Monday, November 12, 2007

Bumbo Babies

the view from above...
our beautiful Bumbo babies
tiny girl in a big green chair!! she did really well!!
a nice view of Molly's bald spot...nice. the girls' first "convo"
Molly's already trying to get Nora into trouble
Nora and Molly enjoyed their first "meeting"...when Nora first noticed Molly sitting across from her, a tiny little grin snuck out and it was just a priceless moment. The first of many! Considering their age difference (7 weeks to be exact)...Nora did really well holding up her little peanut head. She is so long and thin, and Molly is....not. is that not evident in these adorable photos? Molly was a little crabbalicious tonight so she didn't dig her seat for too long. Nora just sat there and took it all in. She cracks me up! I need to get a pic of her perfectly round little head.
Nora is as laid back as Molly is a spaz. and she really is...they are so like their fathers, not just in their looks. It's funny to me every darn day. I know, get a life, move on. nope, I dwell. and since this is MY blog, I can do that. huh.
Beck, it was nice to hang witya tonight (and your dramatic 3-year old and non-chalant 2 mo. old) pancakes, bumbo's and good fellowship. doesn't get any better. I am so glad our daughters will have each other growing up, with Mel watching over the whole mess! :) Hope your Tu-Tu Tuesday is a nice 'n. We will choose joy.
Well, I'm off to work on some Christmas scrap if anyone has anything to say...have at it. Love and peace to you! chow


Anonymous said...

Okay, this is the only way that i could comment! I have NO idea what my password is! Thank you so much for all of your entries! It makes my day EVERYDAY...Our girls are going to be the best of friends! They look so cute in their little seats! When i got home, scott saw the seat and said "Molly fits in that?"...You know he's just bein' Scott, but she is quite bubbalicious!!! THank you thank you thank you!!!! Love you, Becky

Heather said...

Awwwww...what gorgeous little girls!

Anonymous said...

Awwww, so cute! Your little chunkalicious girlie is ADORABLE!!!


Smooches, Kara said...

Awhile back a friend of mine came over with her little man and one of these. He sat int he middle of the table while a bunch of us visited. Best centerpiece EVER!!!

Your daughters are stunning!!! And let your sister know I adore Nora's tiny little lips and her 'O' shaped mouth!! So cute!!