Friday, November 23, 2007

Triptopan kicks in

Levi's checking to see if Dad's really snoring...
Scott doesn't look all that comfortable...poor fella!
My Dad, resting nicely in David's "special" chair...
baby snoozypalooza...too cute!!
self-portrait queen strikes again! this is a good one!
I'm sure I spelled that incorrectly...but you know what I mean, right? The ingredient that is in turkey that makes you sleepy? yeah, that's the one. It hit us all hard...David, Scott and Dad were all snoozin' in the living room. Tom konked in the boys' room, Mom konked in Mel's room...Beck found the camera and proceeded to take more self portraits. (thanks to you also, Beck, for taking all the pix in this post!!) What kind of holiday would it be if she DIDN'T?? I think it's a gift! The kids all played video games or dress-up...and I took over where Mom left off with the clean-up! The days' events kicked in though, when I layed down to nurse felt sooooooooooo good to lay down and I could've slept the rest of the day!

I have a few more pix to post after these...I was a slacker on all the pix I wanted to take...didn't get all of the ones that I really wanted. Christmas, that's when I will come thru. Ok, before next post, gotta get goin' on the house clean-up so I can put up the tree and Christmas deco and blog THAT! I know you are restless with anticipation! see ya later.

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