Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A very Becky post

Put some pants on, make your bed, clean up that messy floor...sheesh.
cute, too cute. gotta love those perms.
nice. at least her cheeks can see now....dang.
If you saw the post right before this one, you will think Beck wanted in on the dress trying on action...well...this pic is from 1994 actually (as if you couldn't tell that by her extremely large specs)...I just thought it was funny, as I was diggin' thru pix to find some that would embarrass my sister when she got to work Thurs. that I found this, on the very same night that Mel had a dress up session in the same dress. huh. need to get out more apparently.
The top pic is one of my faves of my kid sis...we had to share a room...she was the lucky one, because I would keep it clean most of the time but she was a sloooooooooooob!! and you can see it in this photo. Plus, something about her always made me nervous when we were kids and I finally figured it out when I had flashbacks of it with my kids...and that is, she was always just a-walking around in her undies and a shirt...Levi does that a lot nowadays, and I swear I get sweaty and reminded of the days when I was raising my little those little terry cloth training says I potty trained B. funny huh? still struggling with my own offspring but I got her under control. here's to you, sloppy, underpant wearing pesky kid sister. for what it's worth, I love ya. I stand firm in the fact that I would be lost without YOU! I have soooooooo many pix that I need to post on here. over time.
The middle pic is one of my faves of the four of you can see, B. and I had on some nice sweaters with our names on it. Mind you, my mom didn't buy them, because there was no way she could pass my sweater down to Beck. They were usually gifts from my dad's side of the family...nice LL Bean sweaters no doubt.
Ok, I'm off to bed. We have a busy day tomorrow (well, actually today), driving to our friends house for some fellowship and speech class for the kids. Hangin' with my BFF's.


Anonymous said...

You crack me up! I would forget about alot of this stuff, but your page helps me remember...some things i would rather forget (glasses that enable my cheeks to see...), but it's so awesome to think back on when we were kiddos...You were and still are the best big sis anyone could ever have...I can only hope that Piper is as awesome to Nora as you were (are) to me! I love you!!

Smooches, Kara said...

Awww....makes me ache for an older sibling with WAY to many pictures to embarass me with!!! LOL your sister is one heckuva trooper ;)