Monday, November 5, 2007

Levi's B-day party and stuff

Here he is, the Big Ol' Birthday boy!! It was difficult to get him to look up long enough to get his pic taken...but we did get a few! He was so excited!
Levi, the "big frog"
Levi got some neat-o gifts for his 5th birthday (don't know if any of you are old enough to remember Robin, Kermit's nephew on "the Muppet show" but we have a tape of the greatest hits and Robin sings a little song that goes a little something like this "I'm 5, I'm 5, I'm a big frog now, I'm 5.. etc and every time we say his age, or he says his age, that song goes thru my fool head. It's quite cute though) he is w/ one of them, a cool easel from Gramma and Grampa G. He has really enjoyed it and so have the rest of 'em. He also got Stuart Little 2, some nice clothes and church shoes, a really swell Thomas play set from Uncle Tom, Aunt Beck, Uncle Scott and the girls!! He digs trains!! His 3 older siblings got him a little cash register...but I think they picked it out more for Melanie...(although she and Levi play "store" everyday)
He did not like it when all of the attention was on him for the singing of "Happy Birthday" (I used to be that way too...still am to some degree..) He kept hiding his face and telling us "No" is his little cupcake with his candle in it...he would not show me his face.
Here are some other random shots from the party...couldn't believe how much Nora looked like her daddy this evening! Beck said this is her "senior picture pose" know, where the photographer makes you put your chin on your hand...isn't this just the cutest little pic of Nora and her poppa?
And last but certainly not least, the comparison photo..Nora is catching up nicely to her big cousin Molly. It will be so cute when they actually notice each other...I just know they will be best of friends. Speaking of best of friends, my dear sis went back to work today....Here's to you, B. I know it's tough...maybe looking at this crazy blog at the start of each day will help you get thru your days away...and know that we all miss you and wish you were with us...but o how responsible you are being!! Whatta big girl! :) I sure miss you. ok, nuff sap.

Anyhow...fall is here, with a vengeance! it's nearly midnight and i feel so strange because my big boys (W and E) are sleeping out in a's quite chilly tonight but they wanted to do it and their Dad encouraged them to...they have the cell phone and also they know that they are 20 steps from sleeping in their own bed. Boys are so funny. and weird.

My baby will be 4 months old this coming Friday. I just can't believe that. It was this time last year that I was discovering that I was prego and that whole "idea" was sinking into my head and life. Now, that little ray of sunshine is brightening our days...she is such a peach! Molly m'girl, what would we do without you?

Um, ok, well, it's midnight now and I still need to do the dishes so off I go. I hope this finds you all out there in cyberspace hanging in there and enjoying the beautiful colors of autumn. The Lord has given us this time of year as a reward for enduring summer, especially Indiana summer. He is so good to us! Praise the Lord for cool evenings, campfires and nice, toasty heat!


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Smooches, Kara said...

Levi got an easel!! Easels ROCK!! It definitely looks like Nora is getting caught up to Miss M!! She was so tiny when their friendship started!!