Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wedding Dress Fun

Somewhere in the archives of my life, there are pix that my cousin Dawn took of me in my Gma Taylor's wedding dress when we were quite young. I always loved it, sneaking up to her attic and trying it on. I was so honored to have it revamped to wear in my own wedding, which subsequently, is two weeks from today (Nov. 27, 1993) So, here's to FOURTEEN years of wedded bliss...Mel wanted to try the dress on tonight so I took it all out and buttoned up the entire back, don't know how many buttons there were but there were a lot. It just brought back a lot of memories for me and I got all weepy-ish. When I wore Christine Taylor's wedding dress 14 years ago, it was 52 years old then. so man, it's 66 years old now (yes, I'm a mathmetician...har har)...I will try to find those pix of me as a youngster in the dress. Another neat side note, I was the only granddaughter of her's that she lived to see get married. Not that her other g-daughters didn't marry, she just didn't wait around to see it. Mel had the dress on for a long time and you could tell she felt special in my tack-a-licious veil and dress. sweet girl. she is growing up right before my eyes. ok, now to post some funny Becky pix so she has something to laff at when she gets to work in the morning...tally ho.

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Anonymous said...

Man! I can't believe it's already been 14 years! That's awesome! I can't believe how grown up Mel is. She's such a sweet girl. Molly is so fortunate to have her and we are both blessed to have such fantabulous daughters! (your boys aren't half bad either!) You have such a great family, probably b/c you got so much practice raising me...(do you remember shaving my back?)