Sunday, November 11, 2007

Odds ~n~ Ends & a good Monday Morning to you!!

Levi and Piper playing house...not sure what they are doing here but they were cute.
Beck, aren't you thrilled that I posted this pic of you and Nora?? man, she looks like Scott. Man, you are scaring me.
a few halloween flashbacks that I meant to post a few weeks ago....I'm the kid on the right...I look like one of my brothers. and I think we were clowns every year. this was before "IT". ("they all float....") Tom is on the left and Andy is middlin'.
Is this not the biggest, cheesiest grin? This is from my Florence Nightingale stage...I loved that front porch...
Geisha girl...I think I was in 8th grade here...
How is everyone doing on this fine Monday morning? it's early yet, 12:08 a.m. here but I wanted to get these blasts from the past posted so Becky would have something to look at when she showed up for work...Beck, come on down tonight and we will get some pix of our girls in their Bumbo seats...I'm so stinkin' excited to see THAT!!
Molly's little personality is really emerging...she figured out how to do raspberries, when she wakes up in the morning, she is such a loud mouth. I will put her in her bed to watch her Jungle friends, and she just lays there and shouts. she says "en-gee" a lot, which I take for HUNGRY...but man, she is STILL so dang cute! I love how she just lights up when she sees any of her sibs, us or any open face for that matter. I praise the Lord for such a good natured baby girl!! She is a blessing. Heck, all of my kids are, they just don't drool down my arm anymore (well, E. still may but that's ok...) :) ;) We have had a nice, quiet day in the house, (after the church service, of course, which was great) just putzing, eating well, going over finances (blech, but so necessary)...folding laundry...blah blah blah. I'm heading to beddy by now (and before 1 a.m., can you believe it???) when we take pix of Nora and Molly bumbo-ing tonight, I will be sure to post them...asap.
Hope this finds you all well and healthy. be back soon. HAPPY MONDAY!

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