Friday, November 30, 2007

know any trusty goldfish?

good real a trustworthy fish
chubba the hut
chubby goodness
my beautiful daughters
Mel's last goldfish died this morning...that sight always disturbs me, not sure why. she asked if she could get another one or two. yeh...I've been trying for over 2 years to "kill" those two off so NO! not right now. fish are smelly.
I had to post these pix of Molly's killer gams. I realized today just how chubbalicious she really is. she then proceeded to trash this ever so cute outfit! blow out #6 in the last 5 days. I think my dear is teething. any hints out there?
Ok, well happy weekend. I may be back on Sunday night to post pix from the Young reunion we will be going to in Illinois on Sun. morning. To all of our Young relatives, please be attend. k? thanks. Molly wants to see you. allright...relax and enjoy your weekend.


momma of 3 said...

Are you coming to church?!?

Anonymous said...

OMIGOODNESS!!!! Her thighs are DELICIOUS!!!! I can't wait to see her tonight and squeeze the life out of them!!! Chubby dolly is livin' up to her new name!!! I love that you have your fish bowl for rent. That's awesome. I'll keep my ears open for a fish looking for a home. I'll make sure he doesn't stay out late and like wild parties!!!! XOXO

Anonymous said...

i just keep looking at her legs! SHeesh! They look like they almost hurt!!! I just want to bite her!!! I can't wait to see her tonight!!

Smooches, Kara said...

Well!?!? How was my familia? food food food galore!! Tell me you savored every glorious bite of beef and noodles!! slo-mo chewing please!

I come home in a little over 2 weeks! woohoo!!