mostly divorces; so, she isn't involved in criminal law.

The other pix look like indoor plumbing is making its way to deliverance? Oh, well, it's a guess!

Like your it, your eyes look green, but aren't they really blue?

Have a good night, and a wonderful Tuesday.


Laurie and company said...

I will actually not be up for jury duty again for about 10-15 years in this that is cool...though I rather liked it...this one guy (who ends up being my NEIGHBOR)...started out not being sure if he would be able to miss work for 2 days and at the end, during Q & A, asked if we could volunteer for it...we were all laughing! it was really funny!

We (the jury 13) all made a "pact" to go to the re-trial in Feb. hee would be funny if we did show up though.

you are hilarious...indoor plumbing makes an appearance in the Deliv...I should have made that a caption it would have won! I will wait a minute to answer it but good answer, cuz!

my eyes are quite green...with an orange kids all have the blue eyes...don'ta make my green eyes blue. or brown for that matter.


VELVET said...

thanks for the shark shout-out :)
and awesome job on your 4-mile walk/run! i have been inspired by you and dmoms to up my exercise ante, and am now running 3-ish mornings a week with 2 neighbor friends. yee haw! :)

Heather said...

Veeeerrry interesting! I've obviously never been called for jd, but I think it might be kind of exciting!
OK, are the "things" drainage pipes/tiles?

Charmaine said...

Conduit to bring the moonshine from the still to more Deliverance customers???

Laurie and company said...

from what I hear, this is the gas line from Mexico to wherever it goes around here...I have NOT been paying attention to that fact in our life one bit but when driving down south yesterday, this kinda freaked me of the guys on the jury asked if I had seen this yet and proceeded to tell me it was a gas, Charmaine, maybe u know a thing or two about this for the super highway? what is the scoop on all that? is it really going to be less than a mile FROM MY HOUSE? YIKES!!

but I did like the answer you gave, the moonshine conduit...that would be more fun. I tried to take pix of that particular part of Deliv and it's hard to do while driving...

snicker hee hee

Heather, I can't believe you've never been called for JD...but you are in Marion Cty, right? a much bigger county than mine, I presume! You'd enjoy's really neat.