Thursday, November 15, 2007

some more Beck and Laur and then I'm done...

Yikes...I guess I wanted in on the self portrait action
see condensed explanation below....check out the daggers.
My senior pic...yikes...but I wanted my "thissy"
isn't my kid sister pretty?? she always upstages me
and I'm ok with that.
Ok, well, I am done with the blogging for the night, but had these 3 pix to get on here for Becky's workday Friday. The top one cracks me up. Self portrait sillies. she was rubbing off on me, I guess.
The middle pic is just funny. This was the night before Beck's was a stressful time, to say the least. It was a cold, rainy night and Beck insisted that I go to mom and dad's to work on bouquets for the next day...I wanted to but the kids needed me and it was just sheer crazy...I think I make this expression more than I think or more than I should. it's not nice.
Ok, Beck, I'm done humiliating you now. I will try to think of some creative posts for next week. If anyone has any good ideas, drop me a note

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Anonymous said...

All i have to say is we're awesome. :) Thanks again for starting my day out right!