Monday, November 3, 2008

pics from Tom

I be lovin' this pic...look at that face, would ya?

birthday boys
Well, good Monday morning to ye!!

And how was your weekend? Fantabulous, I hope.

We got the October birthdays finished up this weekend. whew. On to Christmas. ack.

This weekend was weird. Saturday, David and 4 of the five kids went downtown Indy to watch Jeff run in that stinking long marathon...apparently, he finished 95th out of about 1100 crazy runner people. While they were doing that, I was at the Y with B, at the Pilates ball class...youch. good stuff. good times, B. thanks for letting me tag along. You are the only person I would want to exercise like that with! Our hairdresser chick, Michelle's husband Phil (see Nov. Dec post from last year where he was doing the Heisman trophy stance with Nora) was our instructor. cool dude. Levi/Pa party, Patria...full day...don't forget to turn your clocks back. I didn't and we were still late to church by a few minutes. Good worship service, though I didn't know any of the words to the songs for some reason and had no song sheet to help me out. Felt stunted in my worship yesterday morning...home again we go, David has our brick dude coming to put the limestone ledge up...looks nifty keen! Off to the K's house for an evening of coffee, fellowship, eating all their snacks, and watching Molly weave a path of destruction around their tidy house! Good times!! Sarah and Annie are some cool cats and it's cool that my boys even like hanging out with them (I mean, they are girls for the love of Peter). they worked on some skits while we talked about birthing, dating, politics some, and what actors we liked etc. Tammy, it's ok that you like Jennifer Aniston. :) I think it just got quiet for a minute because we really were trying to process which one she was.

Up next for this month? (besides this "fun loving" election?) Thanksgiving/Drumstick Dash, which also happens to be our 15th wedding anniversary this year! that's a tough one to grasp...David and I have been married for almost fifteen years? are you kiddin'? yowza! and it's cool because I still love him. sometimes, I don't like him all that well...and I know the feelings mutual...but I'm in this thing for the long haul and he is too...keepin' it real.

I'm not ready for the holidays this year. Maybe I need to do what Tory does and start with the Christmas music NOW. I've been known to start them now but it doesn't feel quite right.

You gotta start somewhere, I s'pose. maybe that will help the darkened mood and November hiatus from "life" as I know it.

Lots to do today...leaves out of the pool. hopefully Dman will get me a tarp soon so I can cover it up...staining deck boards, exercising like there's no tomorrow yet horriffically, there IS a tomorrow and it includes more of the same and some election buzz. off track again, feeding kids, spanking kids, telling kids to stop arguing, getting the big boys out of a tussle (they got into a little bone crushing scuffle yesterday, while I was on the phone no less, and it kinda scared me. E. had hit Mel with something and Will went to bat for her...c'mon kids)....SCHOOL, school, ScHoOl...budget balancing, Bible and prayer time...I could keep going...I hope your day is full and wonderful...take a moment to thank the Lord for all of the crazy, rich blessings in your life! As tough as life can seem at times, it's worth every little struggle, every ONE of them...

forgive this all over the place blog post...I just wanted to get these cute shots from TommyBoy up on here...and went and got all chatty Cathy on ya!

you know you love it. see ya.


Stickers said...

I like your chatty blog days! Fifteen years and five children are quite an accomplishment in any society. I hate when people say, "In today's society."

I'm looking forward to doing this "Drumstick Dash" thing that you speak of :-) This year. What a neat tradition!

wv: dingsoup (dingy soup, mmm, sounds good)


Tory said...

Thanks for the pics, Uncle Tom. I do so love all of the pictures. And, I agree with Stickers, the drumstick dash just sounds like a cool tradition. Of course, I would just be watching...or walking if that's optional, but still much fun, enjoyed by all. Hope you are having a better week. ;)

Love ya, t