Friday, November 30, 2007

Loved ones from Michigan

Taylor McMath...happy thing! she is her mom's maiden namesake
The look-alikes...Dawn and her 2nd daughter (T)
Lanie and Laynee (L squared as I like to call them)
Lil' punkin Tay Tay
Laynee with her halloween loot...share the wealth!
My cousin, Dawn, brought it to my attention that she had never been posted on my blog! Well, that is about to change. For now, you, your mom, and your 2 daughters are blog regulars! whaddya think of that?
Dawn and I grew up together in Michigan. Her dad and my mom were siblings. If you saw the post from Wed. where I brought out the Christmas thru the years album, she is on my page from my first married Christmas...(1993)
These are her daughters, Laynee, who just turned TWO, Happy Birthday, chicklet and Taylor, who is a month younger than Molly and 2 weeks older (exactly) than Nora! It's so funny to me, still, that we all had girls. (Her brother, Scott and his wife, Jen, had a baby girl in May as well...Evelyn Christine, I have no recent pix of her so she has not been posted yet...bring it on).
Dawn, keep on sending the pix thru, and I will be sure to post them on here. but what would be cool as well, is if you got a blog of your own. Love you all! thanks for sharing your pix with us. :) :)

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