Friday, November 30, 2007

Donna's house, good friends, Christmas splendor...

My short-haired daughter with Holly and Sophia...eatin' MY salsa...(scoundrels)
Celebrating with Luke (standing on the chair) for his birthday...
Alisha with Molly! Alisha, you are so good with kids!
Whatta group of gals! Jill, Sherry, Laurie, Donna down in front!
We were all dressed in brown tops except for Sherry...she didn't get the memo
O Christmas Tree, o Christmas Tree
Hi there y'all!

What's new in cyber space?

Not much here, just a day at home (praise the Lord for those regrouping days, huh??), listening to Mel practice some Christmas songs on the piano, Levi yelping for some cereal (at 11:20 a.m.)...
These pix above are from a gathering at the lovely Donna Robbin's home...her son, Luke, had a birthday! I love this group of gals...they all mean so much to me! The Lord was truly looking out for me when He put them in my life!
The picture of Alisha with Molly is one of my new faves. This girl is so good with my kids...she is always ready to help me out with squirmy Molly and I really appreciate her eternally wonderful attitude! You Rock, Alisha! (she comes from good parentage too, so that helps!!)
The last pic is just a cool one I snapped of our tree late at night. Silent Night...not a creature was stirring (yes, two different songs/poems)
Ok, well I need to post again, since I probably won't again till Sunday or so...up next, my cousin Dawn, Aunt Lanie, Laynee, and Taylor. stay tuned!

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bffX4 said...

OK. That is a truly AWESOME tree!